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Session leaders: Kathy Clark and Bernie Morrissey The Harker School Debbie Abilock, NoodleTools.

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2 Session leaders: Kathy Clark and Bernie Morrissey The Harker School Debbie Abilock, NoodleTools

3 Origins of Noodletools Debbie Abilock ( Noodlebib Use at Harker Kathy Clark, Grades 4-5 ( Bernie Morrissey, Grades 6-8 (

4 Choose the Best Search Define topic Find quality results Research a specific discipline Find timely information Distinguish facts from opinions Sort by media And more!

5 Teacher Resources 21 st Century Literacies Curriculum Collaboration Toolkit The Ethical Researcher

6 Noodlebib Free version: MLA Starter Paid version: MLA Starter, MLA Advanced, APA, Chicago Paid version: Notecards and Sharing

7 Harker’s Use of Noodlebib Grades 4-8 use MLA Starter Grades 4-5 use Notecards Grades 6-8 use Notecards and Sharing Grades 9-12 use MLA Advanced, APA, Chicago, Notecards, and Sharing

8 Books Reference books Newspapers Magazines Journals Web sites Databases Emails Films TV & radio programs Interviews Many types of sources can be used, including:








16 What our teachers say about NoodleBib:

17 The majority of the students were off and running after the instruction on Noodlebib. They felt it was easier for them than taking paper notes. It made the process of note-taking go much quicker per my observation. Then, there was the infamous citation page which did the work for them. That was great! Only the students who have trouble with any type of instruction that is more than 2-3 steps had difficulty with Noodlebib. 4 th Grade English Teacher

18 Noodlebib is great! It really helps the students get organized. It asks all the right questions and places the information in the correct format. Great Tool!! 4 th & 5 th Grade History Teacher

19 Noodlebib notecards and shared lists are two of the most amazing research organizational tools that I have encountered. My students learned these tools very quickly and they were invaluable in helping them stay organized by keeping all their research information in one place….this allowed my students to spend more time finding good information, and trying to understand it, than spending time trying to keep their research notes organized in a notebook or a separate word document. Try it!! 6th Grade Science Teacher

20 My students liked the Noodlebib notecards because they said it helped them organize their research. As their teacher, I liked them because it allowed me to easily monitor their progress and steer them in the right direction if need be in midstream rather than at the end when it was too late to really make a difference for them. Also it emphasized for them the difference between quoting and paraphrasing. Finally I especially enjoyed reading the "my ideas" sections to following their thinking as they were researching. Overall an outstanding tool for teachers and students that is very easy to use. thanks to Bernie for teaching it to me in one easy lesson! 8 th grade science teacher

21 Noodlebib notecards were invaluable in my expository writing class. My being able to access their notes so easily helped me to stay abreast of their source investigations in the research and argumentation project, and give timely advice. It allowed me to see who had really explored the source articles, as reflected in their ideas and paraphrase, and who had just briefly glanced through. Also, it helped the students organize their ideas, and keep track of what had come from sources, and what had occurred to them independently while thinking about the topic. Without this tool, in prior semesters there was a snowballing effect: weak investigation lead to undernourished arguments and low quality essays. 8th grade Expository Writing Teacher

22 The more my students use Noodlebib notecards, and the more they learn to quote, paraphrase, and react to the information, the better they are becoming at understanding what it means to paraphrase someone’s words, as well as to express the importance to them of the quote they have singled out. Because we’re working harder to teach paraphrasing skills, this is a real-world opportunity to practice them. 8th Grade English Teacher

23 Hands-on Time Use your laptop or share with a friend Create a User ID Try free MLA starter version to create a bibliography Use the sources we’ve brought, websites you find, and databases you access remotely through your school or public library Let us know if we can answer any questions!

24 Thank you!!

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