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ELUNA 2012 Conference Highlights Lena Zentall Margery Tibbetts May 29, 2012.

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1 ELUNA 2012 Conference Highlights Lena Zentall Margery Tibbetts May 29, 2012

2 Conference stats Ex Libris Users Group of North America, met May 8-11, 2012 in Salt Lake City 492 attendees from 11 countries (1000+ libraries are members of ELUNA)

3 Future Conference sites Next year’s conference site 2013: Georgia Atlanta or Athens - TBD 2014 conference in Montreal Canada US citizens will need passports to

4 Subscriber numbers per ExLibris product SFX – 2385 customers (their biggest seller) Aleph/Voyager – 2325 bX – 1108 Primo – 933 (according to salesman: more Primo customers than all their competitors combined) - discovery interface

5 Verde – 229 (being rolled into Alma eventually) Alma – 70+ institutions (general release in 2013 – currently working with development partners)

6 Theme: Integrated services ALMA Streamlining workflow in one place and having a dynamic resource – depending on your role. Shared community resources (community zone). This is where Harvard is putting their open metadata. Shared catalog for Alma customers: loading bib data from LC, British Library, Harvard catalog. Advisory group (including Karen Coyle) Next step: define cataloging standards Professional services (tackling change management – rethink workflow and processes, get baselines and workflow up front – even a year ahead)

7 Theme: Fulfillment Just in Time Problem statement: Can’t afford to acquire everything or catalog everything but users want everything. Solution: Institutions should be focused on their local content.

8 New service for Primo/SFX Copyright Clearance Center Get it Now Service just in time article delivery


10 Get It Now publishers

11 SFX Update 88% customers are on SFX version 4 (4% in progress) SFX version 4.3 coming in June 2012 (ebooks!)

12 SFX-Discuss-l is for the larger SFX community (ELUNA) SFX-DISCUSS-L@LISTSERV.ND.EDU

13 SFX Knowledgebase Adding approximately 500 targets a year Current statistics 3000 targets 2.1 million objects 4.4 million in object portfolios.

14 SFX KnowledgeBase challenges It’s a major ongoing struggle to get updates from publishers SFX Product Working Group is working with KB group (headed by Ron Lozinsky) to develop language for dealing the offending vendors

15 SFX Product Working Group will target certain vendors (list unknown) UC libraries are encouraged to put language in agreements or bring this up as an issue at renewal time

16 SFX e-books Coming in SP 4.3 (sometime in June) Search not browse Introduces new software package to SFX SOLR CDL will create in development Similar look and feel as e-journal A-Z lists

17 The SFX eBook search interface Feature to expose the library’s eBook collection Enables search by Title Author ISBN Vendor URL: http:// : / /azbook (this and next slide courtesty of ExLibris)


19 UC-eLinks admin liaisons Discuss with campus stakeholders Determine e-book targets to include Detemine look and feel One page with journal and books tab Two pages Determine release date NOT all campuses on the same date please

20 Same guidelines as e-journal A-Z lists Limited customization (header/footer)

21 KBUpdate reports ExLibris will be changing the maintenance scripts so more than 3 weeks of data is retained Two sessions (LANL and MIT) How to manage weekly reports? HTML vs TXT reports

22 LANL Hints Use TXT reports Maintains separate spreadsheets by active targets for each KBUpdate Reorder information for ease of use (ie thresholds Add notes when maintaining KB Always look at Delete Object Portfolio Especially for pick and choose targets

23 LANL Troublespots Lines blurring between Open Access and licensed content Multiple targets for the title Global threshold closed What happened to the title?

24 MIT approach Library staff want to view KBUpdate reports as EXCEL not text Don’t always remember to protect the OBJID when converting from txt to xls

25 MIT Wrote PERL scripts to do conversion Insert object type (Book; Journal; etc) Color code to highlight changes Different conversion rules for New; Changed and Deleted reports Will share scripts via EL Commons

26 CDL approach ? What can the CDL do to help the campuses deal with the weekly KBUpdate reports?

27 Q&A Q: Have any campuses activated ebooks in UC-eLinks? A: Yes, including CDL who has activated all packages we license including IEEE, Springer, Wiley. Q: Who needs to be involved in rolling out the new ebook search on campuses? A: campus e-resource team will select ebook packages to include (e.g., ILL staff, reference librarians, e-resource librarians, public service staff). Library webmaster will determine where the search lives on the library website. CDL will work with Ellen Meltzer and the UC-eLinks project team to make sure the word gets out to the UC-eLinks liaisons and other campus stakeholders.

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