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How to Write a Bibliography

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1 How to Write a Bibliography
By Jennifer Darnell And Mary Marchant

2 What is a Bibliography? A bibliography is a list of sources you use in writing a report Bibliography is a Latin word meaning a list of books Biblio=Books Graphy=List Bibliography=list of books

3 When Do We Have to Write a Bibliography?
Science Fair Projects Research Reports Anytime you use someone else’s idea in a project

4 Why Do We Have to Write A Bibliography?
Ideas come from many sources You must give credit to your sources for their ideas You are guilty of plagerism if you claim someone else’s ideas as your own

5 Book Citations You need: Author. Title of Book (underlined or in italics). City of publication: Publisher, date of publication. Example: Cole, Joanna. Magic School Bus Plants Seeds. New York: Scholastic, 1995.

6 Magazine Citations You need: Author (if you can find it). “Title of Article,” Magazine Title (underlined or in italics). date: page(s). Example: McKelway, Margaret. “The Case of the King Who Was Crazy for Castles,” National Geographic World. Aug : 2-6.

7 Print Encyclopedia Citations
You need: Author of article (found in small print at the end of the article). “Title of Article,” Title of Encyclopedia (underlined or in italics). Date or edition. Volume No., page(s). Example: Pickard, Don. “Balloons,” World Book Encyclopedia Vol. 2, pp

8 CD-ROM Citations You need: Author (if available). “Title of Article,” Title of CD-ROM (underlined or in italics), (Edition or version). [CD- ROM]. City of Publication: Publisher, date of publication. Example: “Castle,” Microsoft Encarta 97 Encyclopedia. [CD-ROM. ] Redmond, WA : Microsoft, 1996.

9 World Wide Web Citations
You need: Author. (if known) WWW page title (underlined or in italics).[Online] Available <full http address>, (enclosed in brackets) date of visit in parentheses. Example: Lee, Brian. About the Middle Ages . [Online] Available <>, June 29, 1998.

10 Citations You need: Author. <Author’s address> “Subject line in posting.” Date of publication Personal . (Date of access). Example: Post, Itnote. “How to send .” January Personal . (September 1, 1998).

11 Need More Help? Ask Your Friendly Librarian!

12 A Sample Bibliography Aroldi, Susan. Fifth and Sixth Grade Bibliography. [Online] Available <>, July 31, 1998. Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 4th Ed. New York : MLA, Marchant, Billy. Alien Cartoons. Marchant Productions, 1998.

13 The End

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