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Online sheet music Jenn Riley Metadata Librarian Indiana University.

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1 Online sheet music Jenn Riley Metadata Librarian Indiana University

2 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 20072 Some uses of digitized sheet music  Study Musical content Lyrics Cover art Ads  Performing  Locating physical collections for further investigation

3 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 20073 Selecting sheet music for digitization  Can’t digitize everything  Can’t select at the item level  Libraries consider current usage relationship to other collections notable collectors significant parts of larger collections local user needs

4 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 20074 But how to describe it?  Existing collections generally not described at the item level  Most early online sheet music collections used customized metadata models Many similarities Many differences  IU’s IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana project has attempted to build upon these

5 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 20075 IN Harmony metadata needs  Work for diverse project partners Indiana University Lilly Library Indiana State Library Indiana State Museum Indiana Historical Society  Facilitate interoperability  Effective user access

6 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 20076 IN Harmony user studies  Search logs  Card sort  Task scenario  Email content analysis

7 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 20077 IN Harmony categories  Title elements  Name elements  Publication elements  Subject elements  Identification elements  Note elements  Cover information

8 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 20078 IN Harmony subject elements  Topical subject  Name as subject  Form/genre  Instrumentation  Geographic subject  Language  Local subject

9 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 20079 Sources of online sheet music  Many, many individual sites  Sheet Music Collections, maintained by Lois Schultz Sheet Music Collections  Sheet Music Consortium Sheet Music Consortium

10 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 200710 Sheet Music Consortium overview  Production site launched in 2003  Harvests metadata using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting  Not just for online sheet music  Provides aggregated search, then sends the user back to the hosting institution for access  Long-term goal: to be the place to go for online sheet music, similar to a union catalog

11 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 200711 SMC collections indexed Library of Congress, Music Division47,528 records Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, Duke University 20,157 records Lilly Library, Indiana University17,937 records Maine Music Box11,779 records Lester Levy Collection, Johns Hopkins University11,590 records National Library of Australia6,731 records UCLA Music Library4,593 records

12 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 200712 Next steps for the SMC  Submitted proposal for a 1-year planning grant to start October 2007 Will study user needs and data provider needs Meeting in Bloomington Fall 2007 Meeting at MLA 2008  Long-term plan Continually add more collections Become easier to use Run harvesting on a more regular schedule Add new services

13 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 200713 Possible new SMC services  OAI Static Repository Gateway  Better metadata, including subject access  Harvest content in addition to metadata, starting with thumbnails of covers  Downloadable records (MARC, MODS, DC, etc.) to assist local cataloging  De-duplication of records

14 March 3, 2007MLA/SAM 200714 For more information  IN Harmony  Sheet Music Consortium  These presentation slides 

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