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Voluntary Sector Intelligence and Joint Strategic Needs Assessments Webinar- 16 December 2013 #VCSJSNA.

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1 Voluntary Sector Intelligence and Joint Strategic Needs Assessments Webinar- 16 December 2013 #VCSJSNA

2 Becca Spavin Becca Spavin currently works on the Voluntary and Community Sector Programme for the Department of Health. This programme includes overseeing the Strategic Partner programme which has set up this Learning Event. Having worked in the Department for a decade Becca has been involved in a number of policies including the establishment of Foundation Trusts, diagnostic workforce, access to primary care and has worked in a Ministers private office and gone on secondment to the NHS in the East Midlands.

3 By the end of this webinar participants will be able to: Be more influential in local health strategies, through the JSNA Use evidence you already have to influence strategy, through the JSNA Consider what evidence may be available elsewhere or that you may want to collect in order to influence health strategies

4 Helen Laird is the Engagement & Capacity Building Team Manager, Public Health, Wakefield Council. John Wilcox John is a Health Improvement Specialist in the Wakefield Council Public Health Engagement and Capacity Building Team, a role which involves working to embed public health principals throughout the council and its partners. Prior to this he work for more than 10 years a variety of community development and community regeneration posts supporting numerous community and voluntary sector organisations in former Coalfield Communities. Jo Davies is a professionally qualified youth worker. She graduated from Durham University in 1998. She worked in social research at the University and since then, with young people, for Barnardos and a local authority youth service. Her experience includes working with vulnerable young people who were homeless, not in education, employment or training and disadvantaged through location and poverty in settings including generic youth work, an intensive alternative to education and employment and a mobile unit. From Wakefield…

5 Local voluntary and community sector organisations working with public health in Wakefield Helen Laird and John Wilcox, Wakefield Council Jo Davis, The Youth Work Company 16 December 2013

6 Why? Third Sector Strategy: Maximising opportunities for the sector to share and collaborate expertise, resources and delivery for the benefit of Wakefield’s communities to: Co-design and co-deliver local services; Harness the capacity, skills and energies of local people to grow community based action Foster more strategic relations with the business and public sectors

7 Why?

8 The projects This presentation focuses on five key projects: Health & Wellbeing Board Social Research Pilot Project TAP into Change4Life Evaluation Project Multiple Health Behaviors Project Wakefield Hack Day

9 Health & Wellbeing Board 2011 - JSNA Engagement Events 2012 – Health & Wellbeing Strategy: Consultation and delivery (Priorities and Approaches) Members on Board Board Priorities e.g. Integration

10 Social Research Pilot Project To pilot the use of VCS organisations commissioned using the Wakefield District Wellbeing Consortium to collect robust health and wellbeing data from specific groups and communities. Collect data around the perceptions of parents as to how healthy their children's lifestyle is.

11 Wakefield TAP into Evaluation Project To collect data on health related behaviours from residents of three deprived areas targeted by the TAP into Change 4 Life (TAP) programme. Use this data to evaluate the effectiveness the TAP programme. TAP was an area based initiative which aimed to help tackle health inequalities in three areas by encouraging people to make small lifestyle changes, become healthier and reduce levels of obesity and related illness.

12 Multiple Health Behaviours Project To identify: Factors that influence take up of risky behaviours What helps people overcome the risky behaviours Barriers that prevent people from changing The impact of one behaviour changing on another

13 Wakefield Hack day A half day workshop which aimed to used the data and stories held by VCS organisations to capture knowledge of the specific social group “pressured parents.” Provide a process to feed this information into the Wakefield JSNA

14 Public Health as a Resource to the Voluntary Sector JSNA – data for funding bids Capacity Building – e.g. Evaluation Support e.g. TAP and Creative Partners Advocacy – Third Sector Strategy / PH Heads of Service Building Health Partnerships – social prescribing, social value

15 Learning VCS organisations are not all the same You may be working with a great variety of different individuals and organisations “keep it simple” – less opportunity for misunderstanding to arise Don’t limit yourself to large organisation Be aware of varied assets and limitations of the organisations you are working with VCS organisations are not a “cheap alternative” to a market research agency Learning and development key VCS organisations are not a “cheap alternative” to a market research agency – support key Projects are often as much about learning and development as gathering data VCS organisations are not the only ones who needs to learn and develop Co-production of tools, approaches and processes Feedback (Offer and Invite) Performance management Planning is key – some voluntary sector organisations have very little capacity

16 Any Questions ?

17 Jake Eliot, Policy Leader, National Housing Federation The National Housing Federation is the trade body for housing associations in England and exists to represent housing associations, the work they do and campaign for better housing. Our members provide two and a half million homes for more than five million people. Jake leads the Federation's policy work on health, social care and support for vulnerable and older people. Prior to joining the Federation, Jake worked for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and has several years' experience of working in the voluntary sector in different policy and project management roles. He also is chair of a voluntary arts and culture agency for London.

18 Housing associations and JSNAs Jake Eliot, 16 December 2013

19 Contents Why housing associations? What we can offer What data? (housing and support services) Approaches worth investigating What next?

20 Investing in better homes reduces health inequalities Improve outcomes by combining lifestyle and environmental impact 2.5 million homes for 5 million people, and significant care + support providers Housing is a major determinant of health

21 What can housing do for our JSNA? Early intervention to manage demand / prevention Transform care pathways Make community connections + extend reach / capacity of local services and assets Future focus: pick-up emergent health needs

22 Data I: housing Homelessness CORE data Stock condition Tenancy survey Customer insight Neighbourhood plans

23 Data II: services and community intelligence Supporting People data Contextualising statutory data Place-shaping: mapping need Data on ‘Hidden health’

24 Approaches: learning more from existing data

25 Accommodation and Support JSNAs for client groups Older People Mental Health Learning Disabilities A tangible offer, co-terminus with main JSNA, adding details and case for change to get results Approaches: Devon’s housing and client based approach

26 What next for JSNAs? Creating actionable knowledge Better typologies: condition, suitability, support? analysis in partnership: health needs audits Positioning JSNA for Action: balance mainstream commitments with specific focus Challenges to us include language + scale Understanding and navigating challenges of austerity: welfare reform and cuts to support


28 Keep in touch Jake Eliot Policy Leader Tweet: @housingJake Direct line: 020 7067 1084

29 Mark Browne- Department of Health Mark Browne is Local Government Policy Lead at DH. He works with strategic partners including the LGA, Public Health England, NHS England and others to support local government and their partners develop strong local health and care systems. This includes a particular focus on supporting health and wellbeing boards to drive transformational change. Previously, Mark was a health improvement programme lead in the DH’s regional public health group for London. He provided tailored support to public health teams in local government and the NHS to deliver local priorities across a range of public health issues. Mark has also led work for the Greater London Authority to support the development of a strategic pan-London approach to tackling obesity in partnership with local authorities. This included supporting public health teams to develop collaborative approaches with local partners beyond the health sphere, and based soundly on the needs and lifestyles of local communities.

30 Dr Justin Varney MBBS FFPH MSc Public Health England Justin is the consultant in public health medicine for Adults and Older People in Public Health England’s Health and Wellbeing team. His portfolio of work includes domestic violence, health and work, end of life issues, LGBT health, physical activity and work on social isolation. Prior to specialising in public health medicine, Justin trained in general practice and has a broad range of experience across both primary and secondary care. He spent the last six years working in primarily in East London working across local government and the NHS on issues such as childhood obesity, immunisation, domestic violence and public/private partnerships for health improvement. Justin has a special interest in the public health of minority and marginalised communities with an emphasis on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities and homeless people.

31 Jo Whaley- Regional Voices Jo is the Network Director of Regional Voices which champions the work of voluntary and community organisations to improve health, wellbeing and care across England. We are a partnership of nine regional networks. Together, we connect to over 25,000 voluntary and community organisations across England. We are a voluntary sector Strategic Partner of the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England and work with other partners, supporting voluntary and community organisations to understand changes in health and care policy and support organisations to influence these changes, in order to achieve better outcomes.

32 Reports mentioned by the speakers: Housing associations and JSNA: JSNA: Vulnerable Adults, Housing and Support (LGA)JSNA: Vulnerable Adults, Housing and Support Wakefield Rapid Intelligence Gathering Project: A Trusted Hand to Hold (Involve Yorkshire Humber)A Trusted Hand to Hold

33 Resources about VCS evidence and JSNA Background- about JSNA: Influencing Local Commissioning for Health and Care - Guidance for the VCSInfluencing Local Commissioning for Health and Care - Guidance for the VCS Different ways VCS can influence JSNA Evidence out there the VCS can use Briefing for health and wellbeing boards on voluntary sector evidence- coming soon (NHS Confederation)

34 Briefings Briefings on most areas of interest to the voluntary sector on the changing health system: One to watch: The Department of Health/NHS England/Public Health England Voluntary Sector Strategic Partners’ Programme Portal:

35 developments Follow us on twitter @regionalvoice

36 Thank you for participating! Please can you share your thoughts about today’s webinar on the evaluation form on the following link? This has been a new thing for us- help us to learn how to make the next one better! Link to evaluation form We will circulate the link to the recorded webinar as soon as it’s available. Please can you share your thoughts about today’s webinar on the evaluation form on the following link? This has been a new thing for us- help us to learn how to make the next one better! Link to evaluation form We will circulate the link to the recorded webinar as soon as it’s available.

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