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Online resources for the modern languages researcher Shoshannah Holdom

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1 Online resources for the modern languages researcher Shoshannah Holdom

2 Beginning research and locating material Increasingly, material is available online But how do you find it? Google? There are alternatives! – Your institution’s library website – Online bibliographical databases – Intute: Arts and Humanities

3 What are electronic and Internet resources? Electronic journals Bibliographies Project/Organisation websites Collections of texts/online libraries Images banks Datasets Multimedia resources Gateways And much more…!

4 Why use Intute? Issues of trust, quality and research skills Human beings not robots Relevance

5 Scoping your field Research in progress: check AHRC projects in Intute. Check Join discussion lists: Lowlands-L Francofil Iberia H-LatAm The Linguist List

6 Locating secondary material Check the Modern Languages Association (MLA) bibliography ZETOC COPAC The European Library

7 Getting to grips with what’s available Try the Intute Virtual Training Suite for Modern Languages Take a copy of ‘Internet Resources for Modern Languages’

8 The guided tour: digital libraries Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes Biblioteca dei Classici Italiani Projeto Vercial Sophie Gallica Oxford Text Archive

9 Electronic journals –Project Muse JSTOR –SciELO –Intute: Arts and Humanities e-journals index DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) –Espéculo –Equinoxes –Glossos

10 Gateways Warwick German Studies Web Gateway to Corpus Linguistics on the Internet The Mexican Film Resource Page Internet Guide for Chinese Studies http://www.sino.uni- Literature and Culture of Francophone Africa and the Diaspora

11 Cultural resources Magazines, author websites, archives… Eurozine AEIOU: das Österreichische Kulturinformationssystem Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANZA)

12 Project and organisation websites Offering working papers, conference proceedings, calls, and more… Axial Writing WISPS Society for Pirandello Studies International Bande Dessinée Society

13 Exhibitions and archives Visual arts and primary documentation accessible online Mexico: from Empire to Revolution rch/digitized_collections/mexico/ The Don Quixote Exhibit Victor Hugo vu par Rodin

14 Literary sites Dante Online Île en île The website of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Ivo Andrić Letralia Barcelona Review / /

15 Language sites Offering a variety of resources, texts and articles L’ABC de la langue française El castellano: la página del idioma español

16 Linguistics resources Phonetics: the Sounds of Spoken Language British National Corpus CELEX Lexical Database COMPARA

17 Practical resources PORT: Postgraduate Online Research Training Prospects HERO The UK GRAD Programme

18 That’s it! Thank you for listening. Any questions?

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