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How to develop a media strategy to generate good quality media coverage SERENA TRAMONTI CARMEL GANNER

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2 How to develop a media strategy to generate good quality media coverage SERENA TRAMONTI CARMEL GANNER 3rd October 2014

3 Why do you want to generate coverage?

4 Successful campaigns

5 Page 4

6 Page 5 No more page 3

7 Page 6

8 Page 7

9 Page 8 All of these are excellent examples of why traditional media is still essential to campaigning, especially when used in conjunction with social and digital media.

10 Page 9 Campaign strategy

11 Media is a powerful tool – just a tool

12 Combining traditional and social media is key to generate good quality media coverage

13 ... And as well as deciding how you need to use it, you also need a story!

14 What does media need? T.R.U.T.H= A GOOD STORY

15 Page 14 YOUR story – your MESSAGE What is your organisation’s story? What does your organisation want to say? Who are your spokespeople?

16 Page 15 What makes a story? The story needs to be new For regional media, there needs to be a local link The same story with a key figure/celebrity attached will get more coverage

17 Page 16 What makes a story? -Counter intuitive -Big -Killer stat (illustrating growing, neglected or topical problem) -Impact on people’s lives -Horror or fear -Celebrity -Senior figure/expert - Innovation - Human interest -Political/global impact

18 Page 17 Press releases Regular social media posts using a mix of information and visuals: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogging Video and radio interviews Open Editorials Letters to the editor Now you have your story... Get media to talk about it!

19 Page 18 PRESS RELEASE: Basic Structure -For immediate release or embargoed until -Heading -First Paragraph- the ‘Who’, ‘When’, ‘What’, ‘Where’ and ‘Why’ -Second Paragraph -Quote -Ending Paragraph -ENDS -Contact Details -Notes to Editors

20 And last but not least…a good pitch

21 Page 20 Pitching your Press Release Identify key media -Who are your media targets?... -Who do you want to send your press release to? -Prepare a targets list- include names, email, phone numbers and Twitter accounts!

22 Page 21 Pitching your press release Timing- newspaper deadlines Telephone PRINT- telephone in the morning and ask for the journalist you have identified BROADCAST- contact the producer of the show you want to be on and have a chat with them N.B. If you don’t manage to speak with the journalist you wanted to, tweet them or contact them on Facebook to give them a heads up.

23 Page 22 Pitching your press release Follow up on your call by… - Sending them your release -Liking them/ commenting on their Facebook, sending them a link on Twitter Don’t be afraid to be persistent!

24 Page 23 Media Relationships Building relationships with journalists/ media outlets Keep a list of friendly contacts and twitter accounts Follow up on articles/ interviews with acknowledgements/ thank you/ another story Know your outlets

25 Page 24 Being a good spokesperson/contact Be contactable during the day AT ANY TIME Have three key messages ready It is a conversation! Show interest AND LISTEN Be polite and happy to explain Speak simply, clearly, from the heart, using everyday language and plenty of examples from your direct experience

26 Have they picked it up? always follow up with a thank you or another story!

27 A good photo AND video

28 Page 27

29 Page 28

30 Page 29

31 A good photo Light Colours Background Who is in the photo What happens in the photo Play with heights Play with lines

32 Page 31 Powerful videos

33 A good video Short Colours Background Clear Sound Emotion!

34 Social media

35 Page 34

36 Interaction Group vs page Visuals are key

37 Do’s 09 September 2012 Post regularly- evenings and week-ends are great! Always post videos and photos Try fill in the gaps posts “The reason I am fed up with George Osborne is _____” Keep it snappy Include your friends in conversations Use infographics 100 words is plenty Videos should be around 90 secs max People tend to engage for longer

38 Page 37 Use insights for monitoring Be careful with privacy settings Good quality visuals Don’t post too much

39 What is Twitter?

40 Broadcast Share connect with strangers search # hashtag

41 Write a profile bio and mention your organisation Search and engage fellow tweeters- tweet local and national influential Start conversations with journalists Ask questions to your followers When tweeting @mention people who don’t follow you dos

42 Use #hashtags for certain topics e.g. #ivorycoast Look out for people who are @mentioning you Say something original –or say it in an original way Look at what’s trending – can you make it relevant to any of your posts? dos

43 don’ts Only talk about one subject Ignore your twitter followers Send multiple tweets in a row Send out information you are not sure is correct

44 Page 43 How to use them with media Contact journalists and bloggers on and Publish the press release on your website/wordpress/ tumbl’r page Promote your event/campaign/ stunt/ fundraiser Use twitter/FB to crowd source photographers for your event- but remember to ask them for permission to use their photos Use Twitter to invite other locals that you don’t know to your event- look for them and then mention them in your tweets- they will soon become your followers.

45 How to write a tweet 1)@Jeff What would you like for your tea? Only people who follow you and Jeff can see the message. 2) What would you like for tea @Jeff Everyone can see this message 3)DM @Jeff What would you like for tea? Only you and Jeff can see the message

46 Page 45 Make it searchable by using keywords and hashtags. Ask a question Always include a link, video or photo Don’t use up all 140 characters When retweeting, add something original Combine the personal with the professional Use correct (and acceptable) punctuation Make it personable/ original Report on the now How to write a GOOD tweet

47 Page 46 Direct Headlines: e.g. Haiti earthquake – 250,000 dead. An Indirect Headline e.g Pakistan’s forgotten emergency (link) A News Headline: e.g Donors and drugs companies wasting chance to eliminate HIV - @oxfamgbpress on World Aids Day @oxfamgbpress The How to Headline ’How to shop vintage’ The 10 things you didn’t know about... How to write a GOOD tweet

48 Page 47 A Question Headline: e.g. ‘Do you close the bathroom door even when you’re the only one at home? The Command Headline: e.g. ‘Donate £10 to Oxfam today and save a life’ The Reason Why Headline. E.g. ‘13 million reasons to donate to our east Africa appeal’ or ’10 ways to save money and beat poverty this Christmas’ (link to top ten xmas gifts) Testimonial Headline, ““We are sleepwalking towards an avoidable age of crisis”, warns Barbara Stocking of Oxfam. How to write a GOOD tweet


50 Page 49 Most useful twitter apps!

51 Page 50

52 Useful twitter apps – twitter journalist search engine – twitter – see what subjects people are talking – instant video screencast. Great for – find influential twitter followers by helps you creating and monitoring

53 Page 52 A word on Blogs Unique selling point Short and visual Hyperlocal Post regularly

54 Page 53 Blogs, twitter, facebook media central interaction central sharing central

55 Page 54 Media strategy template

56 Carmel ganner 07825780651 Carmel ganner Serena tramonti

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