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West High’s Library Sabrina Moreland and Wendy Szatkowski.

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2 West High’s Library Sabrina Moreland and Wendy Szatkowski

3 Lots of fiction titles---  New and popular  Graphic novels  Classic literature  And you can request books we don’t already have! We are always looking to expand our collection. What’s in the library?  What else?  Magazines  Newspapers  E-books  Reference books  Career books  Computer lab  Friendly, helpful librarians! Lots of nonfiction titles— Everything from weird and supernatural to history and sports!

4 When Can I Visit?  During TNN (with teacher’s permission)  During lunch period (see library for reusable pass)  When you are finished work in the class (with teacher’s permission)  Before and after school  Mondays through Thursdays from 7:20 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.

5 Are there rules?  You may check out two books for two weeks. You may renew those materials as long as no hold is placed on the book. The librarian may permit you to check out additional books if requested by teacher.  You must sign in / out at the sign-in station, unless with a class.  Be considerate of others. Work quietly and clean up when you leave!  No eating or drinking at the computer lab. Only water elsewhere.  Please ask permission before entering our offices (behind the circulation desk).

6 * You must log in using your username and password. * When printing, choose the Library Xerox Copier. Printing is free, and you can retrieve your own copies! * No food or drink of any kind at the computer lab. * No games!!!

7 What else does the library have? O West High Homepage or google Morristown West High and browse the following: O Library Homepage O Library Search O Research Help O Great Reads O Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) O Student Resources in Context O World Book Online O Literature Resource Center O Purdue OWL—MLA Formatting Help O Student links O Job and Career Preparation

8 The Library Is the Place To Be! Book Club: Every other Friday breakfast is served and there is great conversation about books and other stuff! New books: Find the “latest and greatest” reading material at our book display! Current news: All kinds of popular magazines and newspapers are available. Reading lounge: Hang out with friends in our new sitting area! E-books: Visit us for instructions on how to sign up for digital reading at home or anywhere you go!

9  We look forward to seeing you soon! -- Mrs. Moreland and Mrs. Szatkowski Come Hang Out With Us! We love seeing students in the library! If you’re looking for a place to check out or read great books, work on projects and papers, finish up last night’s homework, or use the computer and print your work, you DEFINITELY want to “come hang out with us!”

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