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Impact of Humans on Biosphere II Over-Consumption.

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1 Impact of Humans on Biosphere II Over-Consumption

2 Who in the world? See cartoon!

3 10% of World’s Population Consumes 90% of World’s resources Including energy consumption  GHG Including raw materials  wastes, dumps Including 90% chemical wastes

4 World Consumption Classes Where do we (U.S. society) live? Which is healthiest?

5 World Consumption Classes Why do we stay where we are???????

6 World Consumption Classes What if we want to change? Should we recycle?

7 Old “Rs” Reduce Reuse Recycle (last, has role, but consumes fossil fuels, pollutes)

8 Four R’s of Sustainability RETHINK! Reduce Reuse Recycle

9 RETHINK Lifestyle Not doable in a “top ten list” Requires change in values, commitment, resolving old problems Examples:

10 “ Rethink”: A few starter questions? Why do we choose disposable plastic (toxic!) when we DINE IN KU? Why do we drive when walking or biking would only take 10 – 15 minutes?..... And then pay to use an exercise facility? Why do we use lawn-mowers that hurt our grass, our atmosphere and our wallet?

11 “ Rethink”: A few starter questions? Why do we manufacture containers (manufacturing pollutes) and sell essentials (water, milk for infants) that we can get for free? Why do we use light-bulbs which hurt our atomosphere and wallets?

12 REDUCE Buy only what you need! (less consumption of resources, etc) Virtually 100% of what you buy eventually end up in a landfill But also, what if all Americans reduced: Their personal GHG emissions? Their consumption of red meat, beef The amount of electricity/gas they used? The amount of raw material they consumed? The amount of disposables they used? Reduction is underappreciated! Ecological actions do not have to be “All or nothing!”

13 REUSE Economical $$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy for durability! ( less consumption of resources, pollution, etc) Examples: Use washable dishes in KU!, Ask parents for cloth napkins,

14 RECYCLE Recycling Aluminum yields best results (Mining & extracting pure Al is VERY energy/fossil fuel intensive; recycling takes minimal energy)

15 Finally…. You know the history of the world You are now helping to write the future…. Good luck on finals! Gave a great life!

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