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JBI Biennial Marketing Update November 2012 Janet Feeney.

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1 JBI Biennial Marketing Update November 2012 Janet Feeney

2 JBI Marketing Overview November 2012 Ovid’s Approach to Marketing

3 The Power of Integrated Marketing Our multi-channel approach to marketing Multichannel Marketing Email Search Engine Market ing Contests and Promo tions Search Engine Optimiz ation Apps and Mobile PR/ Google News Social Media Direct Mail Re newals Exhibits Inbound

4 Ovid Marketing is Clinically Focused and Globally Available 4

5 Robust global launch rollout plans Coordinated plans across product management, marketing and marketing communications, sales training, customer training and support / customer service Campaigns on EBM and new clinical content on Ovid for lead generation March AprilMay Jan-Feb Present at Sales Meeting June Emails, preview collateral created Talking Points Sales Playbook Support / Customer Service Brief JulyAug Sept Oct Nov Dec New product campaign Institutional and individual emails emphasizing newness and trusted brand.; Translations Ongoing social media Marketing Tactical Build LAUNCH Shows, regional MLAs, other events, press releases, media, etc. Thought Leadership/PR Email 2Email 3 Web Event Co-marketing link on partner website 5

6 LWW Nurse Editors’ Roundtable: The Future of Nursing March 2011 Engaging clinicians through global thought leadership programs The Joanna Briggs Institute: Bringing the Evidence to Health Care 2 webcasts, April and May 2011 3,244 registrations from 67 countries 1,525 registrations from 34 countries 6

7 Engaging clinicians through global thought leadership programs Concussion to Consequence: Managing Sports-Related Concussion On & Off the Field October 2011 Demystifying Research: Simplifying Critical Appraisal March 2012 4,252 registrations from 80 countries 1,577 registrations from countries 7

8 JBI Launch

9 Building awareness pre-launch Multiple promotions of the JBI Online books on LWW and Building brand through Ovid Webcasts featuring JBI and key EBP concepts such as Critical Appraisal

10 JBI Marketing Launch Timeline 2012 Demystifying Research: Simplifying Critical Appraisal webcast March 7 th ; Re-promote EBM on-demand webcasts including 2011 JBI overview webcast Re-promote JBI online books and PaceSetters Finalize GTM plans for English, Chinese and Spanish launches; and ecommerce in English Finalize messaging platform in all markets Develop grid f JBI content by “research intent” and “job title” to create sales ”flash cards” for August Re-promote EBM on- demand webcasts including 2011 JBI overview webcast Incorporate feedback from users into marketing; gain testimonials Nursing Education Association Conference EBP Workshop featuring Anne Woods MarchAprilMayJan-FebJuneJuly AugSeptOctNovDec New product campaign Institutional and individual emails; prospect & house lists; test & optimize messaging Sales/Support Training LAUNCH ANCC, JBI Colloquium, Regional MLAs, others, press releases, media, etc Industry Awareness/PR Microsite, ads, web banner ads, online paid search, social media Analyst Awareness Marketing Tactical Build BETA Ongoing MLA Value of Nursing on Ovid / JBI@Ovid Coming Soon Flash on Value of Nursing Content on Ovid MLA Sunrise Seminar and CHLA Breakfast with Ovid - “A Librarian’s Guide to Implementing Evidence” featuring Anne Woods and local JBI speakers Email series on Nursing content Introduce self-paced CE on EBM featuring Anne Woods and other speakers Build JBI Brand E-Commerce Launch English, Chinese and Spanish language

11 Overview and Transition Materials for Existing and New Customers Welcome JBI Subscribers Factsheets High-level Institutional Factsheet

12 Comprehensive Coverage for New Customers New 4-page fact sheet covering content and all tools Comprehensive JBI Multi-page Brochure

13 Event Signage and Kiosk Now Available Signage Event Kiosk

14 Advertising & Library Marketing Marketing for Customer Libraries – Posters and Web Icon Ad placements targeted for libraries and clinicians

15 New landing page at

16 Updated Ovid Resource Center – Nursing@Ovid tab JBI collateral and materials posted in Nursing@Ovid section Updated Nursing Quick Reference Card covering new EBP toolbar urces/prodinfo_nursing.jsp – Library Toolkit tab New posters and tool icons for library intranets urces/downloads_library.jsp

17 Internal Sales Support Materials Now Available from JBI Resources on OneSource JBI Resources on OneSource Customer-Facing Presentation Deck (24 slides, high level introduction) Evidence-Based Practice: Improving Practice, Improving Outcomes Deck (75 slides, comprehensive) Customer-Facing FAQs Sales Internal-Only FAQs Sales Talking Points Medical Selling Scenarios Coming Later in 4Q: Academic and Corporate Selling Scenarios 1-Page Selling Scenario Briefs (Medical, Academic and Corporate)

18 Events and sales readiness Chief Nurse Anne Woods on the road prelaunch  MLA Sunrise Seminar in Seattle WA 2012 (with Susan Weeks) in May  CHLA breakfast in Ontario, CA (with Margaret Harrison) in June  South Africa’s Nursing Education Association Meeting in September Spreading the word at launch at key industry events – ANCC Magnet – Quad MLA (major East Coast US librarian meeting) and other fall MLAs – Boston-area Medical Librarian customer mtg – Cochrane Colloquium – Frankfurt Book Fair – Beijing Book Fair – Charleston Conference – And more Current series of global calls to train sales and make them aware of all JBI-related materials available to them Sales rep John Schwartz demoing for nurses at ANCC Anne Woods presenting to medical librarians at Quad MLA

19 launch in November Launching 19 Nov-12 Enables direct sales for institutions and group practices who are not actively called on by the Ovid salesforce – Under 250 bed facilities – Specialty care settings

20 Questions? Thank You!

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