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Social Media UW PRSSA Meeting By Candace SooHoo and Michelle Tanaka

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1 Social Media UW PRSSA Meeting By Candace SooHoo (@CandaceSooHoo) and Michelle Tanaka (@michellewrites)

2 + What is social media? Social media is a new medium that enables people to communicate easily via the internet. Composed of various online technology tools that allows people to read and share: News Information Resources A popular networking tool because it allows people to connect in the online world to form relationships for personal and business.

3 + Types of social media: Blogs: Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress Micro-blogging: Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku Social networking: Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace Events: Eventful,, Doodle Discussion Groups: Yelp! Google Groups, Yahoo! Groups

4 +

5 + Twittering for public relations Start conversations Provide product and service information Promote stories and news Monitor and respond to trends Using keyword tracking Monitor and respond to what is being said about your organization Comcast example

6 + Twitter: Another place where conversations occur

7 + Twitter: Branding yourself Professional brand or personal brand: Who is your audience? Most professionals use their full name as their username Personalize your account: Add a profile picture Customize your design and background image Decide what you want to write about: What are your interests? State this information in your bio Build your network: Find your friends on twitter Follow top users Follow twitter accounts you are interested in

8 + Twittonary Tweet Noun; a 140 character post Verb; the act of posting to Twitter @Username Noun; a Twitter account name Verb; a reply to a specific Twitter account RT @Username Verb; the re-posting of an interesting tweet from another Twitter account Twitpic Noun; a way to share photos on Twitter #Hashtag Noun; a tag to be part of a conversation

9 + How to improve your tweets Eating ice cream. Yum! Grab a free reusable bag at NW Harvest tomorrow at 10. Check out my new blog post! Eating honey lavender ice cream @mollymoon in Wallingford!mollymoon RT @SeattleGreenBag Tomorrow at 10am the mayor & others will help distribute 50K of reusable bags to low income Seattleites at NW Harvest.SeattleGreenBag Teaching an old cupcake new tricks: Average TweetInteresting Tweet

10 + Desktop TweetDeck Twitteriffic (Mac) Twhirl iPhone TwitterFon BlackBerry TwitterBerry Web Power Twitter For more applications: Recommended Applications

11 + Drawbacks The “fail whale” Spam and Advertisers Information overload

12 + Twouble with Twitters

13 + Who should you follow? @UWPRSSA @prssanational @PRSSASanDiego09 @PRSAPugetSound @prsa @prsanews @prweekuknews @SMCSeattle (Social Media Club Seattle) @seattletimes @SeaTimesLife @KING5Seattle @KIRO7Seattle @seattleweekly @thedaily @cnnbrk @nytimes PR and Social MediaNews

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