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Welcome to the kcbs Marketing Boot Camp Presented By: Mike McCloud President & CEO MMA Creative.

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1 Welcome to the kcbs Marketing Boot Camp Presented By: Mike McCloud President & CEO MMA Creative

2 ABout MMA Creative 20-year old full-service advertising agency based in TN Became Official Agency of the KCBS in 2007 Three major objectives for KCBS: Build the KCBS Brand Grow KCBS Membership Bring on National Partners Launched the Great American BBQ Tour (now in 4 th year) Launched a food-related division (Trybe Targeting) in 2010

3 Basic Training: Today’s ExerciseS The Fundamentals The (Social) War Arena The New Art of War Battle-Tested Solutions Get Your “Recon” Face On

4 Fundamentals: Growth of BBQ More than 74 million people enjoy BBQ each year 3 out of 4 Americans own a grill More than 15 million people attend BBQ events Total number of KCBS events grew by 13% in 2010 Total KCBS membership grew by 22% in 2010

5 More than 5,000 competition BBQ teams Almost 15,000 official members Almost 20,000 BBQ judges have been certified More than 50,000 active enthusiasts involved in our events About $3 million awarded in prize money Anticipating about 350 sanctioned contests in 2011 Fundamentals: The KCBS Universe The KCBS network represents a $250,000,000 industry.

6 KCBS Membership 85% Male; 15% Female 80.6% Married 33.5% Aged 45-54 51.9% Have College Degrees 41.7% Avg. Income of $100,000+ BBQ Event Attendees 53% Male; 47% Female 80.7% Married 33% Aged 45-54 24% Have College Degrees 18% Avg. Income of $100,000+ Fundamentals: Demo info Knowing your audience allows you to better align your event with potential partners.

7 Fundamentals: Impact of an event Festival of Discovery Greenwood, South Carolina 20,000 estimated attendance Avg. 2.5 people per group $105.00 average expenditure per group 1,256 Hotel Rooms Sold $58,800 in direct tax revenue $1,066,330 in total economic Impact

8 Fundamentals: Impact of BBQ Teams Competition meats: chicken, pork ribs, pork butt/shoulder, brisket Food essentials (since they tend not to eat the BBQ) Water, Soft Drinks, & Beer Aluminum Foil, lighter fluid, charcoal, gas Butter, Honey & other sweeteners Seasonings to experiment/practice with Sanitary gloves, table ware, wet wipes, misc 31% spend $200-400 per contest

9 The Social (War) Arena In the past 4 years, it has changed. Drastically. Fact #1: passive sponsorship is dead Fact #2: traditional advertising is dead Fact #3: today’s society doesn’t want another “event”

10 The New ArT of War: When the paradigm changes, you must change YOURS! Rule #1 – Partner integration Rule #2 – Social media activation Rule #3 – create the “Me-vent”

11 The new art of war: “Me-vents” EngagE... entertaiN... educate...

12 The New art of war: “Me-Vents” Giveaway Promotions Food Sampling On-site Contests Product Demos BBQ Pro Tips / Interviews In Other Words... Get Your Partners & Patrons Involved!

13 Examples of Me-vents

14 Battle-Tested solutions: The Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup Integrated into 9 KCBS Events Awarded $22,000 in additional prize money Provided teams with competition brisket Key Benefits: Professional product testing / sampling New customer development for sponsor More consumer/pro awareness

15 Battle-tested solutions: The Kingsford Points Chase Integrated into 17 KCBS Events Awarded $42,000 in Additional Prize Money Key Benefits: Increased team participation at events Distinct connection with brand and teams More awareness for consumers / pros

16 Battle-tested solutions: The sam’s club bbq bash Tested at parking lot in Midwest City, Oklahoma Awarded $25,000 in Prize Money for top 25 teams Key Benefits: Drove more sales of strategic BBQ products Connected consumers at Club with BBQ experts Pilot for a national club series

17 Partner assurance: Post-Event Recaps Attendance Numbers Distribution of marketing materials How Many Food Samples Given Out Media Engagement Product Demonstrations Media Impressions: Online/Traditional/Social Event Highlights & COE’s Remember: Show Partners The Value of Their Investment!

18 Get Your “Recon” Face On “If You Build It… Yes, They Will Come!” Research It, Promote It, Integrate It, Test it, Tweak It, Tweet It & Nurture It…….

19 Reconnaissance Game Plan: PR Initiatives Pre-Event Press Releases/Media Advisories Social Media Event Listings Local Media During Social Media On-site Media Engagement Post-Event Follow-up press release Social Media Advertising Posters Local Businesses Fliers Traditional Media Radio/TV On-site Remotes Newspapers Facebook Ads Inexpensive Targeted

20 Recon intel: Twitter Free promotional “blog” service Uses “Tweets”: 140 characters or less ReTweet: (RT) Sharing another user’s Tweet Hash tag: (#) used to create a conversation... Create one for your event! Trending Topics: Popular conversations Mentions/Replies: (@) refer to another Twitter user/ respond to their Tweet Followers/Following: Who you listen to/Who listens to you Don’t Just Join the Conversation... Start or BE the Conversation!

21 Recon intel: FaceBook Fan Pages Create a following Communicate / create Buzz Share stories and Pictures Ads Target ideal consumers / attendees Promote page Promote events Events Invite Promote Insights Page views Post views Trends

22 Recon intel: Social Mention You’ve been “liked” on Facebook... You’ve Tweeted... Now What? Track it with Social Mention, a free service that tracks your impressions on the internet, from blogs and Tweets to YouTube videos and Facebook posts.

23 Recon intel: MONEY SHOTS

24 A BootCamp Hoo-aH SUCCESS Is Within Your Reach! Remember the 3 E’s of Me-Vents Engage Entertain Educate Use your entire Arsenal Be proactive in all promotions Use traditional & social media Support your Partners before, during and after the event!

25 THANK YOU ! AT EASE ! Any questions?

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