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Changing Perceptions of Museum Education Sue Temple University of Cumbria Jules Wooding Tullie House Museum.

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1 Changing Perceptions of Museum Education Sue Temple University of Cumbria Jules Wooding Tullie House Museum

2 In the beginning (2004)… Already link between University & Museum but we have built on this and developed it. Mutual respect – could both see potential gains long term Developed a firm friendship

3 Background Information University of Cumbria – 3 Yr Undergraduate BA Hons degree - @ 100 students per year (25 Early Years) and 125 PGCE students History Specialism offered Good % local students Tullie House Museum – Opened in 1893. Has a busy and vibrant education section that provides a service for a wide audience including schools. In 2007 Sue joined CONNECT group – establish links & develop partnerships

4 ‘Catching Culture’ Days Using museums, libraries & Archives to support teaching and learning Important to get the students ‘over the doorstep’ into a museum – frightening number have not been to a museum recently and the vast majority have never even heard of the archive office! All the Yr 2 students are based at Tullie House for a full optional day – so not taking time away from subjects back in University – includes 6 local museums archives and library service (previous involvement from Tullie House staff, Border Regiment Museum, North Pennines Heritage Trust, Penrith library, Wetheriggs Pottery, Keswick Museum, Keswick Pencil Museum, Schools Library Service, Walby Farm Park and Archive office. Each provides a workshop to showcase what their particular venue offers in terms of support for a teacher and activities for the children. Made contacts through being a member of CONNECT – north Cumbria group of Museums, libraries & archives. Think in terms of opportunities – these are future teachers likely to bring classes and they are just about out on teaching placements so will talk to current teachers about their experiences Remember to keep it hands-on

5 Small local museums, archives & libraries included

6 MAGPIE Project Museums Archives Galleries Partnership In Education School/Museum/Students Aim to Improve literacy – quality of writing, reasons for writing – genuine audience etc. Could be descriptions, writing and following instructions etc Started in Manchester area but extended into Cumbria with funding from MLA in 2009 and 2010 Students have a two week placement so school, museum and 2/3 students work together to develop a half terms work based on at least one visit to the museum

7 History Specialists I lead the History Specialism on the 3 Yr QTS BA Hons in Carlisle – ideal setting for this! Feel strongly I should be leading by example and modelling good practise so I include lots of visits to local (and not so local!) venues. I try to include contact with classes of children where I can too – e.g. First years organise a 2 hour visit for two classes of Yr 5 children to Carlisle Castle. They are responsible for 6 children between 2 students and they have to provide activities to encourage the children to work actively while on site. They also have to complete a risk assessment and booking form etc as a real teacher would. Second year students have the option of being involved with Tudor Christmas activities organised by Tullie House Museum but based in the Guildhall – a Tudor building in the city centre. Like many universities my resources are limited so we pay a subscription to Tullie House to enable us to use their artefacts e.g. We go to the museum for the World War II and Victorians artefacts sessions The subscription also allows my students to use the loan boxes on their placements and enjoy visiting exhibitions like the Henry VIII one which transferred from the British Library in London.

8 Specific Projects e.g. Noor In January 2009 I was approached by a small local school wanting to attempt a cross curricular project – we decided to focus on Noor Inyhat Khan and as part of this theme week the Head asked me to devise a ‘Wow’ activity – “something the children will remember for the rest of their lives “ – quite a tall order! Due to my excellent relationship with Jules I approached about the possibility of hosting a sleep over in the museum for the whole school – 45 children aged 4-11 years eventually enjoyed an evening based on a world war II theme – we included making identity cards and gas mask boxes as well as an artefact handling session and a role play activity based on Noor. This was very successful and was written up as a chapter in a book – “Cross curricular Approaches to Teaching and Learning” Edited by Hilary Cooper & published by Sage.

9 Alternative Placements (In addition to the 10-12 students MAGPIE project mentioned earlier) all our second years have to complete an Alternative Placement – linked to teaching and learning in the broadest sense. Our ‘Catching Culture days’ highlight a wider range of possibilities for them Some students work shadow SEN or music peripatetic teachers, others go to Outdoor Centres but more and more arrange to go to one of the local museums, a local library or the archive office. This is very much a two way learning experience as the students often know more about the National Curriculum and the best way to present activities (e.g. taking into account theories like learning styles) whilst the host know much more about their collections. Both sides benefit from these a great deal.

10 Supporting University Assessment & Planning As our relationship has developed we have broadened the range of activities we do together for example Jules has been involved in the joint assessment of presentations of a Yr 3 module on cross curricular work and I have been involved in the planning of a temporary gallery exhibition called ‘Once Upon a Time’ aimed at young children and their families

11 Early Years Groups Jules has also been involved with other lecturers In 2010, external funding enabled the Museum to become involved in a new ‘Creativity’ module working with all 3 campuses Tullie House provided a 2 day placement opportunity for 25 students – a huge learning curve! This was especially successful in Carlisle – Jules was able to alert the lecturer to potential issues at the end of the first day and they were able to address these together

12 This module has run again this year so in 2011 Tullie House has worked with the Lecturers to plan the module. The Museum was involved at the early stages and has promoted use of the Museum, developing a comfortable relationship with the Lecturers.

13 Start small and build up gradually Make it interactive and fun Ensure clear lines and modes of communication and double check everything! Be realistic Enjoy!

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