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Sugar Shocker presentation Sugar Shocker: What’s in YOUR Drink?

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1 Sugar Shocker presentation Sugar Shocker: What’s in YOUR Drink?

2 Sugar Shocker presentation Why do drinks matter? Eating or drinking lots of sugar is not healthy and can cause diseases like diabetes. Many drinks contain lots of hidden sugar. A diet high in pop or sugary drinks has additional health risks. Drinking pop can mean we drink lots of caffeine too.

3 Sugar Shocker presentation Best Choices: Wonderful Water: Healthy drink choice! Marvelous Milk: Healthy drink choice!

4 Sugar Shocker presentation Choose Sometimes: Unsweetened Juice Flavoured Milk (i.e. chocolate milk)

5 Sugar Shocker presentation Chocolate Bar Milkshake The BIG One, slush drinks, Pop, Diet Pop Choose Least Often: Sports Drink Fruit Drink

6 Sugar Shocker presentation Sugar in drinks One cup (250ml) of milk contains about 3 tsp of sugar One cup (250ml) of unsweetened fruit juice contains about 7 tsp of sugar. Drinks with added sugar have more calories and don’t have the nutrients of milk and juice.

7 Sugar Shocker presentation The Problem with Sugary Drinks Soft drinks have no nutritional value Today school kids drink 3 times more pop than 20 years ago They now drink twice as much pop as milk Excess weight gain in children has been linked to sugar-sweetened drinks

8 Sugar Shocker presentation Source:

9 Sugar Shocker presentation Your choice matters! Sugar and Tooth Decay: Sugar mixes with bacteria in your mouth and makes acid Diet and ”sugar-free” drinks also contain acid Acid breaks down tooth enamel An acid “attack” lasts 20 minutes and starts again with every sip

10 Sugar Shocker presentation Your choice matters! Obesity and overweight: High-sugar drinks add empty calories that can lead to weight gain Obese people have a higher chance of getting heart disease, cancer, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure

11 Sugar Shocker presentation Your choice matters! Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis happens when your bones become weak and brittle Osteoporosis can happen if you don’t get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet Sugary drinks are often chosen instead of milk, which means that person may not get enough calcium and vitamin D

12 Sugar Shocker presentation About Calcium: According to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating, children and youth need: Age group# Servings of milk product per day Children 4-9 years 2-3 Youth years 3-4

13 Sugar Shocker presentation Your choice matters! Caffeine: Some pop (such as Coke, Pepsi, Barq’s Root Beer, Jolt, Dr.Pepper) and some energy drinks contain caffeine Caffeine is a stimulant and affects people according to their body weight One can of cola (355 ml) may have the same effect on a young child as four cups of coffee would have on an adult

14 Sugar Shocker presentation Other reasons to Pop and other drinks create garbage Healthy drinks help you concentrate better in school Natural drinks are more traditional

15 Sugar Shocker presentation Rethink your drink, and you will: Have a great smile Have a healthy environment Have healthy bones Have better concentration Have good overall health Keep up traditions Source:

16 Sugar Shocker presentation Source:

17 Sugar Shocker presentation

18 References: “(T-1) BACKGROUND INFORMATION”, Rethink Your Drink Campaign, Calgary Health Region ( Drop The Pop NWT ( David Thompson Health Region “You Are What You Eat” presentation ( ndex.htm) ndex.htm

19 Sugar Shocker presentation Funding and assistance for this project was provided by: Re-Think Your Drink Campaign The Health Promotion Fund, Department of Health and Social Services Health Promotion & Nutrition Programs

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