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Works Cited MLA Format Joanne Edmonds & Diana Fannin.

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2 Works Cited MLA Format Joanne Edmonds & Diana Fannin

3 MLA Modern Language Association Founded in 1883 Primarily used in language and literature Format: works cited has replaced the term “bibliography.” (This is the list of sources you’ve used in your paper.)

4 Rules of a Works Cited page Title the page "Works Cited." Arrange the entries in alphabetical order by the first word of the entry. (They are not numbered.) When there is no identified author, begin with the title. Use the attached format in listing each reference. (Be certain that every comma, period and space is correct.) The entire page should be double-spaced. Indent all lines AFTER the first line of each entry with a standard TAB. (This is called hanging indentation.)

5 Rules cont… Each entry ends with a period. Break a URL that goes to another line after a slash. Do not insert (or allow your word-processing program to insert) a hyphen at the break. If there is more than one city of publication, cite the first one listed. (the publisher’s name may be shortened.) Omit the words “A,” “An,” and “The” when they are the first word in titles of books and corporate authors when alphabetizing. When no other information on the work you have used has been cited, use these abbreviations: n.p – no place of publication given/no publisher given n.d – no date of publication given n.pag. – no page #’s given

6 Books: One Author Last Name, First Name, Title of Book, City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. * When adding additional work by the same writer: ---.Title of Book 2. City of Publication: Publisher. Date of Publication. Example: Edmonds, Joanne, My First Suspense, Newport News: XYZ, Inc., 2005. ---. Suspense Sequel. Newport News: XYZ, Inc., 2006.

7 Boo ks: T wo or Three Authors (same book) Last Name, First Name (1 st author), First & Last Name (2 nd author), and First & Last Name (3 rd author). Title. City of Publication: Publisher, Year. Example: Edmonds, Joanne M., and John Smith. Strength Training. Newport News: XYZ, Inc., 2001.

8 Essays, Short Stories, Poems, etc. Last Name, First Name. “Title of Work.” Title of Book. Editor First & LastName. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Page #’s. Example: Edmonds, Joanne. “The Sky is Blue.” Collection of Essays. Jane Doe. New York City: Book Worm Press, 2000. 68-72.

9 Encyclopedias Author of article’s Last name, First Name. Title of article in quotes. Title of Encyclopedia. Year of Edition. Example: Austen, Emma. “Romantic Poetry.” Encyclopedia of Literature. 2005 ed.

10 Newspaper Article Last Name, First Name (if known). “Title of Article.” Title of Newspaper City (if not already part of the title). Day Month Year, Edition (known): Section Page. Example: Edmonds, Joanne. “Preventing Obesity in Children.” Los Angeles Times 19 June 2003, late ed.: A10.

11 Newspaper Editorial Last Name, First Name. “Title of Editorial.” Editorial. Title of Newspaper [City] Day Month Year, edition (if known); Section Page. Example: Edmonds. “Women in History.” Editorial. Sun [Baltimore] 10 Jan. 2002; A3.

12 Journals & Magazines Article author’s Last name, First name. Article title in quotes. Title of journal/magazine Day Month Year: pages. Example: Brown, Charlie. “Home-made Valentine Cards.” Time 21 May 2005: 7-9. Doe, Jane. “Databases Rock.” Applied Psychology 36 (1999): 363-375.

13 Signed Pamphlet Author of pamphlet’s Last name, First name. Title of pamphlet. City where book was published: Publisher, Copyright date. Grayson, George W. The North American Free Trade Agreement. New York: Foreign Policy Association, 1993.

14 Personal Interview Last Name, First Name of Interviewee. Kind of Interview. Day Month Year. Example: Keidis, Anthony. Personal Interview. 14 Feb. 2004.

15 Videocassette, DVD, Filmstrip, Slide Program Title. Director, Producer, and/or Writer. Medium. Distributor, Year. Example: Monet: Legacy of Light. Writ., Dir., and Prod. Michael Gill. Videocassette. Home Vision. 1989.

16 Television & Radio Programs [ Title of episode in quotes. Title of program or series. Credit (performer, writer, etc.). Name of network. Call letters, City of Local Station. Day Month Year of Broadcast Date. ] Examples: The First Americans. NBC News Special. NBC, Syracuse. 21 Feb. 2000. “Episode 1.” Civil War Journal. Narr. Danny DeVito. Dir. Steven Spielberg. A&E Network. 6 Apr. 1999.

17 Internet / Web Last Name, First Name of Site Creator (if given). Site Title. (or description, such as homepage, if there is none). Day Month Year of latest update (if given). Name of Institution or Organization Associated with Site (if given). Day Month Year of access . Example: "Grooming." Wonderful World of Poodles. 25 Apr 1998 .

18 Online Journal Publications Pirisi, Angela. “7 Poses to Relieve Cold & Flu Symptoms.” Yoga Journal, LLC..

19 Email Writer’s name. Subject line from the posting in quotes. Description of the message that includes the recipient. Day Month Year of message. Examples: Kamaka, Kimo. “New audio program.” E-mail to Keoni Silva. 5 Jan. 2006.

20 When writing papers where you’ve cited work that has previously published, you must list that work and other important information. Some of your work cited may have come from books, magazines, online sources, newspapers, and other published works. This way your reader is able to look up the information you found, and so you can give credit to the proper people. If you are unsure of how to cite your work correctly, see Joanne or Diana in the 8 a.m. session of ENG 111.

21 Our Works Cited "MLA Works Cited - Example Sheet." Citation and Other Guides. Fall 2003. Liverpool (New York) High School Library. 14 Jun 2006.

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