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Twitter Overview Dr Fred C Tyler MBChB FRCS FCS Dr Stacey Loeb.

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1 Twitter Overview Dr Fred C Tyler MBChB FRCS FCS Dr Stacey Loeb

2 Topics Covered History of Twitter Twitter Terminology Basic Navigation Twitter in Urology

3 What is Twitter? Twitter – Founded in 2006 by three men: Biz Stone and Evan Williams (creators of Jack Dorsey, software architect – Service to broadcast short messages to your friends or "followers." – Lets you specify which Twitter users you want to follow so you can read their messages in one place.

4 Twitter Evolution Today's Twitter is now less focused on “What are you doing?” and more about “What’s going on?” Emerged as a source for discovery with a focus on sharing relevant information and engaging in conversation. Many people now think of Twitter as a news source rather than a social network, using it for networking and discussion based on their own interests. Evolution of the Twitter Bird

5 Why is Twitter so Popular? Twitter revolutionized social media by making it simple for the world to communicate in real time. Think of it as a cross between text messaging, instant messaging and blogging.

6 How is Twitter Accessed? Accessing Twitter –, tablets, smartphones – Twitter is designed to work on a mobile phone as well as on a computer. – All Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters. You can't say much in 140 characters. That's part of Twitter's charm.You can't say much in 140 characters

7 Twitter Terminology Tweet - A standard message on Twitter containing 140 characters or less. Re-tweet - A tweet that has been re-shared to all of a users' followers. Hashtag - The # symbol is used to tag keywords or topics in a tweet to make it easily identifiable for search purposes. Handle - This designates your username and accompanying URL at Mention - Tweets can include replies and mentions of other users by preceding their usernames with the @ sign. Feed - The stream of tweets on your Twitter homepage comprised of all the accounts you follow.

8 Twitter in the Urologic Community

9 Twitter in Urology Eight primary uses of Twitter within urologic community: 1.Major news 2.Emerging research 3.Conferences 4.Journal club 5.Advocacy 6.Networking and socializing 7.Crowd-sourcing 8.Advertising

10 1. Major news: Twitter is the instantaneous source to hear about new drug/device approvals, recalls, and other important news.

11 2. Emerging research: There are already numerous sources providing daily email updates about new research publications (AUA Daily News, Urotoday). Twitter provides an alternative way to learn about new studies in a more condensed and efficient fashion. You can quickly scan through the feed to check for interesting new material, and click the link when you want more information.

12 3. Conferences: Every major urology conference this year had its own twitter feed with thousands of contributions. Although it is not possible to attend every conference or session in person, the twitter feed allows you to follow along remotely. Many tweets will even include images from the poster or video footage.

13 4. Journal club: There is a monthly urology journal club (#urojc) organized by Dr. Henry Woo (@DrHWoo) to discuss new research articles with urologists from around the world.

14 5. Advocacy: Twitter provides a platform to advocate for any cause to a larger audience. Instead of writing a letter to your congressman, now you can tweet at them.

15 6. Networking and socializing: Discussions about urology provide a great way to interact with colleagues from around the world. Twitter is also a great equalizer where medical students and residents can freely participate in formal or informal discussions with senior faculty and key opinion leaders in the field. It is a great way to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends.

16 7. Crowd-sourcing: If you have a difficult management question or professional conundrum, twitter allows you to gather instant feedback from your colleagues around the world.

17 8. Advertising: Twitter provides a forum to disseminate information about your research or clinical practice. If you have a new clinical trial that is accruing patients, you are hosting a support group or you will be featured on the news, twitter is a free way to spread the word. It can also be used to tell your colleagues about course offerings, social activities and other events of potential interest.

18 Getting Started

19 Sign Up: Let’s sign up – go to

20 Basic Setup 1. Choose your twitter name (“handle”). – The best names are short and easy to remember. It can be part of your name (ex: @LoebStacy), or something related to urology (ex: @uretericbud). 2. Create your profile with a photo and description. – Choose a photo which will accompany and identify all of your tweets (i.e., your “avatar”). – Add personal details such as your current position, location and website

21 Basic Setup 3. Choose some people or groups to follow. – Search by name – Look at your friend’s friends – Find existing users from your email address book – All of the major urology organizations and journals are on twitter, so choose the ones that interest you for the latest updates in the field (ex: @AmerUrological). – Search for your other interests such as newspapers or hobbies

22 What Your Page Will Look Like Your profile screen will contain: Your User Info Photos/videos Who to follow suggestions Your Twitter Feed – The Twitter Feed contains Tweets from the people or groups that you follow


24 Composing a Tweet To Tweet: On the Twitter homepage, type your update into the Tweet box just below your name. You can post tweets of up to 140 characters. Tweet Box New Tweet Button

25 Posting a Tweet Click the Tweet button when you're ready to post. Be sure to use hashtags (#) for keywords in your tweet so they are searchable Direct your tweet at relevant parties by including their handle (ex: @LoebStacy) in your tweet Include links to more information when relevant

26 Tweet in the Timeline Your tweet appears immediately in the Timeline.

27 Mobile Tweeting

28 Twitter on Smartphone


30 You are Ready to Tweet

31 Questions? To ask a question or send a comment to Dr. Loeb, simply: 1.Hit the drop down menu in the Address box 2.Select Christine Frey so questions can be facilitated in the most effective manner 3.Type your question, and hit send


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