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TÄNK OM Rethink A project financed by the European Social fund.

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1 TÄNK OM Rethink A project financed by the European Social fund

2 TÄNK OM Rethink stregthens the work in progress The project strengthens the work in progress run by district developers in the Norrköping districts of Klockaretorpet and Ringdansen and the Linköping districts of Ryd and Skäggetorp. In each district contacts are made with the residents, associations and companies. Rethink is a part of the municipalities’, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s and the Swedish Employment Agency’s cooperation for urban development. Together with Coompanion Östergötland we strive to form a foundation for and promote the development of cooperative enterprises.

3 TÄNK OM As a participant in Rethink, we will assist you in creating a plan of action for your time in the project – a plan which describes your skills and talents, your goals and a strategy for how you will achieve them. Participants…

4 TÄNK OM Together with local and regional businesses from different branches and organisations, we look forward to developing different forms of exchange and cooperation opportunities. Workinglife

5 TÄNK OM To think innovatively with the aim of strengthening and empowering the individual. 3 years - 300 participants 65% (63%) immigrants / 15% (3%) young below 2 Target group – all = age 40 – 55 10-20 years since employees Result - 35% back in workinglife/study situations To work for cooperation beyond organisational boundaries Embracing diversity – a basis for personal development

6 TÄNK OM Cooperation to reach and relate to participants Cooperation to fulfill a task Involving voluntary organisations

7 TÄNK OM Intercultural knowledge Syrian church Somailian Association Save the Children Reach and relate to participants

8 TÄNK OM In learning situations Lectures – thematic work Democracy, diversity, Red Cross, political parties, Study circles Health/language/ICT Mentoring Junior Chamber international Fullfill a task

9 TÄNK OM Involve civil society Open Space Invite organisations and inhabitants to meet and interact Local environment Voluntary work/parents involvement

10 TÄNK OM For intergration in reality we recognize an urge for intercultural competense *meetingpoints - discussions related to values and what is expected/”normal” * social mediators - transforming information to knowledge related to both authorities and civil society to create a more solid foundation for a diverse and tolerant society

11 TÄNK OM Security as a basis for personal development Empowerment through cooperation and personal commitment The business world as a training development partner Knowledge about careers and using your own ability to take the step into the labour market, study or entrepreneurship. District development with property management enterprises and other key contacts such as your neighbours, school, associations, businesses, place of worship and yourself. Rethink

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