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CLEVELAND HEALTH-TECH CORRIDOR. INTRODUCTION + GOALS Establish the Corridor as a globally competitive environment for attracting and growing biomedical,

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3 INTRODUCTION + GOALS Establish the Corridor as a globally competitive environment for attracting and growing biomedical, health-care and medical supply chain businesses Build on the $3.8 billion in investments within the Corridor and leverage the public transportation infrastructure improvement made to Euclid Avenue Demonstrate that focused, community-wide collaboration rooted in market fundamentals can redevelop the urban core

4 CONCEPT Collaboration: City, County and State Government Business Community Anchor Institutions Foundations Incubators Focus: Targeted Industry Cluster Attraction Defined Physical Location


6 50,000 employed at health care and educational campuses 50,000 students enrolled in corridor educational institutions 10 million sq. ft. of health care and educational space 80 biomedical companies 45 technology companies $450 million in annual research Opportunities for collaboration Access to business resources Diverse array of facilities with flexible lease rates Convenient HealthLine transportation HEALTH-TECH CORRIDOR ASSETS



9 Incubators think [box]

10 REDEVELOPMENT OF AGORA, 5000 EUCLID AVE 5 ACRE SITE, 54,000 SF of Office Donation to Midtown Cleveland, Development Agreement with Geis Completed in 2012 – 90% Leased

11 MIDTOWN TECH PARK, 6700 EUCLID AVE 128,000 square feet, 90% Leased

12 REDEVELOPMENT OF 7000 EUCLID AVE Western Building Razed (6900 Euclid) 7000 Building Prepared and Now Available 6,000 square feet still available

13 Victory Building, 7012 EUCLID AVE $25 million dollar project 165,000 square feet Plenty of available parking

14 Existing Fiber Network in Cleveland First Energy – Brown Cavtel – Light Blue CCI – Blue TDS – Red Forest City Fiber - White

15 Projects to be Connected to 100 Gigabit Fiber

16 Land Available in Corridor

17 Non-Bank Funding in the Corridor Over $83 million City financing since 2008 $800,000 development grant to BioEnterprise from The Cleveland Foundation in 2011 $250,000 grant from the Ohio DOD in 2010 $200M in State Third Frontier funding for Health Line Federal funding totals: $31.6 million HUD 108, $1.8 million Other HUD, $3 million BEDI, $1.7 million EPA, $500,000 EDA Example Projects with alternative funding sources: Midtown Tech Park: $3.5 million State of Ohio job ready sites grant, $10.7 million federal loan Victory Building: $2.6 million in tax increment financing, federal and state historic tax credits, and a $1 million State of Ohio job ready sites grant

18 Two New Medical Schools Case Western Reserve University Medical School and the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine: New construction to be built on Cleveland Clinic’s campus DeVry’s Chamberlin College of Nursing: Located in heart of the Corridor at Midtown Tech Park Grand opening October 2013 Nursing skills laboratories, simulation lab, coronary care unit, general skills and health assessments lab

19 Data Centers 1. Byte Grid/Cleveland Technology Center: serves as a secure place to put backup systems and electronic records for heavy data users -1425 Rockwell Ave 2. Bluebridge: work group recovery, virtualization, cloud computing, disaster recovery and managed storage and services - 1255 Euclid Ave 3. FiberMedia: suite of managed IT services that include device management, monitoring, storage, back-up and cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) - 200 West Prospect Ave 4. Cogent: dedicated internet access, IP transit, Ethernet point-to- point, colocation services – 1621 Euclid Ave 5. Cuyahoga County Data Center: to relocate to renovated 8,000 SF 2 nd floor of County Medical Examiner building - 11001 Cedar Ave

20 Companies of Note IT: 1. CGI Information Technologies: IT outsourcing, application management, systems integration and consulting, infrastructure services 2. Solar Systems Networking: IT design, virtual environments, installation and support, data wiring, VoIP phone systems, and wireless implementation 3. MCPc: customer-centric IT solutions provider that drives positive business results through practical problem solving 4. eCollect: utilizes modern banking regulations and payments laws to electronically recover returned checks for clients thus preventing the need for collections activity Web Development: 1. Wiselime/Tackk: provides a Web-publishing service for single-use and disposable content 2. Hyland Software: developer of the enterprise content management (ECM) and process management software suite called OnBase

21 Companies of Note (contd.) Marketing: 1. BrandMuscle: helps national companies localize their advertising campaigns 2. Rosetta: interactive digital marketing agency 3. Renters BOOM: specializes in designing, building and running contests and promotions for property management companies using social media 4. Insivia: developer of marketing solutions through strategy and design 5. DigiKnow: digital marketing agency - develops campaigns, systems, and tools to connect people with clients' ideas and products Medical Technology: 1. Talis Clinical: developer of anesthesia information management systems 2. Explorys Medical: has developed the worlds most scalable platform for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and one of the largest healthcare databases in the world

22 Utilities Cleveland Public Power: 4 substations in the Corridor – enables CPP to provide dual feed from 2 substations Flexible rates, based on consumption + fixed power cost, more power consumed will lower rate Demand charge rates: $.0115 KWH - $.0309 KWH First Energy: Rates based on type of business not consumption High availability of 20MW power fed via underground lines from two separate substations


24 A place where little companies and large institutions work together to challenge the impossible. That’s a big idea.

25 Try + Fail + Try + Fail + Try + Fail + Try Change the world.

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