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Claremont Graduate University MLA Manuscript Format From A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker

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1 Claremont Graduate University MLA Manuscript Format From A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker

2 Claremont Graduate University Overview Page Set-up Titles Spacing and Indentation Quotations Pagination Punctuation Other Common Problems

3 Claremont Graduate University Purpose These are the most common errors students make when formatting their papers Learning to follow one style guide makes it easier to adhere to others in various disciplines

4 Claremont Graduate University Materials Use only white paper Use only black ink Use a paper clip to fasten pages (unless the instructor specifies a staple) Do not use a binder or folder unless specified by instructor

5 Claremont Graduate University Headings No title page necessary Set 1” to 1 ½” margins at top and on sides Use “File” pull-down menu and select “Page Setup”

6 Claremont Graduate University First Page At left margin, list on separate lines: Your name Instructor’s name Course name and number Date Double Space the entire paper!

7 Claremont Graduate University Titles Compose a title that is descriptive of the main idea in your paper Capitalize first word, last word, and all other words besides articles, prepositions, and coordinating conjunctions (see S3-c) Don’t underline, “quote”, italicize or bold your own title

8 Claremont Graduate University Double Spacing Click “Format” then “Paragraph” to find dialog box

9 Claremont Graduate University Spacing Dialog Box will appear Select Double Space (Set indentation and tabs here also)

10 Claremont Graduate University Indentation Indent each paragraph with one tab (five spaces) Do not add an extra “ return ” between paragraphs

11 Claremont Graduate University Long Quotations ( more than four typed prose lines or three lines of poetry) Indent two tabs (ten spaces) Do not use quotation marks Double space just like the rest of the paper Place citation outside of punctuation (see P6-b)

12 Claremont Graduate University Pagination Use the “header” function to place your last name and page number on each page Click “view” and “header and footer ”

13 Claremont Graduate University Pagination Type in your last name, space, then click on the # symbol Do not use p., pg., #, or any other symbol with your page numbers

14 Claremont Graduate University Pagination Link to Microsoft Word

15 Claremont Graduate University Punctuation: ellipses Leave a space between periods for an ellipsis mark The typing should look like this... and not this…so your reader can see the ellipsis clearly

16 Claremont Graduate University Punctuation: Dashes To type a dash, type two hyphens without a space before or after: Typing like this:... any work of literature--most specifically a novel--can be adapted into film... Should turn out like this:... any work of literature—most specifically a novel— can be adapted into film...

17 Claremont Graduate University Caution: Using only one hyphen connects, rather than separates the words:... any work of literature-most specifically a novel-can be adapted into film...

18 Claremont Graduate University Typing an Internet Address Remove the hyperlink if it is set automatically. Right-click the hyperlink you want to remove, and then click “Remove Hyperlink.”hyperlink Add a space where you want to begin a new line, and the margins will remain consistent.

19 Claremont Graduate University Subject Headings Check with your instructor before using internal headings in your paper Make sure the text of your paper includes smooth transitions in addition to the headings

20 Claremont Graduate University Visuals: (graphs, charts, maps, pictures) Label each visual (Table 1, Figure 4) If you cannot drop the visual into the text, create an appendix and refer to it in the text Visuals should always be referred to in the text and should not be expected to stand alone.

21 Claremont Graduate University Sample Paper You can view a sample MLA formatted paper at the Diana Hacker website: umanities/pdf/dalypaper.pdf umanities/pdf/dalypaper.pdf

22 Claremont Graduate University Acknowledgements  MLA Format Rules: Hacker, Diana. A Writer’s Reference. New York: Bedford/St.Martins, 2003. writersref/ writersref/  For header function image: its/training/handouts/word/ its/training/handouts/word/  Good hypertextual site for many writing issues—especially good for citing sources: StartHere.html StartHere.html  Good Microsoft Word Tutorial and place where I copied images for tool bars:  Other images from a good interactive Word tutorial site:  Page Setup Image & header and footer image:  Powerpoint Templates: educators1.htm educators1.htm

23 Claremont Graduate University Acknowledgements  First Page Image: ~jlsterk/format.html ~jlsterk/format.html  Formatting Paragraphs Image (single space): http://www.qcc.  Formatting Paragraphs Image (double space): http://ponce.  Header/footer images, paragraph pulldown: http://www.word-  Indenting image: thesis/word2000/about-template.html thesis/word2000/about-template.html  Sample paper layout: jwalker/tutorials/mlaword.html jwalker/tutorials/mlaword.html

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