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Communications & knowledge sharing Global Impact Study Impact Indicators Workshop Montpellier, France March 2010 Christine Prefontaine.

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1 communications & knowledge sharing Global Impact Study Impact Indicators Workshop Montpellier, France March 2010 Christine Prefontaine

2 session goals share our strategy: outline role of researchers in communications & knowledge sharing get feedback & ideas from the group ensure everyone comfortable creating updates & coming to Christine for help focus now on website, later on creating publications

3 we’ll cover… overall approach selected tools & tactics a few practical tips

4 approach

5 communication goals position the project as a source of rigorous, reliable research produce a consistent flow of information about project activities and outputs make it easy for others to use and build on our work create resources that can be used to influence policy, practice, program design, and investment decisions

6 open research privileging public communication working transparently public, named authorship using a creative commons license that makes it easy for others to build on our work for research outputs & communications content only, not raw data

7 over-arching strategy embed knowledge-sharing & communications people closest to the work are the best suited to document it get the basics right leaving traces, producing documenting the project’s evolution and milestones, sharing internally create materials for others to use communicator as facilitator & curator setting up and maintaining systems, supporting researchers, highlighting “best of” project content, packaging and promoting key findings

8 language communication materials will be produced in english french, spanish, portuguese versions of basic project information website in english, no language switcher others will localize to reach influentials

9 internal audiences research partners (research working group, country-based researchers) project sponsors TASCHA team

10 internal sharing given our distributed approach we need mechanisms to share internally adopt practice to read and publicly comment on each other’s updates

11 external audiences library & telecentre communities (practitioners, program designers) academic community funders & policymakers

12 selected tools & tactics

13 public project updates progress update once per quarter research output update one per intermediate output event update once per event

14 decision point: peer review researchers post interim content (reports, working papers) directly, no quality check there will be a review process for final reports

15 static: basic about info dynamic: categorized, tagged, featured

16 home page of website follow, re-tweet!

17 quarterly e-newsletter “push” communication tool designed to increase awareness and interest TASCHA team selects the top four or five updates to feature in the newsletter title & teaser to entice people to go to website to learn more micro-updates, latest publications

18 images & video (must request to join) metadata: descriptive title, tags with "globalimpactstudy", photographer, location, date, link to your URL need IRB approval

19 internal tools Dgroup list to broadcast messages to research partners PBwiki for internal logistics Redmine for database development and maintenance executive committee space on Global Libraries toolkit (document repository) contacts database (CRM)

20 publications working papers interim documents with authoring institution branding + plus standard global impact branding elements research reports final reports from individual components instruments & methods TBD final project report big analysis piece advocacy materials

21 editing & formatting guidelines provided online but no editorial or formatting support for working papers or research reports TASCHA to package final project report, instruments, advocacy materials

22 posting an update



25 teaser custom URL tags category



28 Christine here to… answer questions help you set up your account help you post an update create content about this event

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