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Amy Kautzman Robin Gustafson Setting The Stage Or, why we dedicated 9-months of our short lives to streamlining ILL processes That is 270 days X 5 staff.

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2 Amy Kautzman Robin Gustafson

3 Setting The Stage Or, why we dedicated 9-months of our short lives to streamlining ILL processes That is 270 days X 5 staff = 1,350 days X 8-hr work day = 10,800 hours

4 UC Davis Strategic Plan

5 One Thing Leads to Another New UL New Strategic Plan New Re-organization New Directorates New Departmental Organization Merging of Units Merging of Service Point Operations Reinvigorated Focus on Customer Service & Best Possible Scenarios

6 Access & Delivery Services Moved towards a function based approach (not building) Merged Circ & ILL in 3 libraries into one dept with 3 units Circulation & ILL Reserves Operations & Assessment 4 th library is accountable re: processes & procedures Major loss of staff (CA state budget + life) meant it was time to examine and rethink ALL operations and workflows.

7 Goals & Bumps: Business Process Improvement (BPI) Goals: Optimize + de-dupe + single approach + re-vitalize Align services with Library Strategic Plan Merge ILL units Merge billing activities Bumps: Fear of change People and workflows (but mostly people) Still need to provide high level of service while committing 8-hours a week to Business Process Improvement

8 UCD BPI Project Goals Clean up workflows Remove duplicative actions Merge duties when it makes sense Explore and implement technological solutions Clarify and agree upon ILL decision points Align services with Library Strategic Plan Improve customer service Analyze revenue generating tasks Ensure a positive and trusted re-org process And more, and more, and more

9 What is BPI & How Did We Make it Work? BPI = workflow analysis + subsequent actions Painstakingly note all the steps in a process Use “swim lane mapping” to model steps visually Question why steps exist Use data to prove need and to guide decisions Survey or interview patrons about their experiences Note ways to improve/automate steps Document everything!

10 BPI Team Make-up Sponsor Facilitator 4-6 subj. matter experts IT person Maverick

11 BPI Method Create a High Level Map Scope/Goals Team Members Map a Flow Chart Conduct a Process Evaluation Implement Quick Wins Initial Redesign Review Staffing Implement Improvements Monitor Results Continuous Improvement

12 What is a Swim Lane?

13 Swim Lanes!

14 Awesome UCD staff A big round of applause for: Bonnie Hain-Anderson – Project lead Jason Newborn – Subject matter expert Lead ILL specialists: Nancy Ervin, Susan Sullivan, Donis Edwards

15 Bonnie Leading Discussion




19 The Good, Bad, and Ugly Good: Good teamwork opportunity Better understanding of processes Best processes leap up in Technicolor Bad: Don’t have the coding support we desire Can’t go from 3 to 1 ILL units – can do 2 to 1 The time! Must provide good food at meetings Faculty did not participate in user survey (not unusual) Ugly: Deep fear about position changes We can’t find a way to not use so much paper! Too many different ILL systems (Seriously, how hard would it be to have one system that includes the medical libraries?!)

20 Communication Transparency is paramount Team created shared files Reports were shared Meetings included as many stakeholders as possible This takes more work than we wanted, but it is absolutely necessary

21 Lightning Teams Once finished with the flow chart process, on to LT! LT are charged with creating optimal workflow and a staffing model that allows us to move forward Made up of managers and practitioners. Two LTs ILL Circulation/Reserves Billing

22 Lightning Team 1: ILL Charged to present a model for consolidating health sciences ILL activities in one library. Suggest a staffing model based on BPI findings The report gave an unexpected (but not surprising) option Not included in the report, but talked about, was the request to not change a darn thing. Proving that change is uneven and more difficult for some staff than others

23 Lightning Team 2: Billing Charged to centralize billing Combine all ILL billing Combine all Circ/Reserves billing Suggest a staffing model based on BPI findings

24 Decisions Health Sciences and Medical School Library will combine ILL at one location Shields and the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library will combine ILL All Circulation billing will be under one person Possibly Reserves billing Combine ILL billing but remain distinct within ILL workflow Follow-up BPI with regular assessment – tweak workflows as necessary

25 Proposed ADS Staffing Pre-BPI staffing – 29.25 FTE Post-BPI staffing – 30 FTE Fill limited-term hires with permanent staff Perform classification reviews on redesigned positions Lots of HR work, will take months to work our way through the hiring maze.

26 What’s next? Public Services Manifesto Our values: support, respect, professionalism, honesty, cooperation, service, accessibility, teamwork Create standardized customer service training across locations Build fun, online training materials for both student employees and staff

27 hashtag #accessservicesrulz

28 Welcome to the Magic Kingdom!! Peter J. Shields Library Main undergraduate library (aka: The Happiest Place On Earth) Photo courtesy: Tim Silva

29 Questions? Thank you

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