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Health Promoting Homes Programme “Healthier, Happier, Longer Lives for All.” Séamus Mullen – Investing for Health.

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1 Health Promoting Homes Programme “Healthier, Happier, Longer Lives for All.” Séamus Mullen – Investing for Health

2 Outline Background to IFH Context for Programme’s development Programme Components Evaluation of the Programme Way forward?

3 Background to IFH:  IFH developed by NI Assembly (September 2002)  Shift in public health policy – treatment to prevention  Link between premature death and disease to social and economic inequalities  Partnership a critical factor to success

4 IFH Aims: Overarching aims of IFH at NI level are: 1.To improve the health status of all our people 2.To reduce inequalities in health

5 IFH Objectives:  Poverty  Skills and Attitudes  Emotional Well-being  Healthy Environment  Neighbourhoods  Reduce Accidents  Healthier Choices.

6 “Socio-economic inequalities in health reflect differential exposure from before birth and across the life span, to risk associated with socio-economic position” (Acheson, 1998)

7 Partnership Members:

8 “Healthier, Happier, Longer Lives for All” “To inspire and lead people to work together for positive living” Our Vision is : Our mission is:

9 Strategic Roles of IFH:  Influencer  Agenda setter  Lead  Funder

10 Themes:


12 Outline: Programme Origin Programme Development Multi-agency delivery approach on priority target Evaluation

13 Origin: Money identified in HWIP PFA target – obesity PFA Target 1.13: “Boards, Trusts and Investing for Health partnerships to produce, by 31 March 2006, an integrated plan detailing their contribution to halting the rise in levels of obesity in children by 2010” IFH approached to develop a programme –Multi-agency –Preventative

14 Programme Concept: First integrated programme focusing on prevention of weight gain and obesity –Personal development –Nutrition –Physical Activity –Oral Health –Breastfeeding Home setting – cascade effect

15 Programme Development: Surestart, IFH and Westcare Health Promotion Surestart provided basis for the programme IFH coordination and agenda setting Health Promotion - evidence base

16 Partners in the Project Investing for Health Health Action Zone Strabane Surestart Westcare Health Promotion Department Sperrin Lakeland Trust Foyle Health and Social Services Trust Strabane District Council Parents Advice Centre


18 Programme Delivery: Targeted 25 families to achieve 20 – Surestart database 6 month delivery Incentive based Based within own community User-led times/venues

19 Programme Evaluation: Effective: Model of practice Variety of levels Value for money

20 Model of practice Inter agency working Inter sectoral working Continued impact Learning

21 Variety of levels Service provider level Community level Individual level

22 Value for money Sustained commitment Met majority of projected outputs Effective use of incentives and subsidies Inter agency and inter sectoral working Low overhead costs at no cost to quality delivery …. 75% spent on project delivery Quality of life outcomes for participants

23 Next steps: Evaluation successful – some learning points Roll out in Strabane and Fermanagh 2005/06 Mainstream/recurrent funding to deliver in most deprived areas of the WHSSB area (Reform and Modernisation/IFH cocktail) Place on agenda of other organisations which may have a role

24 Present Programmes: Dry Arch Centre (Dungiven) Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum Omagh Surestart Strabane Surestart Homestart Lakeland

25 Contact IFH: Web: Tel: 028 7186 0086 Fax: 028 8956 1006

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