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The Blog Ate My Homework Dave Brodbeck Department of Psychology Algoma University

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1 The Blog Ate My Homework Dave Brodbeck (@dbrodbeck) Department of Psychology Algoma University


3 Before we begin… Yes I know weall use technology of some sort (even a blackboard is tech) I also know that all media are social We all know people who use tech and social media to distraction I want to talk about how I harnessed these tools for the powers of good and awesomeness

4 Why use social media? Canadians use it Young people use it Seems the intersection of these two sets is a good description of university students

5 And now for some data! These data come from a friend, social media consultant Connie Crosby All mistakes are hers, all brilliant insights are mine…

6 Connie’s Disclaimer This is a brief snapshot put together from various sources, created for general interest. Please note because this was compiled from a number of sources, these numbers are not scientific. Additional sources of data should be sought to confirm numbers given here before using them for business planning purposes.

7 LinkedIn “world largest professional network” more than 120 million members Canada: 4 million members Not so important for me Source: LinkedIn, August 2011 7

8 Instagram 200 million users 70 percent log in daily I don’t use this yet, but I have ideas…. Source, DTNS, March, 2014

9 Twitter Over 645 million users (200million “active” users) 200 million messages (“tweets”) sent per day 22% of Canadians are active users Here we have something…. Sources: We Are Social, Jan 2014 Twitter, June & September 2011 and Digital Journal, December 2010 9

10 Facebook Sources: Facebook, Jan 2014 We Are Social, January 2014 more than 900 million active users (those who log in once a month) (almost 700 million according to Inside Facebook) 50% log in on any given day Canada: 19 million users 10

11 YouTube Canada: 17.6 million active users 71% of Canadian Internet users versus 55% of US Internet users 2 billion videos viewed by Canadians in November 2010 24 hours of video uploaded per second Source:s comScore, January 2011 Tech News Today, April 2012 11

12 Use in Canada (millions of users active in the past month) Note: data from various sources 12


14 Global mobile use 5.3 billion mobile subscribers or 77% of the world’s population growth is being led by India and China Source: mobiThinking, June 2011 14

15 Mobile in Canada 261/2 million mobile phone subscribers 10 million own smart phones 46% of mobile phone users visit social networking sites from the mobile devices (2h 19 m a day) Source: We Are Social, 2014, ITU, 2014 15

16 Why do I mention mobile?

17 Let’s start with the big one Facebook Yup, almost a billion users You are probably on it I know you have used it in meetings… Yes I know your students use it in class I don’t let mine either

18 However Facebook has its uses Groups can be super helpful for posting assignments, study notes I have had great success with this Just set up a group that is only for invitees Example PSYC 3256 winter 2014

19 Why be on facebook? My students are Younger people are now using it for short messages more often than email Better than SMS, don’t have to give out your cell number You don’t HAVE to reply…. Great for study groups

20 Fears…. But my students will see pictures of my kids But my students will see pictures of me…. But my students will know what happens in my life Two responses: Privacy settings Who cares….

21 Twitter This one strikes most people as ridiculous at first You have to learn about #hashtags You have to learn about lists A good general communication tool How to use it in class?

22 Harness the 140 character habit… I know people text Well, twitter is a lot like texting Plus, if they have the twitter app open on their phone, they can’t be texting So, I get my students to put up posts on twitter, it showed up on one of the screens

23 On the left scree, the powerpoints for the class, on the right, the twitter stream

24 They may not be the cleverest comments, but students areengaged, and tell me so.

25 So far it has worked well If the class is amenable to this sort of thing (I would not use it in stats, or a seminar course) In straight lectures it encourages participation Of course, I need two screens going, or I can have my iPad with the twitter stream on it

26 Google Plus Still trying to figure this one out…. I use it currently to post general neuroscience stories More on google later….

27 As you may know, I record my lectures And, I post them as podcasts People have wondered if it affects attendance I usually say I don’t care…. Grades have gone up Exposure has increased to AU (1.8 million downloads)

28 This is really not that hard There are a lot of free resources out there for audio, or cheap ones Garageband for OS X Audacity for OS X, Win and linux You need a bit of gear, not much You need a place to put the files

29 Where to put stuff I like things not being password protected and wordpress work for me You migh like Cheap, easy to use

30 Podcasts in general can be useful tools Just for background stuff An unexpected consequence of my podcasted lectures is my appearances on other podcasts Go to iTunes and search, you WILL find podcasts on your area of expertise Great background ‘reading’

31 Wikipedia… No, seriously….. The trick is to learn wikipedia policies and learn about referencing NPOV, MEDRS, OR etc Read talk pages You should edit wikipedia

32 It really can be useful A study published in Nature in 2005 found that wikipedia had as many errors as the Encyclopedia Britannica Use the reference sections, tell your students to use the reference sections

33 The tablet revolution Are we in the post PC age? Maybe…. Either way there are about 75 million tablets out there, and about 56 million of them are iPads

34 I used to carry around a lot of articles… If I am writing a paper I need articles I just read stuff to keep up to date Often I had 20 or more in my knapsack Now I carry an iPad….










44 This is only one app There are literally millions. There is a reason for the expression ‘there’s an app for that’ Many are free Papers is 14.99

45 You can view and edit content anywhere Google docs Now called google drive, 5 GB free space Dropbox 2 GB free space

46 Uses for Google Docs/Drive I have all of my grades on g Drive I give a link to my TA, we can both edit



49 So, why use all of this stuff Everyone else does…. We are social animals, take advantage of that It offers great opportunities for both sides of the podium Often this stuff is very cheap or free

50 We live in the future, most of us just haven’t realized it yet. William Gibson

51 Thanks to Isabelle Jonathan Connie Ken Hernden and Robin Isard Anthony Marco and Bob Goyetche And tweet clouds everywhere…….

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