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Presents Copyright 2013, Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks, logos, goodwill and brand incidia shall be protected.

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1 Presents Copyright 2013, Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks, logos, goodwill and brand incidia shall be protected and all rights enforced 1


3 A national organization in Canada that focuses purely on childhood cancer fundraising. 100% of donations we receive are distributed to the childhood cancer charities that we support. We focus on fundraising events that drive wellness, physical activity and an healthy, active lifestyle. WHO WE ARE: what sets us apart?

4 Page 4 The National Inside Ride Tour - The Success So Far In our first two years the National Inside Ride Tour has brought together communities across the country - building awareness and raising funds from St. John’s NL to Victoria, B.C. Together local children’s cancer charities have raised $1 million - 100% of which stayed in those communities to support kids and families Presenting Sponsors Page 4

5 Page 5 The National Inside Ride Tour - 2013 TO THE FUTURE! We’re back again in 2013 for a third year in a row with more locations, and an incredible opportunity to engage your offices across Canada to get active, have fun, and give back through the month of OCTOBER. Page 5

6 Page 6 We’re delighted to be partnering with grassroots kids cancer charities as the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation brings the National Inside Ride Tour across Canada for the third year! The Inside Ride will touch down in 22 locations across Canada from September 29 to October 26, 2013! IMAGINE: The benefits, momentum, engagement and enthusiasm of the National Inside Ride Tour building within your community each day across Canada during the month of October Join Us this October 2013

7 Page 7 Which teams across Canada will garner the most local support for their own local children’s cancer charities? Who will have the best costumes, Calgary or St. John’s? Who will ride the furthest, Saskatoon or Montreal? What grand total in national fundraising can your organization celebrate? CELEBRATE with us! IMAGINE the CELEBRATION! The National Inside Ride Tour 2013

8 Page 8 Where do the funds go? Our work strives to bridge and encourage collaboration amongst childhood cancer researchers, doctors, agencies, charities and service providers. Our work focuses on the areas of greatest need, where we can make a real impact and drive measurable progress in the fight against childhood cancer. In 2013 funds raised through the National Inside Ride event in your city will stay local. 100% of the funds raised in the Toronto Inside Ride will support initiatives and programs for kids in your community living with and beyond cancer

9 Page 9 It’s coming to Toronto on October 5th, 2013 And Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer (OPACC) is a registered charity comprised of parent support groups, survivors, and close relatives of a child/teen diagnosed with childhood cancer. Our overall goal is to be the parent voice for families with children diagnosed with cancer in Ontario. OPACC's Parent Liaisons, Susan and John, meet with families at Sick Kids and help to address fears or concerns they may have, direct them to hospital and community services, local support groups, and host weekly drop-ins at the hospital. Susan and John know first-hand what these families are going through, as they have personally been affected by childhood cancer. All funds raised during this event will go to OPACC's overall fund in support of the Parent Liaison position as well as helping to establish and develop new and existing community-based parent support groups throughout Ontario.

10 Page 10 The Basics! The National Inside Ride Tour 2013 Not an athletic competition, it’s a Celebration for fundraising and participating. A portable event brought to you – just over an hour! Your corporate registration fee enables your organization to support the 100% donation model. Individual and team fundraising does not pay event costs. The Inside Ride team brings the gear and runs the show. Everyone can have fun. You You provide the organizing team, cycling teams of 6, volunteers, and fundraise. Participants can ride, volunteer, or donate, run extra fundraising events. Music & energy while you spin at a comfortable pace for 5 minutes. Medals for outstanding team fundraising, spirit, mileage and costumes

11 WHO – THE CYCLISTS Teams of 6 riders register and fundraise online Each cyclist rides for 5 minutes Each round of cyclists starts and stops with a countdown. There’s a break between each round, no rushing. Bring your friends, colleagues, customers, vendors, local associations Wear light weight clothing! You’ll be moving, dancing, jumping the whole time. Page 11

12 WHO – TEAM CAPTAINS Your Key Role in supporting the event! Help team register online Own Team Package: Complete team captain sheet Ensure team mates know how to print off their online fundraising report Collect submit on EVENT date Have a great time on event day! Page 12

13 Register online as a Volunteer at your site, fundraising encouraged! Bike Monitors (optional): Check on cyclists, track team mileage, 1 for every 2 bikes. Crew: 4-6 for setup and take down Food & Beverage Team: 2 Medic: 1-2 Check In / Donations Team: 2-4 depending on event size All volunteers receive a t-shirt! WHO – THE VOLUNTEERS Page 13

14 Guidelines: 1.Team Minimum: $1000 per bike or $170/cyclist. 2. ONLINE REGISTRATION reserves your team bike. 3. FUNDRAISING – Team Package secures your bike. The Fundraising - Overview 1.Registration & Fundraising is ONLINE with online waiver! 2.Secured online donations via Paypal and Credit card. 3.Document cash and cheques online. Print Fundraising Results Report for event day. Page 14

15 Raise $1000.00 in 7 days! Cyclists & Volunteers: Raise $1000.00 in 7 days! Day 1: Ask 5 family members to donate $50.00 $250 Day 2: Ask 5 friends to contribute $ 20.00 $350 Day 3: Ask 5 co-workers to donate $20.00 $450 Day 4: Ask your boss to match co-workers$550 Day 5: Ask 5 neighbours to donate $20.00$650 Day 6: Ask 5 businesses that you support to donate $50.00$900 Day 7: Sponsor yourself for $100.00 $1000 Page 15

16 Page 16 Fundraising – Key Actions Tell your story: You’re helping kids with cancer with a 100% donation model. Share your link: Text or email your link to family and friends. Network: Ask your family & relatives to email their colleagues. Promote: Tweet the news! Post on FB, join Inside Ride Fan page. Schedule: A fundraising event. Thank You: Say Thanks to your donors!

17 Step 1: Register online to reserve your team bike or to register as a volunteer. Choose a registration type: By grade, volunteer, or adult. TEAM = 6 people (1 is the Team Captain) NEW OPTION: Use your FB account to save setup time and share your fundraising link ONLINE REGISTRATION – Reserves your ride! Page 17

18 Page 18 REGISTRATION: Add Your Team Team Captains can add team members during registration 1. Collect names & email addresses of your team. 2. Register using the one common street address including postal code. 3. At the end of the registration, click the option to “Add Others”. 4. Pick “Use Your Address” to copy the common address to everyone. 5.Replace your email with each teammate’s email 6. The system will email each team member a link. 7. Team members log in and set their password.

19 Online Donations – less work! Step 2: Donors use PayPal/credit card for self-serve donations. Email, Text, Tweet, FB, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Send your link for a direct donation to your efforts. Best practice is to have donors go online to make a donation – IT’S MOBILE TOO! Step 3: Donors get their tax receipt and share their support. Step 1: Send your donor online links. Page 19

20 Create the Right Look!

21 Get Warmed Up!

22 Dedicate Your Ride

23 A little friendly competition: Who is Fitter? Even Better, Who is More Fun?

24 MEDALS 6 - Top Team Mileage 6 - Best Team Spirit 6 - Best Team Costume 6 - Top Team Fundraising 1- Top Female Fundraising 1 - Top Male Fundraising 1 - Top Volunteer Fundraiser The Medals reflect the intent – be a team, have fun, be active, and support kids with cancer. Rewards!

25 The Feedback? Simply a Meaningful Day. Fun Volunteerism Engagement Team Spirit Health & Wellness Leadership 100% of Donations STAY LOCAL! Community Support

26 Thank you for your valuable time today. Web: Twitter: @insideride FB Fan Pages:The Inside Ride AND National Inside Ride Tour for childhood cancer Event Manager: Jenn Davies, 416-316-4659 Thank You for Your Valuable Time Page 26

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