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MLA Format (and other info you need to know for formal writing) *All clip art is courtesy of Microsoft Power Point.

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1 MLA Format (and other info you need to know for formal writing) *All clip art is courtesy of Microsoft Power Point

2 Writing Numbers: When to Write it Out Always write out numbers one to nine, including zero Always write out the number if it is starting a sentence. – For example, “Twenty-four years after her death, Jehanne d’Arc was declared innocent”.

3 Writing Numbers: When to use Figures talking about money. – For example, “The meal cost $7.50”. using dates. – For example, “Scooby was elected to office on July 14, 2009”.

4 Let’s Practice! 1.Mary Kate went to the mall _____ times this week and spent _______ on jeans. 2. _________ years ago, texting didn’t even exist! 3. I’ve been on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster _____ times. three $178.23 Twelve 36

5 Dos and Don’ts of Formal Writing: Do correctly use apostrophes in possessives and plural possessives -For example: Caesar’s military Do capitalize historical events and documents -For example: the Civil War and the Magna Carta Do use sophisticated vocabulary and complex sentences -For example: It is incredulous that the Romans, who consider themselves the most advanced and refined civilization, would partake in such bloody and mindless entertainment.

6 Dos and Don’ts of Formal Writing: Do not use abbreviations or contractions -For example: u can’t write in this manner b/c it’s not appropriate in formal writing pieces. Do not narrate -For example: I will now tell you the reasons why the Roman Empire collapsed. Do not use “I” or “me” unless you are writing from another person’s perspective (like a RAFT). -For example: Imagine you are a wealthy Roman girl writing a letter to your father; explain why you should be able to continue your formal education

7 A paragraph is _?_ well-written sentences 5 - 8

8 Quotations Short quotes- go inside quotation marks – For example: “Boston has the highest IQ in the nation” (Bradshaw

9 Quotations Long quotes- more than four lines or 40+ words William Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar : Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come (Shakespeare 117). indent all lines skip a line no quotation marks

10 Citing Sources Every source you use must be in your bibliography Use in-text citations for: – quotes – dates – numbers/statistics

11 Citing Sources: In-text Citations “Math is the best subject in the world” (McVey Last year, 200 people started following the La La religion (Smyth 52). Seventy-five percent of the population say social studies is their favorite class (Rogers Snoopy was born on December 3, 2004 (McGann 25).

12 Bibliography Alphabetical order according to author’s last name (if no author is given, use the title for alphabetizing) use hanging indents if no author is given, write “Anonymous”

13 Bibliography Dagg, Anne. “Giraffes.” World Book Encyclopedia. 2008. Smith, John. “Polar Bears.” Sea World Education Department. 2002. Verne, J. Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. New York: Imaginary Publishing, 1880. Anonymous. “Water Animals.” Sea Creatures Encyclopedia. 2011. Hanging indent no author given ABC order

14 Let’s Practice! What’s Wrong Here?!? worksheet

15 (Encyclopedia) Author: none Article title: Hamsters in the News Encyclopedia Britannica July 25, 2014 (Book) Title: How to Care for Your Hamster Author: none City of publication: New York Publisher: Bronx Zoo Publishing Copyright: 2010 (Website) Title: Alvin, King of All Hamsters Date: 2004-2011 Date accessed: March 20, 2011 Author: Peter Brady (Book) Title: The Book of Hamsters City of publication: Chicago Publisher: World Books Copyright 2009 Author: Judy Jetson

16 Bibliography Brady, Peter. “Alvin, King of All Hamsters.” Hamsters. 2011. March 20, 2011. Anonymous. “Hamsters in the News.” Encyclopedia Britannica. July 25, 2014. Anonymous. How to Care for Your Hamster. New York: Bronx Zoo Publishing, 2010. Jetson, Judy. The Book of Hamsters. Chicago: World Books, 2009.

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