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HOW TO GET YOUR PAPER DONE RIGHT Call Penny! 970-690-0572.

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2 HOW TO GET YOUR PAPER DONE RIGHT Call Penny! 970-690-0572

3  Composition Essays  Literature Reviews  Case Studies  Power-Point Presentations  Writing Assignments  Theses (M.A.)  Dissertations (Ph.D.) SERVICES  Intelligence Reports  Group Projects  Analytical Studies  Term Papers  Major & Minor Revisions  Proof-Reading  Editing

4 ORIGINALITY STATEMENT Your paper will always be 100% original work. Nothing is ever plagiarized or cut & pasted from the internet, and all of your material will be drawn from reliable sources—not Wikipedia or unreliable web-based resources. Your instructors and institution will always respect the Works Cited or References used in your research. They will come from peer-reviewed journals, government organizations, or other approved databases that are academically acceptable!

5 CAN I GET THE RIGHT FORMAT?  Yes! I always want to know the requirements for your paper, and you should tell me if you need MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard Law, ASA, or some other custom-formatting. It’s also important to let me know if your paper needs to be single-spaced, or if there should be footnotes or endnotes when Chicago or Turabian styles are being used. These are important details, and since instructors can be fussy, it’s important to get it right!

6 COST  $15.oo per page (non-rush)  $20.oo per page (48-hour rush)  $30.oo per page (asap/24-hour rush)  Post-grading/Teachers’ Comments Revisions: $10.oo per page  PPT: $5.oo per slide

7 WHAT IS A “PAGE” ?  One page is 250-300 words. It’s always in New Times Roman or in Arial, which is what your instructor usually expects. It’s always double-spaced, which is also what your instructor usually expects. Sometimes, the paper requires single-spacing, which means that the page will have 500-600 words. In that case, just consider that a “double” page, because it always takes the same amount of time & energy to write that much material.

8 HOW CAN I GET A DISCOUNT?  It’s easy to get a discount on your project if you wish. Just refer a friend—if you get one friend who also needs their work done, and he or she uses my services and tells me that you sent him or her to me, you will get 10% off your next order.  If you refer more than one friend, and they order 4 pages worth of work, then I will give you 2 pages worth of work free. If they order 6 pages worth of work, I will give you 3 pages free, and so on…

9 HOW DO I MAKE A PAYMENT?  I am a Pay-pal Advantage-Status Merchant—that means that I have been Verified as a business through Pay-pal’s system, and it also means that I have a good reputation with my customer service. I do not have any complaints against me, and when people need to know that they are working with a legitimate writer in this crazy world, they can have the security of knowing that their paper will definitely be delivered on time or they will get a refund. Most importantly, it means that you can rely on my good service and that I am a legitimate business-person who can be trusted to do the work that you have requested.

10 CAN I SEE A WRITING SAMPLE?  YES! I have a number of writing samples available for you to see on my website: You will also find my contact information there and an up-to-date list of prices & services. If you still feel that you would like to see a model of what you are looking for, just ask! (But you should realize that the models I provide are usually work that has already been submitted by another client, and is “used,” so if you try to use it, you’ll likely regret it….)

11 HOW SHOULD I USE MY PAPER?  That is always between you and your institution. Many people use the work they order for models, references, or to help with their own research or to eliminate their own problems with writer’s block. It helps them get a good start or an idea about how to get things on the page! You should always make sure that the way you use the paper you get isn’t the wrong way to use the paper. I always guarantee originality. The rest is up to you.

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