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Hivos | 20111. 2 The Heat is on! #suscoffee Password: coffeeconference2014.

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1 Hivos | 20111

2 2 The Heat is on! Tweet @: #suscoffee Password: coffeeconference2014

3 Opening Edwin Huizing – Executive Director Hivos

4 Who is who?

5 Programme 09:45 Who is who in the audience? 10:00 Launch of the Coffee Barometer 2014 – Hivos, Solidaridad, IUCN-NL, WWF, Oxfam Novib 10:30 BREAK 11:00 Keynotes ‘Today’s coffee sector: Current and future climate change scenarios’ – Peter Baker, Jamie Bechtel, Rick Peyser Pitches ‘Green deal’ (KNVKT) and True Price of a cup of coffee (True Price)

6 Programme 13:00 NETWORK LUNCH 14:00 Break-out sessions Plenary hall: Solidaridad Studio 1: IUCN Studio 2: Hivos / Oxfam Novib 15.30 BREAK 16:00 Panel and participant discussion 17:00 Way forward by Nestlé SA and Hivos 17:10 Drinks

7 Today’s goal To generate collective action across the coffee chain and find lasting solutions to the sustainability issues in the coming years. More specifically, to address integrated solutions for climate change challenges which are green, gender sensitive, attractive to youth, scalable and financially sustainable.

8 Launch Coffee Barometer 2014 Sjoerd Panhuysen - Hivos

9 Key note Peter Baker – CABI – Changing local climate conditions, impacts at coffee producers’ farms

10 Innovation Niels Haak – KNVKT- Green deal

11 Key note Jamie Bechtel – New Course- The gender and youth dimensions of climate and coffee

12 Innovation Michel Scholte – True Price True Price of a cup of coffee

13 Key note Rick Peyser - Keurig Green Mountain - Climate change and how to handle the supply change risk potential for coffee companies

14 Afternoon pitches 1)Yvette Faber – Solidaridad Plenary hall 2) Liliana Jauregui – IUCN-NL Studio 1 3) Catherine van der Wees – Hivos / Oxfam Novib Studio 2

15 Panellists on Tomorrow’s sustainable coffee sector, harvest of today’s wisdom for scaling-up climate change adaptation. Mr Mauricio Galindo – International Coffee Organization (ICO) Mr Ted van der Put – The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) Mr Henk van Trigt – Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) Ms Adriana Mejia Cuartas – Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) Mr Tijmen de Vries – European Coffee Federation (ECF) Mr Dhanush Dinesh – CGIAR Research Program - Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

16 Climate Scale Inclusive Green and sustainable Financial sustainable Climate Change and Coffee Farming: losses and solutions Future trends: will there be growth in Robusta? Drink less, more or different! ICT adds scale. All actors are responsible in the value chain We put people in the centre. Are you a consumer or a citizen? Who is going to pay? Redistribution along the whole value chain is a must. No free money! Innovations in local coffee production approaches: adapting to a changing climate Roasters, traders and consumers: if you want your coffee, you have to pay for it. How aout the quality oif the extension services? Local and national governments have to set rules and regulations and create incentives. All actors should exercise ethics. The landscape approach is a very convincing model. Do we need a coffee tax? To all actors: what is a rewarding price level? The level of investment of the industry is low, compared to the value of the industry. Coffee Farmers of the Future: include the family Producers, NGOs and ‘converted business people’ need to speak the same language and explain the risks to the corporate Board rooms. Stop thinking in projects, start thinking in systems. Include government! There is need for a long-term approach and investments. There is need for a long-term approach. Monetize the risk for the business. Coffee business needs to be profitable. So is it better for some coffee farmers to stop? Other

17 Way forward Ms Linda Butler – Nestlé SA Ms Carol Gribnau - Hivos

18 Hivos | 201118 The Heat is on! Tweet @: #suscoffee Internet:

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