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MLA Style in Reports Formatting Works Cited  Les Hanson 2004.

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1 MLA Style in Reports Formatting Works Cited  Les Hanson 2004

2 Direct Quotations Use parenthetical references to show information obtained from other sources Put the author’s name and the page number after the reference –After receiving an editorial comment about ending a sentence with a preposition, Winston Churchill was reported to have said, “This is the sort of pedantry up with which I will not put” (Halle 166). Author & page #

3 Paraphrasing Information Paraphrasing information is usually preferable to quoting –Much of the deterioration of the Titanic is caused by visitors (Ballard 108). –Ballard argues that much of the deterioration of the Titanic is caused by visitors (108). Author and page number List only the page number if the author’s name has been given

4 Information from the Internet Information from the Internet must be cited If the author is unknown, use a shortened version of the title in the parenthetical reference. –Red River College has more than 100 full-time programs (Admissions at RRC).

5 Common Knowledge Information that could be found in a number of sources does not require a reference –The Titanic struck an iceberg and sank in No reference needed

6 Works Cited Page Include full bibliographic information at the end of your paper Call this page “Works Cited” Entries should be arranged alphabetically by authors’ last names Format the entries with a hanging indent (outdent)

7 Sample Entry for a Book Halle, Kay. The Irrepressible Churchill: Stories, Sayings and Impressions of Sir Winston Churchill. London: Robson Books, Author Title and subtitle Publishing Company City where published Publication Date Use periods to separate the segments

8 Sample Journal Article Entry Ballard, Robert D. “Why is Titanic Vanishing?” National Geographic (2004): Author Journal Title Article Title Volume # and Issue # Pages Date

9 Sample Web Page Entry Province of Manitoba. Odour-control Tax Credit In Place. 15 Dec Dec ur.html Author (gov’t branch) Publication Publication Date Access Date URL Admissions at RRC. Red River College, Winnipeg. 15 May ?Link=Programs.asp?DeliveryCode=F Title of websiteSponsoring agency

10 CD-ROM Citations Periodical CD-ROM databases –Gilliland, Steve. “Keeping Track of your Time.” Computer Shopper. Jan. 1994:486 Magazine Article Summary. Computer Select CD-ROM. Aug. 1994, item

11 Electronic Databases (Ebsco) Last Name, First Name. “Title of the Article.” Journal Title. Volume.Issue # (Publication Date): pages. Academic Search Premier. EBSCOhost. Library Name, City, Province. Date accessed. McMinn, John. “Mainstreaming Green.”Canadian Architect (Jan 2003): Academic Search Premier. EBSCOhost. Red River College Library, Winnipeg, MB. 1 Nov

12 Sources for this Presentation Dr. Abel Scribe, PhD. The MLA Web Sheet: A Brief Guide to Referencing Internet Sources. Oct Dec While this appears to be the author’s name, it is actually a fictional name that is the name of of the website Publication Date Access Date URL

13 Look It Up! This covers only a small sample of bibliographic entries Complete information is available in style guides or your textbook’s appendix – (Meyer ) –(Thill, Bovee, and Cross )

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