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Syllabus Highlights 1 Introduction. What to Expect Philosophy Part I – learning the concepts of Financial Accounting “Teachers open the door. You enter.

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1 Syllabus Highlights 1 Introduction

2 What to Expect Philosophy Part I – learning the concepts of Financial Accounting “Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself” (old Chinese proverb) Philosophy Part II – applying the concepts “What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing” (Aristotle) This means Homework!

3 Motivation: Hottest Careers for College Graduates (2008-2018)

4 More Motivation: Flex Time Flourishes in Accounting Industry 4 When it comes to respecting the work-life balance of employees, the accounting industry far outshines the rest of corporate America Some firms let employees can take off the entire summer to devote to their children; Employees work just three days a week during nonpeak months. Generally give 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, with fathers often receiving six weeks Several firms grant sabbaticals of three or six months at 40 percent pay and full health benefits By STEVEN GREENHOUSESTEVEN GREENHOUSE Published: January 7, 2011, NY Times

5 Course Objectives To provide you with a working knowledge of accounting processes and concepts the content of financial statements the framework of accounting theory

6 Stuff to Keep Dr. Hornik Sane & Happy Read Discussion Boards and ONLY post within appropriate folder Refrain from sharing opinions Good or Bad READ THE WIKI: Syllabus Course Schedule MAL, Second Life, Twitter Pages You have 7 Days from a grade being posted to.... Let me know its not there Let me know you disagree NO MAKEUP EXAMS

7 Stuff to Keep you Sane This class is a Marathon Pace Yourself Watch my Lectures Come to class Read the Book Do the HW Do as many problems/exercises/quiz questions as you can bear using MyAccountingLab Study Plan ASK FOR HELP! At times the class is also a Sprint It is Summer after all – there is NO time to get behind

8 Syllabus Highlights Dr. Steven Hornik email: Course Webpages: Office BA1 432 Phone: 407-823-5739 Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 5:00-6:00; and by appointment Second Life Office Hours: TBA

9 Textbook Financial Accounting Harrison, Horngren & Thomas Custom Edition for UCF MyAccountingLab CourseID: hornik43531

10 Other Requirements Get Accounts for: Twitter Used for Extra-Credit Second Life Used for Lectures, Virtual Office Hours, Study Groups, HW Assignments and Instruction of Accounting Concepts MyAccountingLab Register for ACG2021 Sumer 2012 - Hornik Course ID: hornik43531 Download Software: Second Life

11 Grade Components RequirementsPoints MyAccountingLab (30 x 5)150 Second Life/WebApp (4 x 15)60 Exam 1: chapter 1-3125 Exam 2: chapter 5&6125 Exam 3: chapter 7&8125 Exam 4: chapter 9,11-12125 Total Points710

12 Grading Scale GradeMinimum Points A639 B+618 B568 C+547 C497 D426 F< 426

13 Exams Via WebCourses You MUST log into via WebCourses (NOT myUCF) Testing Lab BA2, 104 Multiple Choice Tests will occur on the date per the class schedule Starting at 7:00 AM Ending at Midnight Multiple versions of the exam will be automatically generated I will NOT be present Do NOT attempt to exit and re- take the exam! NO MAKE-UP Exams will be given  Testing Lab Procedures Valid UCF ID card required Allowed Materials Financial Calculator Scratch Paper will be Provided Read All Testing Lab Procedures on Syllabus Reporting Problems Acceptable Use Food & Drink Unauthorized material

14 Homework Assignments are described in the Syllabus, Due dates can be found: Syllabus (Wiki) Class Schedule (Wiki) Graded Assignments: MyAccountingLab Problems (see syllabus & class schedule) You have 3 Tries, use them All! Due Dates are also found on MyAccountingLab Calendar Second Life Assignments (see syllabus & class schedule) HW assigned on class schedule (Exercises) are NOT graded To gauge YOUR understanding of the material To do well in the class requires.... Repetition, Repetition, Repetition HW, HW, HW Take advantage of the resources provided Cmaps, Second Life, My Accounting Lab, SARC and Me!

15 SARC SARC: Howard Phillips Hall, room 115. ACG 2021 tutoring will be during Summer A (until June 22nd) Meghan: Monday 2-5pm Marielle: Tuesday 2-3pm and Wednesday 2-4pm During Summer B (tentatively) Meghan: Monday 12:30-3:30pm and Wednesday 12:30-3:30pm 15

16 Yes I read it  “Do NOT take professor Hornik! In order to do well on the tests you need to do all the homework, read and MEMORIZE all the chapters, and remember everything from previous tests.” (anonymous, 12/14/06)  “ The expectations for this class are unrealistic for a 3 credit hour course.I watched every lecture,did my h/w went to tutoring and got no lower than a B on every test and somehow received a C in the class.Way too much homework! If you have no life and have time to do alteast 3 hrs of h/w and watch 3 hrs of lectures every week, then take this class. (12/10/10)”  “he uses way too many programs and the class is quite confusing. I studied for about 3 hours for a test to receive an F, so there you go. Avoid him and all his silly programs.” (04/13/09)  The class involves a lot of hard work and dedication. You must do the reading and homework. An A requires A LOT of work, but a high C - B is realistically manageable if you 1) do all the homework, and 2) do all the extra credit. One of your tests is dropped and I suggest you make it your final, which is cumulative.

17 Technology Used: Second Life, Cmap Tools, Twitter and Meebo ACG 2021

18 Second Life Uses Watch Lectures Interact with 3-D accounting Content Meet in groups to discuss accounting? Meet with me to discuss accounting? Limited to ~50 Avatars at one time Available 24/7 Initially we won’t have a schedule Have Fun!

19 Steps for using Second Life Second LifeSecond Life (link on Wiki) Join Second Life Pick Avatar Name / Shape Download Viewer Find our Class Land 38/21 38/21 Set Home Here Ctrl-shift-H, takes you home from anywhere in SL Join the Class Group (needed to access content) UCFCBA Accounting Search Groups and Join Cost $L0 Let me know what your Second Life Name is Click the Registration board in my office in SL or,

20 Second Life Guidelines Linden Lab Policies No Intolerance No Harassment No Assaulting Pushing, Shoving, Shooting No Disclosure Residents are entitled to privacy Me, You and your classmates No Indecency No Disturbing the Peace ACG 2021 Policies Clothing is Mandatory Wear anything you wish Accounting objects will be shared Be respectful of other avatars

21 IBM Virtual World Guidelines (subset) Adopted for ACG2021 Engage Explore responsibly Use Good Judgment / Witnessing Inappropriate Behavior There is good and bad in SL, judge whether or not you should proceed Know how to leave (Ctrl-H) Protect the name of UCF You are representatives of UCF Protect others privacy Mine, Yours, your Classmates

22 Twitter Communication Tool What are you doing now? We’ll use for Extra-credit What’s the first Asset to appear on the Balance Sheet? Experimental Send a tweet if watching class Live (not streamed) using # So tweet would be sent to: @acg2021 #acg2021_#, where # is the class number from the schedule, @acg2021 #acg2021Intro for today’s I will reply right after class. Steps to use Twitter: Get a twitter account Friend, acg2021 Turn on Notifications if you want messages on your cell phone Let me know what your twitter name is Same place: Second Life registration boadh

23 Cmap Concept Map Tool Steps to use Cmap: Download Cmap Watch the How-To Videos Do Cmap#1 due 01/20/2011 Must complete 8 Cmaps 1 for each chapter out of 11 chapters Can complete 3 extra Cmaps for exra-credit, but Only after doing the 1 st 8

24 Meebo Communication Tool Used for sending IM’s May be used for group chats If the need arises Accessible via the class wiki You don’t need an IM account You don’t need a Yahoo account You can IM me or TA’s whenever/wherever as long as you have Internet Access (and one of us is online)

25 WikiSpace Our WebPage Syllabus Schedule Technology Pages Un-graded Solutions PowerPoint's Use it to watch How-To Videos Use it to view Student Cmaps Use it to IM me via Meebo You don’t need to Join

26 Holy *&^% That’s a lot of different Technology Yes there is, and it’s all targeted at different learning styles and different learning objectives. Keep an Open Mind, work hard, ask questions

27 Extra Credit Many Opportunities throughout the semester One outlet will be Twitter First n students to Tweet the correct answer will get a set amount of points (1.5) Next n students to Tweet the correct answer will get less points (1) Usually available for 24 hours after I send a tweet Other vehicles – Research opportunities Surveys There is one you can do now, an email has been sent via WebCourses Concept Maps Must do 1 st 8 before doing Extra-Credit Maps Extra-credit Maps are worth 2.5 points each Contribute to a Dipity timeline:Dipity Accounting History Financial Accounting – In society Make one up on your own Take advantage of this, remember the Rate my Professor, you can pass this course even if you do poorly on the exams (D’s).

28 To Do...

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