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Formatting In-Text Citations Sources Works Cited Misc. 10 20 30 40 50 10 20 30 10 30 40 50 10 20 30 40 10 20 30 40.

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1 Formatting In-Text Citations Sources Works Cited Misc

2 Formatting: 10 What should be included in the Header? Bonus point: what is this called?

3 Formatting 10 Answer Last name and page number (i.e. Porter 1) Pagination

4 Formatting: 20 What date should be listed in the heading of your paper? How should it be formatted?

5 Formatting 20 Answer The date the paper is due Day Month Year (20 March 2013)

6 Formatting: 30 What information (in the correct order) must be included in the upper left corner of an MLA- formatted paper?

7 Formatting 30 Answer Full Name, Teacher’s Name, Course, Date

8 Formatting: 40 Identify and correct (verbally) the formatting errors in the following heading:

9 Formatting 40 Answer

10 Formatting: 50 Identify the formatting errors in the following paper in 30 seconds. (points awarded for each error found)

11 In-text Citations: 10 What is included in an in-text citation?

12 In-text Citations 10 Answer Author last name and page number (no comma)

13 In-text Citations : 20 How do you cite a source you’ve previously used in your paper?

14 In-text Citations 20 Answer If it was the most recent source, simply put the page number. If you’ve used a source in between, same as original citation (author last name page number).

15 In-text Citations : 20 What if there is no author listed for your source? How do you do the internal citation?

16 In-text Citations 20 Answer Identify the source using its title

17 In-text Citations : 30 Is the following formatted correctly or incorrectly? Why? According to Johnson and Johnson, their new product, Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath, “does a baby good” (Johnson and Johnson 42).

18 In-text Citations 30 Answer incorrectly: do not restate authors in citation when included in the sentence.

19 In-text Citations : 50

20 In-text Citations 50 Answer

21 Sources: 10 All Play Create the Works Cited entry for the book given to your team

22 Sources : 10 It is completely normal to have a Works Cited full of print articles only?

23 Sources : 10 False. Heaven knows you guys use the interwebs. Most Works Cited lists will include a variety of source types. If all of yours are print, I’m worried that you spent an inordinate amount of time roaming the stacks. And don’t know how to utilize the library’s website.

24 Sources : 30 Create the Works Cited entry for the following magazine article

25 Sources : 40 Create the Works Cited entry for the following website

26 Sources : 50 Using the periodical provided, created a Works Cited entry for “Israel: The International Teacher’s Pet”

27 Works Cited: 10 How do you cite two works by the same author? (hint: what does the second citation look like?)

28 Works Cited 10 Answer In place of repeated author name, substitute with ---.

29 Works Cited : 20 If a website does not have a credited author, what would be the first component of the works Cited Entry?

30 Works Cited 20 Answer Title of the Webpage (not whole site)

31 Works Cited : 20 The order of your Works Cited corresponds with the date you accessed each source. True or False?

32 Works Cited 20 Answer So false. MLA lists sources in alphabetical order.

33 Works Cited : 30 How do you format a Works Cited page correctly?

34 Works Cited 30 Answer The first line of each source should be flush against the left side, while the second line (if any) should be indented one-half inch (hanging indent). The entire page should be double spaced Times New Roman, size 12 Page numbers should continue through Works Cited list “Works Cited” is centered, not underlined

35 Works Cited : 40 Correct any errors in the following Works Cited entry for the poem “I, Too” by Langston Hughes, which appears in the Norton Anthology of American Literature.

36 Miscellaneous: 10 What does MLA stand for?

37 Miscellaneous 10 Answer Modern Language Association

38 Miscellaneous : 20 When does a source not need a citation?

39 Miscellaneous 20 Answer Common sense and ethics should determine your need for documenting sources. You do not need to give sources for familiar proverbs, well- known quotations or common knowledge.

40 Miscellaneous : 20 True or False? Tables, figures, and examples do not need any captions.

41 Miscellaneous 20 Answer Falsey false. Purdue OWL gives explicit directions on creating captions for any tables, figures, or examples.

42 Miscellaneous : 30 Name two other formatting styles used by other disciplines (bonus points for 3)

43 Miscellaneous 30 Answer Chicago, APA, Turabian

44 Miscellaneous : 40 What’s the difference between paraphrasing and summarizing?

45 Miscellaneous 40 Answer – Paraphrasing = The statement of ideas of others in one’s own words and sentence structures, rather than using the words and sentence structures of the source. – Restating the main idea and major supporting points of a text in the reader’s own words and sentence structure. A summary is usually at least 50% shorter than the original text.

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