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Arizona Dietetic Association Melinda Johnson, MS,

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1 Arizona Dietetic Association Melinda Johnson, MS, RD @MelindaRD

2 According to a 2011 survey*, here is where consumers get nutrition information: Internet - 74% Magazines – 63% Books – 39% Television – 33% Friends and Family – 29% Doctor – 22% Nutritionist/Dietitian – 22% * From 2011 Consumer Survey Report by Supermarket Guru (not complete list)

3 The Media of Yesterday…. The journalist was in control of the content

4 The Media of Today The media of today is made up of anyone who wants to jump in!

5 Diving in to Social Media Social Media is not going away! Social Media is free, access is immediate If we want people to KNOW what an RD is…….. We have to get the RD name out there

6 Twitter – WHY? Twitter with Purpose! Not to watch celebrities and share gossip Twitter to: Follow interesting people that you would never be able to talk to otherwise Follow news and events and trends Share your interests, find others who are interested in the same Have conversations and network Promote your business and/or expertise Seek the wisdom of a carefully selected crowd

7 Who is on Twitter? Celebrities, athletes Look for the “verified” checkmark Ex: Steve Nash @SteveNash Health organizations Ex: @MyPlate Food industry Ex: Whole Foods Market @WholeFoods Nutrition and Health professionals Non-profit agencies Ex: Do @dosomething Local businesses

8 Jump in - Open your account Choose your “@” – this is your name on Twitter Make sure to also use your real, full name in the bio!!! Upload a profile picture Fill in - About you and background Make sure your account is not marked private Your password

9 Then – Follow, Follow, Follow! People you know and respect * let Twitter use your email address book to find them People you know of and respect Experts in your industry (or an industry that interests you) Interests – keyword search People who follow you – but with caution! People who interest you as you “live”

10 Twitter Strategy 1. Build your Base 2. Check-In frequently 3. Contribute and Interact

11 What to Tweet? 1. Share something about your life 2. Promote a news item 3. Respond – make sure to put in the @name 4. A question 5. A #FF (Follow Friday) 6. Re-Tweets

12 Tweet You Later! @MelindaRD

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