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Twitter Expanding Your Professional Learning Network.

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1 Twitter Expanding Your Professional Learning Network

2 Contact & Websites Email: Website: http://marypeters.utma.com Bookmarking Website:

3 Twitter is……. Social network and micro-blogging service that enables users to send and read other users updates known as “Tweets”. ~Wikipedia~ 140 Characters Asynchronous


5 Twitter Sidebar

6 Twitter “What are you doing?”…

7 Tweets Avatar and User Name appear to the left of the Tweet.

8 @User Names In Tweets, user names preceded by @ indicate “replies” or “mentions”.

9 “Favorites” or “Reply” Add Tweet to “Favorites” “Reply” to Tweet

10 Find People Using Twitter

11 Search Topics on Twitter

12 # Hashtags A hashtag is any word in twitter which is immediately preceded by the '#' symbol (a.k.a the hash). By using a hashtag, you're signalling that you want people to be able to find your tweet and associate it with other tweets that contain the same hashtag. ~

13 # Hashtags Example:

14 Twitter Advanced Search


16 HELP!!! My posting has too many characters. TinyURL – Bitley –


18 Twitter A Tool for Schools

19 Twitter in the Classroom 1n2/youtube-twitter-in-the-classroom

20 Web 2.0 Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools Huge list of web sites - – +Tools +Tools Quizlet Make flashcards or find flashcard sets to use online – Go 2 Web 20 –

21 Web 2.0 for Fun…. Wordle – Your Fonts – PictureTrail –

22 Twitter in your Professional Learning Network

23 Liz B. Davis - on Twitter lizbdavis -- Twitter

24 Liz B. Davis - on Blogspot

25 Go to settings and fill out your Bio! This is essential to getting followers. Tweet a few things - share a link, an idea, a resource, a blog post, anything. Basic Suggestions for Teachers New to Twitter ~Liz B Davis~ new-to-twitter.html

26 Don't protect your updates. People often hesitate to follow back if they can't see your tweets. Use your real name and your real picture. You will eventually have to say "Hi I'm "xx" on Twitter." Look for people who will follow you back - that is what makes a conversation.

27 Check out this spreadsheet of educators on Twitter add yourself: If you Tweet a question and no one answers, Tweet it again later. It is OK to ask more than once. ~Liz B. Davis~ The Power of Educational Technology new-to-twitter.html

28 Center for Learning and Performance Technologies

29 Wordle – Before Twitter…..

30 Wordle – After Twitter…..

31 Where will Technology be in Five Years??

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