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Interactive Twitter Presentation Using Twitter in PowerPoint Presentations Emily French.

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1 Interactive Twitter Presentation Using Twitter in PowerPoint Presentations Emily French

2 Using Twitter During a PowerPoint Presentation New FREE software to allow you to use Twitter in PowerPoint presentations for a wide range of uses including – Voting – Mood-ometer – Update Twitter with your Key Points as you mention them – View comments about the presentation at certain points.

3 Tweeting Key Points This add in means that you can tweet key points as you get to them in the presentation by surrounding your points with a prefix and suffix code [twitter]My Key Point[/twitter]

4 Comments Via Tweet With this slide simply type in a search term, and get the last tweets that mentioned it! If you create a ‘hashtag’ for your presentation then people who are tweeting about your presentation can use it at the end so their comment shows up!

5 Voting by Twitter Before the presentation starts, set up your voting system, up to 6 options and a choice of bar of pie chart. Get your audience to tweet their response using the codes you have set up before hand and within a minute you will have the responses on your PowerPoint!!

6 The Twitter Ticker Tape This is something you could put on every page of your presentation (in the master slide Template). Simply type in a search term and a scroll of the most recent tweets mentioning that keyword will scroll accross the bottom of the page! Similarly you could put the mood-ometer on every page and people can tweet throughout. To move the moodometer, so you can see when you are boring people, and when they are engaged!! Simply set up the codes at the start of the presentation! E.g. Interested = @votebytweet happy and Bored = @votebytweet yawn

7 Tweet from Presentation Tweet as you present with this handy tweet box!

8 Crowd-ometer! Using a microphone you can utilise the crowd- ometer which tracks how much noise your audience is making, you can use it to vote or to tell when they are restless!

9 Zooming Text! I don’t know what this has to do with Twitter but its pretty cool!

10 Conclusion Once you have the flash files in place (it took me a hell of a time trying to get the right flash software etc. (Thanks Jonathan) The slides are really easy to use and personalise The software is freeware and is unsupported so may not be 100% reliable. Twitter itself does crash or slow down from time to time so always make sure that the twitter parts of your presentation aren’t absolutely vital, always have a back up plan! Having tested them, they do update very fast usually within 30 seconds or less. It’s a great way to spice up presentations and add a bit of interactivity BUT it is very dependant on your audience being familiar with Twitter, both having an account AND a means of using it (smartphone/laptop)

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