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Solidify Your Employment Brand On The Internet. How does it Work?

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1 Solidify Your Employment Brand On The Internet

2 How does it Work?

3 Why The Search Engines Matter Source: comScore Core Search Report – June 2009 (US) 14,060,000,000 Search Engine Queries 65.0% 19.6%8.4%

4 Google Job Search Statistics Jobs226,000,000 Employment 68,000,000 Job 30,400,000 Careers 24,900,000 Source: Google Keyword Tool – June 2009 (US)

5 Typical Search Engine Scenario

6 25% Google users click the PAID LISTING 75% Google users click on the ORGANIC OR NATURAL LISTING

7 Typical Search Engine Scenario

8 Optimized Search Engine Scenario



11 Apply Process Stays The Same!

12 What Search Engines Want The Most Important Goal For A Search Engine Is… Relevancy Relevancy is a search engine’s measure of how well a particular website or web page accurately matches a searching question. (Google itself takes into account about 128 different factors when measuring relevancy)

13 Job Title and Location Business Intelligence Analyst Current URL (What The Search Engines See): Profile.cfm?szOrderID=28608&szReturnToSearch=1&szWord sToHighlight= URL With A High Level Of Relevancy Looks Like This: analyst-job.aspx Which URL is More Relevant?


15 Apply and Job View Tracking Analytics can create custom goals to show all your ROI on one screen


17 Visitor Map Overlay

18 State Locations – Excel Download

19 Integration with other job boards  Custom Job Feeds to job boards and aggregators  Analytics records each visitor from each resource  Track ROI like never before

20 Integration with Social Networks  Custom Job Feeds to Facebook pages  Tweet jobs and job information all day to your followers on Twitter  Analytics tracks visitors from every network

21 Client Results ClientJuneJulyAugust Client A – 1097 Jobs66927339409 Client B – 627 Jobs5317316868 Client C – 45 Jobs216161473 Unique Visitors

22 Monthly Pricing Average Monthly Job Count 1 To 250 = $995 Average Monthly Job Count 251 To 500 = $1195 Average Monthly Job Count 501 To 1000 = $1395 Average Monthly Job Count 1001 To 2500 = $1595 Average Monthly Job Count 2500+ = $1795 No Set-Up Fee / No Annual Contract Required / 15% Discount For Lump Sum Payment

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