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Getting Figurative in Fourth. by: Room 212 Hyperbole A hyperbole is an exaggeration. People often use expressions such as “I nearly died laughing,” and.

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1 Getting Figurative in Fourth

2 by: Room 212

3 Hyperbole A hyperbole is an exaggeration. People often use expressions such as “I nearly died laughing,” and “I tried a thousand times.” Such statements are not literally true, but people say them to sound impressive or to emphasize something such as a feeling, effort or reaction. They are also used to make writing and speaking more interesting. Hyperboles are often meant to be funny.

4 Hyperbole She was so thirsty she could drink the sea. -Camille

5 Hyperbole My cat was so angry it blew up! -Ethan

6 Hyperbole My friend is so awesome at singing she could be on American Idol and win right away! -Casey

7 Hyperbole She is so tall she could touch the clouds if she wanted to. -Erika

8 Hyperbole I was scared to death when my brother jumped out from behind a rock. -Drew

9 Hyperbole I’m so happy I could explode! -Shea

10 Hyperbole The quarterback threw the ball so hard it had fire coming out of it! -Judah

11 Alliteration Alliteration is the repetition of the same beginning sound in consecutive words or words in close proximity to each other

12 Alliteration Molly the musk ox moved to Minnesota to see Mary Moose. She moved from the Michigan State Zoo. The Minnesota Zoo had comfortable mats. - Christian

13 Alliteration Slowly Spike slithers to his suction water tank. Sip! Slurp! Spike slyly slithers to his friend Spine. -Jensen

14 Alliteration Bethany the black swan bats her beautiful eyelashs as Barney the bear breaks the barriers of his big habitat because of the big photo booth bothering him. Bethany, because of her beauty, barged into him bashfully. -Meghan

15 Idiom A combination of words which often possess a meaning other than its grammatical or logical one

16 Idiom On top of the world! -Elijah

17 Simile and Metaphor Simile is a comparison using “ like ” or “ as ” Metaphor is a figure of speech stating two things are similar

18 Similes and Metaphors Yellow feels like a hot glow on my hand Yellow smells like lemonade that is juicy when you drink it Yellow is a sour lemon Yellow is a bright sun glowing -April

19 Similes and Metaphors Brown feels like a pillow Brown smells like delicious cookies Brown is the chocolate in your mom’s chocolate chip cookies Brown is angels in the dark -Alex

20 Similes and Metaphors Red is smooth Red smells like roses from my grandma’s garden Red is strawberries Red sounds like fire -Garrett

21 Similes and Metaphors Green feels like grass Green smells like the summer breeze Green tastes like a fresh grape Green is the wind flowing through the trees -Rochelle

22 Similes and Metaphors The blue sea smells fresh The blue sea feels liquidy The blue sea tastes like salt The blue sea sounds loud -Ashley

23 Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia is the use of a word- like “buzz,” “boom,” “bang,” or “clang,” that sounds like the noise it represents

24 Onomatopoeia Tweet, tweet, goes the talkative little bluebird. Whoosh goes the wind. Zoom, goes the cars going by. Glub, glub, goes the fish in the pond. Blah, blah, blah, goes the people while they walk their dogs, which go woof, woof! Crunch goes the leaves and twigs under the feet of the children, who run with joy. Can you guess where this is? It’s the park! -Jillian

25 Onomatopoeia Slam! as the waitress runs into the costumer. Cling, goes the silverware on the floor. Clang, Clack! Smack, this restaurant is out of hand. Boom! Bang! You know what, I’ve had enough, I quit! -Joe

26 Onomatopoeia Goallll! Goes the fans as the Penguins score. Scrape goes the hockey players skates. Swoosh goes the net as the puck goes in. Bang goes the players who get slammed into the boards. Slish goes the skates as they came to a stop! -Kenny

27 Onomatopoeia Screech! went the brakes. The door opened to pick up a kid. Ding-a-ling-ling! Just at that moment, the cell phone rang. -Adam

28 Onomatopoeia Bang went the door as I walked into the restaurant. I hear many sounds like clink, flush, crash, and many more. After I order, I drop an ice cube into my water, bloop! When a waiter brings my food to me I heard sizzle. After I pay I hear a cha ching. Then I left. -Michael

29 Color Poems

30 What is Red? By: Rochelle, Adam and Judah What is red? Red is the color of stripes on the U.S. flag, a heart, a pepper, a stop sign, and the Red Sox. Red is the smell of roses and the taste of licorice. Red is bright. Red is beautiful. Red feels like a baseball stitch thrown quickly. It sounds like a siren shrieking loudly. Red is a fire hydrant Red is an apple Red is a Santa Claus As fat as P.J. Red runs races rapidly.

31 What is Orange? by: Erika, Jillian, Jensen and Elijah What is orange? Orange is the color of apricot, A tiger, The sun, A duck's beak, And webbed feet. Orange is the smell of cooked carrots And the taste of carrot soufflé. Orange is bright. Orange is calm. Orange feels like the sun shining on my skin Relaxing while sipping orange juice. It sounds like a late summer afternoon Sleeping while dreaming of oranges. Orange is a grapefruit. Orange is a beautiful sunset. Orange is the color of my pencil. Orange is at as the sun. Oranges obediently sitting While waiting to be squeezed.

32 What is Pink? by: Ethan, Michael and Joe What is pink? Pink is the color of tulips, A pig, A sunset, A sunrise, And abks. Pink is the smell of dawn And the taste of rose petals. Pink is lucious. Pink is tacky. Pink feels like silk Soft and light. It sounds like a warm wind Blowing softly. Pink is a peacock Pink is a fish Pink is a butterfly bush And beautiful as butterflies. Pretty pink pigs eat pie!

33 What is Black? by: Christian, Alexander, Camille and Meghan What is black? Black is the color of black bear, A black licorice, A black cat, A night sky, And a black bird. Black is the smell of black peppers And the taste of black jellybeans. Black is dark. Black is gloomy. Black feels like fur. It sounds like a deadly running bear jogging blackberries. Black is a fat bear Black is coal Black is bats As fat as mats. Black bears blackberries. Black bears abused blackberries bashfully

34 What is Blue? by: Casey, Kenny, Ashley and Garrett What is blue? Blue is the color of the sky, Kenny’s shorts, Ashley’s hair band, Garrett’s eraser, And Casey’s eyes. Blue is the smell of blueberries And the taste of sour blue candy. Blue is sad. Blue is calming. Blue feels like ocean water crashing on the sea shore. It sounds like a dolphin swimming in the water. Blue is a shirt Blue is an eraser Blue is a binder. Blue is as calming as the sea. Berry blinks blissfully in a sunny, spring morning.

35 What is Green? by: Drew and April What is green? Green is the color of grass, Pine needles, Lettuce, celery, And brussle sprouts. Green is the smell of a salad and the taste of a pickle. Green is great. Green is awesome. Green feels like a grass strain I got when I slid on soccer field. It sounds like a frog Croaking at dawn. Green is a Christmas tree Green is a flower stem Green is a reptile as smooth as glass Gary glides gracefully through the grass

36 The End

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