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2 Career Services Team  Barbara Hampton, Director of Career Services  James Paradis, Student and Career Services Coordinator  Saha Khaterzai, Graduate Assistant  Victoria Tran, Student Assistant  Daniel Lewis, Student Assistant

3 Career Advising  Scheduling Appointments  Go to  Select a time and receive e-mail confirmation  Same day cancellations allowed, but cancel early so we can schedule another student  Walk-In Hours  Tuesdays, 2:00pm – 5:00pm  Wednesdays, 10:30am – 12:30pm  Thursdays, 1:00pm – 5:00pm  Fridays, 10:30am – 3:30pm

4 Batten Career Services Offered  Resume and Cover Letter Critiques  Behavioral Mock Interviews  Career Library  Employer in Residence Days  Job/Internship E-mail Lists  Coaching/Job Search Strategy Sessions  Workshops  Resume Books  Assessments  Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)  Strong Interest Inventory

5 Online Resources  Offered in Collaboration with University Career Services  MyUCS (Hoos Career Guide, Vault Career Insider, etc.)  Going Global  CareerShift  InterviewStream  LinkedIn Group: University of Virginia Career Networking Group  UCS Handouts


7 Jobs and Careers Job: A paid position of regular employment. Career: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress. Consider externships/job shadowing during winter or spring break to explore different career fields.

8 The Three Steps of the Job Search 1. Select Your Target(s) 2. Research Your Target(s) 3. Make Contact With Target(s)

9 Step 1: Select the Target(s)

10 Make a Target List Companies Organizations Associations Councils Agencies Firms

11 Basic Search Criteria to get a Target Washington, DC Event Planner Entertainment Job Title/Function Career Field Location

12 Recession-Resistant Industries Health Care Energy Education Utilities International Business/Trade Public Safety Accounting Federal Government Pharmaceuticals Sales Food Gaming Adult Beverage Green/Sustainable Technologies Debt Management Consulting Bankruptcy Law Government Contracting Military Beauty and Health Debt Collection Ultraluxury Items Engineering Building/Construction

13 Step 2: Research the Target(s) HoosOnline CareerShift LinkedIn Going Global Company Website Informational Interviews Industry News

14 People Resources  Family/Friends  Professors/Mentors  Previous Supervisors  Recruiters  U.Va. Alumni (HoosOnline/LinkedIn)  Current Employees (CareerShift)

15 Informational Interviews  Tell them who you are and what you are looking for  Ask for a few minutes of their time  Ask them your questions:  Request tips and advice, NOT a job  DON’T send your resume, unless he/she requests it

16  Conduct as many informational interviews with professionals in your field of interest as you can!

17 The info you seek  Identify top organizations and jobs of interest  Gain understanding of job market  Create better cover letters and resumes  Prepare for effective interviews  Make informed employment decisions

18 Social Media  Google yourself to see what appears when someone searches for your name!  Create a LinkedIn Profile so you have a Professional Presence  Review Privacy Settings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Consider how information on your page could be viewed by a potential employer  Be careful about what you say about work and/or job search related experiences. Don’t let a tweet cost you a job or internship!

19 Step 3: Contacting Employers

20 Make Contact with Employers  Identify (potential) position openings  Submit materials  Follow-up

21 The Hidden Job Market

22 First Stage No job opening, but employers always looking for good workers. Competition: NO ONE! Second Stage The need is clear---the insiders know---but no action is taken. Competition: No one or only a few others. Third Stage Job now “open”---in house posting, referrals desired, and applications being accepted. Competition: Current employees or personal referrals. Fourth Stage Job posted publicly. Competition: EVERYONE with internet access, a newspaper, placement agency, etc. Make Contact with Employers The Hidden Job Market Source: Jennifer Bohac Career Game Plan for Student-Athletes

23 Cold calling 47% Asking people you know for job leads 33% Answering trade journal ads 7% Mass emailing 7% Answering local classified ads 5-24% Search agency 5-24% On-line job search 1-10% Source: Richard Bolles What Color is Your Parachute Make Contact with Employers Job Search Strategies that REALLY Work

24 The Job Search---Summarized  Identify your skills, interests and priorities  Research career fields of interest  Identify specific organizations of interest  Create targeted resume(s) and cover letter(s)  Identify position listing sources  Conduct a mock interview  Apply to jobs or contact employers about potential opportunities  Follow-up

25 Prepare for the Interview  Review Interviewing Resources on UCS Web Site  wing.php wing.php  Interview Stream (CAVLink)  Mock Interviews  Behavioral Mock Interview Presentation  =FF-20110906#audio =FF-20110906#audio

26 Tips for Success Start NOW Indentify career interest areas Use your networks Know your tools Run your own race Invest the time and energy Be willing to work your way up Don’t give up



29 Online Resources




33 CareerShift CareerShift is a robust national job and internship search database which allows you to go beyond searching for opportunities without any context, and instead become a better-informed applicant. With CareerShift, you can:  Search, select and store job listings from multiple job boards and company job postings.  Research thousands of companies and search for key contacts at those organizations. Why Is This Tool Different Than Others, and Why Is It Worth Your Time?  Extensive reach into job posting sources, and the ability to target your job search through the networking connections it provides.  Keeps your job search organized with its simple interface. It allows you to keep all of your job search activity easily organized and searchable.  It is global in scope, covering postings from Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.




37 InterviewStream  Allows you to practice for interviews and see how you appear to potential employers.  Use your webcam to record and replay your responses to interview questions and to review response strategies to common interview questions.  Allows you to choose your interviewer and interview questions  You can create your account at


39 Going Global  Accessible through your CAVLink account  A country-specific career and employment database  Provides access to information on key concerns:  work permits/visas  resume writing tips  cultural advice  corporate profiles



42 LinkedIn  The World’s Largest Professional Network with Over 200 Million Members Worldwide  Used to Maintain or Establish Your Professional Image  Follow Groups and Professional Organizations  Keep Track of Contacts in Your Network  Connect with Alumni & View Career Paths  Only Connect with People You Know or Have Been Introduced to by Another Connection  Quality vs. Quantity!




46 HoosOnline/UCAN  20,000+ U.Va. Alumni have volunteered to be career mentors through Hoosonline  Login to HoosOnline (  Go to “Career Tools”  Select “Search”  Select a few options to narrow your search, but don’t get too specific  E-mail or call to establish contact, ask questions, set up a time to meet for coffee or lunch


48 CareerShift

49 CAVLink  Review job and internship postings carefully for application instructions!  Use the ‘jobs, internships, externships’ option to see current postings (including fellowships)  Use the ‘archived jobs’ option to see what positions were posted last year since they are likely to be reposted and can serve as job leads

50 CAVLink (cont.)  Use exploration resources and links to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help you target your search.  Create a job search agent to run automatically and alert you when jobs/internships are posted  Safeguard Your Job Search! --Remember if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

51 On-Grounds Recruiting  Skype interview space is available if needed, just send an e-mail to  Information Sessions are Posted on the CAVLink Calendar along with application deadlines and interview dates  Some employers will conduct interviews in Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium or here in Garrett Hall

52 OGI Orientation  Watch the On-Grounds Interviewing Tutorial  Create a MyUCS Account and login (see link at top of  Complete quiz and sign agreement using your laptop or tablet  Create CAVLink Account if you don’t have one

53 MPP Summer Internships  Paul Martin, Director of Professional Development will approve internship sites  Funding is available at Batten to support unpaid internships  See Web site for a list of organizations where Batten students interned in 2012 and 2013  Minimum Requirement is 400 Hours (or about10 weeks)

54 Full-Time and Internship Timelines  Very similar for FT and Internships.  Most deadlines for federal government, local government, non-profits, NGO’s and Think Tanks will fall between December – February  Check Batten Web site for postings:  Deadlines for private sector/consulting will be in early January for internships and September for full-time

55 Recruiting Timelines (cont.)  Full Time Positions  Deadlines for many consulting positions fall during the first week of September  Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) Applications Due in October  Most positions with NGOs, Non-Profits, Think-Tanks, etc. are posted under the Need Based Hiring Model – Someone has vacated the role and they need it filled ASAP!  Positions will be posted throughout the year, but most hiring activity will take place in the Spring Semester.  Students offered a FT position following their summer internship have until the first week of October to accept it

56 Career Fairs  Fall Job & Internship Fair – November 5-6  Spring Job & Internship Fair – January 29-30  Educators’ Expo – February 14  Government & Non-Profit Career Expo – February 21

57 Helpful Web Sites         

58 Go Government Webinar Series  Go Government: Getting Out of the Office with the Government  Go Government: How to Create a Strong Federal Resume  Go Government: What Makes a Federal Job Application Stand Out?










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