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Research Strategies Vista Murrieta High School Library Mrs. Jacobs Library Media Teacher.

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1 Research Strategies Vista Murrieta High School Library Mrs. Jacobs Library Media Teacher

2 Key Word Searching  Brainstorm words that will describe your topic  Check spelling and typing  Balance Information overload Information deficit

3 Keyword Strategies  Print Use Broader terms:  Environment Table of Contents Index  Global Warming Causes Effects  Online More specific terms  “Going Green”  Pollution Broaden or narrow with use of:  And  Or  Not  Air, Water, Weather  Use quotations for specific phrases

4 Key Word Strategies  Combine phrases into single or word “Draw the line”limit “What should be done?”solutions “way of the future”alternative “Should be taught”controversy “How can it be changed?”solution “Should continue?”ethics

5 Key Word Strategies  Look for alternative words that describe your topic Civil Rightscivil disobedience Atomicnuclear Racial profilingrace discrimination Stem cellcloning AmericaUnited States Illegal immigrationimmigration Violent crimesviolence  What is the question really asking? Nuclear power plantsalternative energy sources

6 Online Encyclopedia  Welcome to Wikipedia,Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.anyone can edit  1,413,387 articles in English 1,413,387  Who is responsible for the articles on Wikipedia? You are! Actually, you can even edit this very FAQ! As there are more than 2.34 million (2,340,000) other Wikipedians, this is a collaborative effort. Thousands of people have contributed information to different parts of this project, and anyone can do so, including you. All you need is to know how to edit a page, and have some encyclopedic knowledge you want to share. The encyclopedia provides users with a certain amount of freedom. Wikipedianscollaborativehow to edit a pageencyclopedic knowledge

7 Evaluating Web Sites  Anyone can publish on the Web  It is “unfiltered”  Internet sources are much more fluid- the information they provide can change in an instant  Content not evaluated before posting  Focus on: Focus on: Authority Coverage Currency  javascript:alert(document.lastModified) javascript:alert(document.lastModified) Accuracy Objectivity  Intended Audience? Intended Audience?

8 Searching The Online Catalog  E-Catalog Catalog of all holdings – books, periodicals, internet sites, audiovisual Search several ways  Author: Author’s full name LAST NAME 1 st  Title: Provides a list of all works the library has with that title  Subject: Produces a list of works about the subject  Keyword: looks for individual words regardless of their location in a name, title, or subject heading.  Boolean: Using “and”, “or”, “not” to refine search

9 Periodical Research  What is a Periodical?  Something that is printed on a regular basis Monthly or weekly magazines Daily newspapers

10 Types of Periodicals  Popular People US Weekly Sports Illustrated Car and Driver  Scholarly English Journal Scientific American U.S. News and World Report

11 Online Database vs. Google Subscription FeeFree Current and up-to-date. Timely research. General. Quick and easy for small tasks Print documents accessed electronically Websites could exist only in cyberspace Editorially selected quality articles that are reviewed and updated regularly and meet K-12 curriculum and state standards. Less than 10% of Google is K-12 curriculum-relevant and is focused mostly on consumer related information Responsible person(s) clearly identified Links to info can be outdated and/or from sources unknown or open to question Author may be difficult to ascertain No ads. The focus is workAds and links are sought for profit

12 DATABASE COMPARISON EBSCOE-BOOKSSIRS Popular and Scholarly Country Reports Maps, Flags, Statistics Reference Books Electronic Books Curriculum Standards Scholarly Only World Almanac That’s Debatable E-Mail, Print, Download Graphics Journal Alerts Graphics Opposing Viewpoints Graphics Pro’s & Cons MLA Citation SuggestedMLA Citation CompletedMLA Citation Suggested

13 Full Text Databases  EBSCO EBSCO Articles from periodicals  Newspapers- 200 United States and International New York Times Wall Street Journal  Magazines – 2000 Time Newsweek  Scholarly Journals – over 3000 journals Oxford University Press Cambridge University Press

14 Access EBSCO  Internet Web Address: http://search.ebscohost.com User ID: vmhs Password: bronco  Find login information: Library Brochure Link on Library Web Page (password concealed, click and drag mouse)

15 SIRS Online Database   Researcher is a highly acclaimed reference resource containing thousands of full-text articles— many accompanied by charts, maps, photos, diagrams, and illustrations—exploring current and enduring topics.

16 E-Books  Quality Reference Books Online – accessible to unlimited number of students at one time Arts and Humanities Through the Eras, Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion, History Behind the Headlines, St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, and Science and Its Times: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery, Encyclopedia of Religion, Encyclopedia of World Biography, American Decades, American Decade Primary Sources, Dictionary of American History, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Major 21st Century Writers, Countries and their Cultures, Gale Encyclopedia of Science and Encyclopedia of Bioethics.

17 E-BOOKS - ACCESS   Location ID: murr50533  Password: bronco  Find login information: Library Brochure Link on Library Web Page (password concealed, click and drag mouse)

18 CITATION: MAGAZINE  Author’s Last Name, First Name __________________________________.  Title of Article “_____________________”  Name of Magazine___________________.  Date of Magazine____________________:  Pages_________. for example: 57-59

19 Online Citation Resources  

20 VMHS Library Web Page  Resources, Links, News, Upcoming Events, MLA

21 Works Cited  Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. New York: Modern Language Association of America, 2003.

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