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The first ten years of the operation of the Cyprus Accreditation Body

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1 The first ten years of the operation of the Cyprus Accreditation Body
The first ten years of the operation of the Cyprus Accreditation Body Dr Kyriacos Tsimillis Director , Reliability, Confidence and Competence

2 The road of Quality in Cyprus
1975: Establishment of the Cyprus Organization for Standards and Control of Quality (CYS) – Law 68/75 1980: Promotion of Product Certification 1992: Introduction of Quality Management System Cerification (ISO 9000) 1995: Introduction of Accreditation 2002: Preparation of a new legislative framework – Law Ν.156(Ι) (CYS-CYSAB) – Transfer of certification activities to the Cyprus Certification Company 2005: Transfer of standardization activities to the Cyprus Standardization Organization 2011: CYS-CYSAB becomes an EA MLA signatory 201Χ: Change to an autonomous status Reliability, Confidence and Competence

3 CYS-CYSAB is… the National Accreditation Body
the organization for the Promotion of Quality the competent authority for the inspection and verification of the Good Laboratory Practice the competent authority for the Technical Notification The competent authority for the assessment of bodies applying to become notified (New Approach Directives). As from February 2011, accreditation is a prerequisite for notification. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

4 Today’s event gives the opportunity for a brief review of the main activities of CYS-CYSAB during its first decade, after the implementation of the Accreditation Law (2002). Some illustrative help comes from the photos in the exhibition at the back of this room. The decade starts in 2002 with the then new Law; however, some important activities had already started since 1995. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

5 The first significant step…
was the implementation of a programme co-funded by the European Commission and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus for establishment of the infrastructure for the National Accreditation System, implemented by DANAK (October 2003 – March 2004) the harmoniozation with the New Approach Directives, implemented by EOTC (Οctober 2003-June 2004). Reliability, Confidence and Competence

6 With regard to Accreditation…
a lot of activities were carried out in a rather short period, namely training fοr assessors (for laboratories and inspection/certification bodies) in Cyprus practical training of five assessors attending (as observers) assessments by DANAK in Denmark. Much more time was then required to complete the System, as it was gradually implemented and matured. An endless procedure! Reliability, Confidence and Competence

7 In the second part of the Programme, also managed by CYS-CYSAB,
25 experts from the whole of the European Union, implemented a big number of activities i.e. training and awareness, publications etc. They cooperated with all ministries and all competent authorities for each individual New Approach Directives. Very important for both CYS-CYSAB and through it for the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in general. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

8 An Accreditation Body.. Assesses CABs according to Standards*
Is evaluated by ΕΑ**, ΙLAC and IAF*** according to Standards* Is working according to Standards* CABs under assessment comply with Standards* Assesses CABs according to Standards* * european/international ** European cooperation for Accreditation *** International Accreditation Organizations Reliability, Confidence and Competence

9 Great emphasis was given…
to the training and continuous education of assessors with the support of organizations from abroad (EA, ESYD, DANAK, BIPM, HellasLab, Eurachem, Eurolab and others). The objectives were to cover new subjects/fields to maintain and widen the technical competence to interact on specific technical issues to follow developments with regard to the issue of new standards and revision of others i.e. ΙS , ISO 15189, EN 45011, EN 45004, EN 45012, ISO 17011, ISO 17020, ISO 17021, ISO 17024, ISO Reliability, Confidence and Competence

10 CYS-CYSAB uses external partners
as Technical Assessors. Considering the difficulties of a small market, especially during the first phase of accreditation services being offered, an MoU was signed with ESYD in June Emphasis was also given to the involvement of experienced Cypriots as Tecnhical Assessors. They were working mainly in accredited laboratories in the public sector as well as in Universities. Two more MoUs were signed with The Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus (November 2009) The State General Laboratory (June 2010). Reliability, Confidence and Competence

11 Τhe cooperation with IRMM
started in 2002 and involved training programmes participation of laboratories in PT schemes post-graduate studies for new personnel. Further to this, CYS-CYSAB participated in TrainMiC and AcadeMiC with very favourable results. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

12 Euromed Quality Programme
was implemented within the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation for 5 years ( ). Among the 12 beneficiary countries, Cyprus and Malta had already the experience of the pre-accession period and they could more efficiently interact with colleagues from other countries. More than 150 scientists form both the public and private sectors of Cyprus participated in the training and other activities of the Progarmme. CYS-CYSAB was the national coordinator. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

13 The route towards the european and the international accreditation
CYS-CYSAB becomes Full Member of EA (Νοvember 2004) CYS-CYSAB becomes Αffiliate Member of ILAC and after the first accreditation certificate was granted (June 2006)  Associate Pre-evaluation by EA (Μarch 2009) Initial assessment by EA (Μay 2011) CYS-CYSAB is accepted as an EΑ MLA signatory (Οctober) and signs EA MLA (Testing, Inspection) in Νοvember 2011 CYS-CYSAB become an ΙLAC MRA signatory (Testing and Inspection) in Οctober 2011 Reliability, Confidence and Competence

14 The participation in the international activities…
includes many other aspects, further to agreements, namely active participation in meetings (General Assemblies and committees) active involvement in voting, submission of comments etc.) follow new documents and comply with them Participation in the peer evaluation system of EA. The involvement of CYS-CYSAB in this procedure has been upgraded after ΕΑ ΜLA Reliability, Confidence and Competence

15 Emphasis was given to… the widening of the participation in EA committees the representation of CYS-CYSAB by younger colleagues the consultation with the accreditation bodies of other small countries and the coordination with them to underline specific problems they face in the light of some developments and new requirements. A couple of such examples were met during the discussion of both EA and ILAC documents and the Regulation (EC) no.765/2008. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

16 CYS-CYSAB represents Cyprus
in all european fora within its responsibilities including Standardization issues (at the State level), Technical Notification and New Approach Directives (SOGS). With regard to Accreditation in particular, it participates in the General Assembly and the basic committees of the European cooperation for Accreditation (EA) as well as the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). Reliability, Confidence and Competence

17 The General Assembly of EA
was hosted in Nicosia, in Νοvember 2007. It was an honour for CYS-CYSAB to organise this very important event on the 10th Anniversary of EA. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

18 This year, on the 10th Anniversary…
of CYS-CYSAB, we are proud to host during the next few days in Nicosia the autumn meeting of the EA Multilateral Agreement Council. EA MAC meeting Nicosia, Cyprus 26-27 September 2012 Reliability, Confidence and Competence

19 Αpplications and certificates
Reliability, Confidence and Competence

20 Income from accreditation services
Reliability, Confidence and Competence

21 Accreditation certificates (31 Dec 2011)
Reliability, Confidence and Competence

22 Accreditation certificates (by activity)
Reliability, Confidence and Competence

23 CYS-CYSAB has constantly…
efficient communication with the competent authorities for legislative issues and the use of accreditation for the implementation of the law as well as public procurement. Cooperation is also established for many years with CyprusLab, Eurachem-Cyprus and other scientific associations. CYS-CYSAB promptly responded to invitations and participated in seminars and other awareness events. CYS-CYSAB has organised a big number of training and awareness events on various occasions, including the International Accreditation Day, the Accreditation Week etc. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

24 Reliability, Confidence and Competence
Leaflets in GR, TR and EN Reliability, Confidence and Competence

25 MoUs on accreditation…
have been signed with neighbouring countries. This underlines the perspectives of regional cooperation on quality issues. In each case, CYS-CYSAB is fully committed to the provisions of the cross-border accreditation. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

26 During the whole procedure…
we presented the characteristics of a living institution which documents in practice the ability not only to identify problems but also takes corrective and preventive actions. There have been some complaints for delays decisions for suspension or withdrawal of certificates decisions for extension or reduction of scope of accreditation reassessment CABs after the first 4-year cycle was completed. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

27 How is accreditation transferred?
Soon after CYS-CYSAB became an ΕΑ MLA signatory, CABs which had been earlier accredited by other accreditation bodies, started to transfer their accreditation status to CYS-CYSAB. The framework for this is as follows: CYS-CYSAB recognises the accreditation certificate granted by another EA MLA signatory It undertakes to continue the procedure with surveillance visits or reassessments as appropriate It asks for the documentation for the last two visits by the foreign accreditation body including all findings and relevant corrective actions by the applicant. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

28 Throughout the whole procedure…
there are a number of challenging aspects: new topics new challenges new efforts extended working hours Cooperation and interaction with younger/new colleagues, both in CYS-CYSAB and the accredited/ under accreditation bodies. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

29 Some time ago, a new colleague, referred to CYS-CYSAB as something
quite different from what a public service looks like: “it looks like an academic institution”, he said. As he explained later, this was the main reason he joined CYS-CYSAB. Nowadays, he is a qualified Lead Assessor. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

30 The accession to EA MLA represents a success for CYS-CYSAB. However, this development (referring to testing and inspection) does not automatically ensure that an accreditation body remains an MLA signatory! The re-evaluation of CYS-CYSAB will be carried out in 2013 in correlation with the evaluation of an extension to calibration as well. Ensuring the sustainability in the efficient operation of CYS-CYSAB represents a task for development of high priority. It is a responsibility of the State to ensure adequate resources. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

31 For the steps to follow…
the main pillars are the following: Full compliance with the specified requirements and other commitments [ISO 17011, Regulation (EC) no. 765/2008, documents of EA, ILAC, IAF] Continuous training of the assessors ensuring their continuity Widening of the scopes of the ΕΑ MLA. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

32 An autonomous status: A step ahead?
In order to ensure that CYS-CYSAB has the necessary flexibility and adequate human and economic resources, a new status with sufficient autonomy is currently under consideration as a step ahead. Reliability, Confidence and Competence

33 Having completed the first decade
of its operation, the Cyprus Accreditation Body is committed to carry on with reliability, efficiency and competence, continuity and sustainability towards the second decade! Reliability, Confidence and Competence

34 Thank you for your attention! Reliability, Confidence and Competence

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