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Senior Project Outline Turn to page 19 in your handbook, take out your notebook.

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1 Senior Project Outline Turn to page 19 in your handbook, take out your notebook.

2 Revisit Your Thesis Statement p19 Ask yourself the following questions: -Is my Thesis Statement clear and specific to my research topic? -Is it broad enough to include all the information I have gathered through my research? -Does my Thesis Statement provide a framework for the body of my paper? -What do I need to do to revise my Thesis Statement?

3 Follow these steps to make it as easy as possible to create your outline: Review the notes you have taken and organize them into three categories: background, opposing argument, and supporting argument. Then, make each topic (individual background topic or individual argument) into one Roman numeral and write it into a topic sentence. Each Roman numeral will become a body paragraph. Once you have come up with your body paragraph topics, organize your notes into the topics in which the information fits.

4 Outline cont. A 3-4 page single-spaced outline translates to a 5-page double-spaced research paper. Once you have reorganized your information, look over the amount of notes in each category. -Are there any places where more information is needed? Do additional research as necessary. Do not forget to cite the source of any new information! Decide what order is best for the body paragraphs (background first, then opposing and supporting arguments)

5 Outline Guidelines cont Organize the information within each body paragraph into a logical order. KEEP TRACK: where/what information came from what sources by placing parenthetical citations at the end of each fact. (You will be graded on proper MLA format in the citations – use pages 38-40 for citation format reference. ) Using parallel structure and phrases or complete sentences, write your outline: A division or subdivision cannot be divided into one part; therefore, if there is an ―A‖ there must be a ―B;‖ if there is a ―1‖ there must be a ―2.‖

6 Outline Guidelines cont. Turn in a works cited page with your outline. Use MLA format for your outline. (Pages 20 through 22 provide examples for the format, content, and detail required for your outline. Note that these are not complete outlines; they only show how to outline an introduction and a few body paragraphs.) Rubric for the outline is on page 23

7 MLA FORMAT OUTLINE p20 - Introduction I. Introduction A. Attention grabber B. Orienting information on the controversy 1. Detail 2. Detail C. More orienting information 1. Example or explanation a. Detail b. Detail 2. Example or explanation a. Detail b. Detail D. Identify the issue 1. Detail 2. Detail E. Thesis statement – Identify both sides of the argument and indicate your position in a detailed statement.

8 MLA FORMAT OUTLINE p20 – Body Paragraph II. Body Paragraph 1 – Background topic written into a topic sentence A. Supporting Evidence 1a 1. Detail a. More Detail i. Even More Detail ii. Even More Detail b. More Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail *All body paragraphs follow this basic structure B. Supporting Evidence 1b 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail C. Supporting Evidence 1c 1. Detail 2. Detail III. Continue adding body paragraphs as necessary, one from each background topic OR supporting or opposing argument, following the same structure.

9 MLA FORMAT OUTLINE p20 – Body Paragraph IV. Conclusion A. Restate Thesis & summarize main points 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail B. Most compelling research 1. Detail 2. Detail C. Analyze significance/impact of the controversy 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail 4. Detail

10 Sample MLA Formatted Sr. Project- p 21-22 I. Introduction A. Attention Grabber: Barely a day can go by without hearing the report of a famous athlete taking illegal substances. B. Drug use among athletes, however, is not just limited to steroids. 1. Also, athletes are not the only ones using drugs (“Drug Use in the United States”). 2. Drugs are common among school-age teenagers both athletes and non- athletes, and the problem is growing more and more (Legelos). C. The importance of high school sports continues to expand in the US. 1. Within the next ten years, high school sports will out gross college athletics in proceeds (Legelos). 2. High school athletes are regularly covered in national papers (Legelos). D. With the additional exposure of high school athletes come the problems associated with celebrity, provoking an administrative response (“Drugs in Schools”). 1. Like their major league counter-parts, the life of a high school athlete is not longer their own (Legelos). 2. Many younger athletes turn to the same illegal substances as their superstar heroes (Connley 74). 3. To crack down on drug use, some schools have begun instituting policies to randomly test students in sports and other school activities for drug use (“Drugs in Schools”). E. Thesis Statement: Although there are some proponents of random drug testing of students involved in extra-curricular activities, this practice should not be allowed in schools.

11 Senior Project Outline Rubric Scoring Guide: Distinguished (90-100%) Proficient (70-80%) Competent (60%) Below Graduation Standard (0-50%)

12 Senior Project Outline Rubric -100pts I. Introduction/Conclusion Score: __________/10 The introduction includes an attention grabber, provides the necessary orienting information on the controversy and clearly identifies the topic. The conclusion rephrases the thesis, evaluates the most compelling research, and analyzes the significance/impact of the controversy II. Thesis Statement Score: __________ /5 The thesis statement is clear and concise and establishes focus for the paper. II. Body – Content Score: __________ /30 Each subheading begins with a clear topic sentence. Each topic contains detailed information and supporting evidence. The body uses specific details developed through facts, examples, statistics, reasons, and explanations. The thesis is developed, supported, and argued with strong evidence of thorough research and authentic academic sources.

13 Senior Project Outline Rubric III. Body – Focus & Organization Score: __________ /15 Each topic develops one part of the thesis statement. All details under each topic relate directly to the topic sentence. The information is organized logically, either by chronological order or by order of importance. IV. Conventions of Language & Style Score: __________ /10 Words are spelled and capitalized correctly. Subject and verb agreement is correct. Verb tense is consistent; the writer does not shift from the present to the past tense. Pronouns agree with their antecedents in number and case. V. Citation Format and Placement Score: __________ /10 Citations follow MLA format. Citations are correctly placed after information cited and properly punctuated.

14 Senior Project Outline Rubric -100pts VI. Works Cited Page Score: __________ /10 A minimum of six sources of three different kinds are cited in the paper; at least one is firsthand. Sources cited in the paper are listed on the Works Cited page. Works Cited page follows proper MLA format: correct heading double spaced alphabetical order correct punctuation VII. Outline Format Score: __________/5 The outline is typed and aligned in sentence form. The outline follows proper MLA outline format. VIII. Length Score: __________ /5 The outline contains adequate detail to justify a five to eight page research paper. Minimum length should be three pages (single spaced) / six pages (double spaced).

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