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John Bobb-Semple Project Manager for Community Initiatives Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

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1 John Bobb-Semple Project Manager for Community Initiatives Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

2 Session Objectives I.Background and Conditions requiring change II.Communication necessary for success III.Lessons learned from the process

3 Our Story Started by founder and CEO Rodney Bivens in 1980 out of the back of a pickup truck. The Food Bank grew organically over its 34 year history. 1000+ Charitable Food Programs Food pantries Homeless shelters Youth and women’s shelters Drug and alcohol treatment centers Mobile meal programs Soup kitchens

4 By the numbers… Service 53 County Service Area Central and Western Oklahoma 360+ Partner Agencies 477 Elementary School partners 94 School Pantries Attributes Doubled in 5 years 48 million lbs of food in FY 2013

5 Conditions Dependent on a single distribution point model of operation – putting stress on the Regional Food Bank’s transportation system

6 Analysis Efficiency & Capacity Measures Total pounds distributed Pounds per delivery Percent of Pounds Per Person in Poverty Accessibility Attributes Hours of operation, including weekends, evenings, holidays Serves an identified vulnerable population In a county with less than 75% PPIP Partners with RFBO in multiple capacities Responsive to Food Bank requests and communication Agency is either an emergency food pantry or soup kitchen

7 Conditions In FY12, 27% of the Regional Food Bank resources were used to distribute 6% of the total pounds. In FY12, 25% of our partner agencies delivered 80% of our total pounds to hungry Oklahomans

8 Tiers & Structure VisionaryHumanitarianCommunity Order product from food bank√√√ 600 lbs. Order Minimum√√√ Direct Deliveries√ Central Pickup Point Delivery√√ USDA PriorityHighLow Agency Grants & Credits PriorityHighLimitedLow Handling Fee Rate$0.09$0.12$0.18

9 Messaging Methods North Texas Food Bank Branding Town Hall Meetings Partner Agency Conference Rethink Hunger Agency Grants & Credits Tools Blast email reminders Phone Calls Videos

10 Intended Outcomes Improved capacity and improved client access to resources Reduced strain on current transportation system Increased ability to support collaborative community efforts to end hunger The ability to quickly decentralize our operations in the event of a catastrophe

11 Initial Responses  62 agencies became inactive since Jan. 2013  Visionary Partners were able to serve more people more food.  Humanitarian Partners experienced very limited change.  None of the agencies have turned clients away due to increased costs.  Community Partners were greatly affected by the 600lbs policy with 20 agencies saying they have to order fewer times to comply with the policy. “The changes over the last year has enabled us to provide healthier choices to our clients.” – Visionary Partner Agency

12 Lessons Learned Transparency is worth the discomfort. Agencies appreciate being informed about the bigger picture. Uncertainty is worse than change. Focus on service to the client. Internal logistics can be the greatest challenge.

13 Contact Information John Bobb-Semple Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma 3355 S. Purdue Ave., Oklahoma City OK 73103 405-600-3167

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