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Civil Disobedience Paper

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1 Civil Disobedience Paper

2 2-paragragh introduction
Paragraph one: Include claim/thesis statement Add a hook/attention getter of some kind Paragraph two: Include a definition of civil disobedience with paraphrased wording.

3 Body Paragraphs 1-3 Real Life researched person who displayed civil Disobedience Antigone’s acts of Civil Disobedience Include a topic sentence which includes what you are going to write about regarding both someone you researched who acted in a civil disobedient way and Antigone’s acts of civil disobedience. Make sure you paraphrase the sentences you include from your researched person. Include Antigone’s examples of civil disobedience. Also analyze how her actions are alike and different from your researched person’s actions. Also in each body paragraph, analyze and decide whose acts of civil disobedience were the most effective and made more of a statement.

4 Example of a thesis (claim) for Civil Disobedience Paper
Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Ghandi made waves in life’s sea of conformity by committing life-changing acts of civil disobedience. Antigone ‘s acts of civil disobedience mirror each of the above people’s sacrifices and yet the overall effectiveness varies in each case.

5 Each of the three body paragraph’s Organization
Topic sentence Nelson Mandela’s Actions showing Civil diobedience Antigone’s acts of civil disobedience that are alike and different from his acts. Whose actions had the most impact

6 Conclusion Remember to include a conclusion End in a way to make the reader feel satisfied and yet leave the reader in deep thought.

7 Reminders Do paper in MLA Format. Include in text citations (Willson 1). Include a work cited page!

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