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MLA and Research Lite The boot camp version SPK 2011.

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1 MLA and Research Lite The boot camp version SPK 2011

2 What is MLA “ MLA format is a method for writing academic papers otherwise known as Modern Language Association format. It provides a consistent form for writing papers and citing references.”

3 Why do we have to learn it??? HOW??? You will have to use it in a variety of academic areas You will not only use it in college but also in business and high school We will take it one step at a time. We will begin by doing what is called research lite. It is universal! YOU WILL USE IT OUTSIDE OF THIS CLASS!!! THIS IS NOT MS. KUCZEK BEING MEAN!!!!

4 So what are the basics? We will learn how to Cite Books/Encyclopedia Magazines/Newspapers WebPages Online Journals Databases

5 Books/Encyclopedia Book –A–Author. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year. Essay, Poem or Short Story in an Anthology –A–Author of Story. "Title of Story." Title of Book. Name of Editor. Edition (if given). City of Publication: Publisher, Year. Page numbers. Encyclopedia –A–Author of Article (if given). "Article Title." Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year.

6 Brinkley, Alan. The Unfinished Nation. New York: Knopf, 1993. Purcell, Arthur H. "Better Waste Management Strategies Are Needed to Avert a Garbage Crisis." Garbage and Recycling: Opposing Viewpoints. Ed. Helen Cothran. San Diego: Greenhaven, 2003. 20-27. Lesko, Leonard H. "Pyramids." The World Book Encyclopedia. 2001.

7 Magazines/Newspaper s Magazine –A–Author. "Title of Article." Title of Magazine Date: Page(s). Newspaper –A–Author. "Title of Article." Name of Newspaper Date, edition: Page(s). Database –A–Author. "Title of Article." Title of Magazine Date: Page(s). Name of Database. EBSCOhost. Georgetown High School. Lib., TX. Date of Access .

8 Dominus, Susan. "Why Pretty Isn’t Pretty Enough Anymore." Glamour Jan. 2004: 136+. Daranciang, Nelson. "Sex Offender Web Site Debated." Honolulu Star-Bulletin 8 Apr. 2004, night final ed.: A3. Farley, Christopher John, and James Willwerth. "Dead Teen Walking." Time 19 Jan. 1998: 50+. InfoTrac OneFile Plus. Gale Group Databases. Georgetown High School. Lib., TX. 8 May 2011 . Examples

9 WebPages Regular web pages –T–Title of the Site. Editor. Date and/or Version Number. Name of Sponsoring Institution. Date of Access . Online Publications –A–Author. "Title of Article." Title of Publication Date: Page(s) or Section(s), if numbered. Date of Access .

10 Examples Sherman, Chris. "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About URL." SearchEngineWatch. Ed. Danny Sullivan. 24 Aug. 2004. 4 Sept. 2004 . Gundy, Jess. "The Complexities of Use of Force." Law and Order Dec 2003. 13 May 2004 .

11 MLA WORKSHEET TIME Work on you MLA Worksheet in a group of 3-4 Help each other Ask for help when needed

12 Having Problems? Refer to the handout Go to Go to Ms. Kuczek’s website for other sources COME TO TUTORIALS!!!

13 The Assignment Find a picture that creates fear. You want to write 3 to 5 good sentences that express completely how the image represents the concept of fear Please have some descriptive words. Your task is to convince the reader that this image, in deed, relates to the notion of “fear.”

14 Example Brazziell’s shocking photo of Chance Gagnow standing on the site of his now destroyed home is heart wrenching. The thought of all someone’s possessions being destroyed in a few minutes strikes fear in the heart of many Central Texans. We have seen the graphic carnage on the nightly news and are quickly saddened and scared at the thought of losing our family pictures and mementos. In this drought we are all one person’s careless mistake away from losing it all. Brazziell, Ricardo B. "Wildfires burn across Central Texas." Austin American Statesman 06 Sep 2011. E-edition A-1. Web. 6 Sep. 2011. .

15 Questions??? SPK 2011 No??? GOOD then get started!

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