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2 THRUSTMASTER OF TEXAS, INC. TARGET & CLAY PLAY DAY All Information Provided Here-In Is A Courtesy. The final responsibility lies with you and only you. Rob Watson Was Given Oversight Of This Event Because He Was In The Right Place At The Wrong Time…, And, Because He Likes Shooting (And Fishing – But That Is Another Day… or, IS IT?) Heck Yea! Fishing and Target Practice At The Same Time!

3 THRUSTMASTER OF TEXAS, INC. TARGET & CLAY PLAY DAY Shooting is a sport, a hobby, a recreational event, even a science to many novice and pro-consumer loading enthusiasts.It is respected and enjoyed all over the world by people of all ages and genders. Shooting is a sport, a hobby, a recreational event, even a science to many novice and pro-consumer loading enthusiasts. It is respected and enjoyed all over the world by people of all ages and genders.

4 Guns have been an Americanized for many years. (Note the “cowboy” holding the Thompson Machine Gun. The Thompson didn’t roll out until March of 1921 and the bad guys in the ad were supposed to be Mexican banditos. In 1927 anyone in America could buy one for $225.00 through mail order or your local hardware store.)

5 THRUSTMASTER OF TEXAS, INC. TARGET & CLAY PLAY DAY Target & Clay Play Day results from a decision made to allow company employees the opportunity to enjoy a day of fun with fellow employees. It is an extension of an annual event since some employees did not necessarily enjoy the chosen event such as offshore fishing. Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. does not owe this day to anyone. It is in exchange for hard work and dedication to the company. ____ Family and friends are an important part of the well being of the employee. For that reason Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. has other events such as the picnic for the family and a Christmas Party to include just the spouse. This particular event is solely for the employees to have a day out with other employees. ____ With that said, Target & Clay Play Day will take place at a facility that is open to the general public as well. Everyone is allowed to come and go as they please. While we prefer that this be a day of employee to employee interaction, I am not going to prohibit any employee from including their spouse while involved with this event. However; we do ask that the employee, as a product of bringing their spouse, not exclude themselves from interaction with other employees. Furthermore, we will not be able to support the spouse equal to or inclusive of the employee regarding ammunition, food, snacks, entrance fee coverage, etc.,. You are entirely responsible for your spouses financial coverage and comfort.

6 THRUSTMASTER OF TEXAS, INC. TARGET & CLAY PLAY DAY Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. and any and all relations to the company and the owner thereof assume no responsibility whatsoever for your participation. This is an entirely voluntary event. Participation is of your own free will to include the acceptance of any and all liability and responsibility for your own actions and or any incidents resulting from the actions of others. ____ None of the facilities I contacted will loan or rent guns to the extent we wanted this event to cover. In order to include folks that do not have firearms I decided I would loan my personal guns to allow others to be included in this event. A few others with their own guns have agreed to as well. ____ We therefore must insure that anyone borrowing and using any firearm or ammunition or any device or implement used in this event known as Target & Clay Play Day - is at your own risk. In doing so you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the person or persons loaning you the implement and further agree to reasonable restitution in the event of any careless or irresponsible behavior on your part resulting in damages to the firearm or borrowed implement. Please do not be insulted if we ask you to sign an agreement to this degree before allowing our firearms or equipment to be borrowed. Some of this equipment can be very expensive. _____ Firearms can be dangerous if improperly used. Engaging in activities involving firearms by others is equally dangerous. It is up to each individual to make themselves aware of the risks involved, the proper procedures required, and the knowledge needed to enjoy this sport with safety, reason, and prudence.

7 There Are Literally Hundreds Of Types Of Guns And The Bullets That Go With Them We will NOT be shooting anything like this at our outing.

8 There Are Literally Hundreds Of Types Of Guns And The Bullets That Go With Them (These are the general sizes used in the U.S. – There are others used around the world that are not included here.)

9 Some of the more common bullets used. The Circled Sizes Indicates Some That Will Be Shot During Our Outing

10 The Same Caliber Gun Can Have Many Shapes and Sizes For Different Shooting Conditions And Targets.

11 Shotguns can shoot pellets or lead slugs – even both at the same time. The shot spreads out meaning it doesn’t need to be as accurate, however, it does not have a long range and can injure bystanders near the target as the distance increases. Although many pellets hit the target, you can see that some went outside the target meaning they would have passed by and hit someone on the other side if they were in range.

12 Many Of Today's Bullets Originated From Historical Progression And By “Wildcatters”

13 Many Of Today's Bullets Are Mass Manufactured – You Are Most Likely The First Person To See Or Touch Those Bullets – You, YOU, YOU! Are Responsible

14 Black Powder Is Used In Old Style Muzzle Loading Firearms – Black Powder Is Listed As An Explosive – We Will Not Be Using Black Powder

15 Gun Powder Is Smokeless and Burns At A Controlled Rate – It Is Used In Modern Firearms Burn rate is shown from fastest to slowest and is only a general indicator since batches might vary slightly. This usually only concerns loaders but is explained here as to why some guns have a very “sharp” report while others might sound more muffled or dull when fired.

16 Gun Powder Is Smokeless and Burns At A Controlled Rate – It Is Used In Modern Firearms Pressure is only one key element to ballistics. Here we see the pressure from the burning powder inside the case rise to around 57,500 psi in about.200 milliseconds.

17 So, accidents can happen and DO happen It is up to you to prevent them by Paying Attention!

18 Guns can be blown apart by grabbing the wrong bullet or not paying attention to a lodged (unfired or poorly fired) bullet in the barrel. The same can happen by using the gun as a leaning post and plugging the barrel with dirt. So, accidents can happen and DO happen It is up to you to prevent them by Paying Attention!

19 Actual Working Revolver According to Guinness World Records, the title of the smallest working revolver in the world goes to the Miniature Revolver C1ST, manufactured by SwissMiniGun. The tiny firearm measures just more than 2 inches and weighs less than 1 ounce. It fires bullets that are 2.34 mm caliber, rim fire cartridges and come as either blank rounds or live rounds.

20 Revolver Pistol Semi-Automatic Pistol Hunting Rifle Shotgun This is a general description of the types of guns we will be using during our outing.

21 Pistol Cartridge Carbine Military Rifle?.22 Rimfire Rifles

22 Slide Barrel Return Spring Frame Magazine Trigger Hammer Chamber Decocker Sights Slide Release Magazine Release Red = Different Locations On Different Guns Or Might Not Be A Feature Of Your Gun Ejection Port – Left Or Right Side Of Slide Semi-Automatic Handgun Nomenclature

23 What Happens To Bullets Shot Upward In Celebration? Basically, if the bullet is shot straight up and with no other forces acting on it the bullet should return to where it left. As far as killing you, the bullet might weigh around the same as a few pennies. The bullet slows as it travels upward until it has lost all of the energy it used to get up there. At that point it will turn around and start falling. Shortly thereafter it will reach terminal velocity which is the highest speed an object can obtain in atmosphere due to wind resistance. Once the bullet reaches terminal velocity it can’t go any faster so it is like dropping a few pennies from the top of a building.

24 How Far Will A Bullet Travel? Bullets loose energy as they travel through the air but the weight of the bullet can still allow that enough energy remains at the end of it’s travel so that major injuries or even death can occur. While it most probably would not be enough to penetrate an animals skin, humans are not quite as protected.

25 Being Used At Our Outing

26 Sights (Or Scopes) Do Not Align With Barrel Gravity starts pulling the bullet down the moment it leaves the barrel. The bullet has reached it’s maximum speed the moment it leaves the barrel. Because of the friction in air and the forces of gravity it will only slow down from that point. For that reason the barrel has to be aimed up and the bullet “lobbed” at the target. Because of tightly controlled parameters in design and minimal variances the results are repeatable and generally predictable with practice and experience.

27 Bullet Drops Over Distance However, the amount the bullet drops is different for every bullet weight, powder charge, barrel length, bullet length to diameter ratio (ballistic coefficient), atmospheric condition, shooting attitude (shooting up a hill or down into a valley).

28 Bullet Drops Over Distance Sights on guns are used to adjust for the effects of gravity on a bullet. When you set the sights on a gun, you must set them for the range you are likely to be shooting from. Basically what you are doing is adjusting the "Line from sights" to cross the "Bullet path" at the distance you will likely be shooting from. Beyond this length, your bullet will hit low, closer than this length, your bullet will hit high. This also only sets your gun correctly for level ground. If you shoot down from a hill, your bullet will hit high or if you shoot up a hill (dangerous practice) your bullet will hit low.

29 Sight Types and Alignment Pistol Sights Optical Rifle Scope Rear Sight Front Sight Adjustable Reticle or “Crosshairs” Magnified Picture Peep and Post Sight Rear Peep Sight Front Post Sight

30 Carter Country Layout 7-20yd 50yd 100yd Clay Pigeon Range Parking Store Parking

31 Rule 1: Always Treat All Guns As If They Are Loaded. Rule 2: All Target Ranges Have Rules. Rule 3: Carter Country Is Private Property. Unsafe Practices Can Get You Booted. Rule 4: There Are No “Do Over's” or “Take Backs” when it comes to shooting.

32 Targets are Included up to 10 total. You can purchase additional targets in the store for.50 each. STANDARD RANGE TARGETS SPLATTER TARGETS – Highlights the shot making it easier to see at long distances. These are shown just to let you know for your own practicing. We will be using targets purchased at the range that will not be splatter, but show up well.

33 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety Adapted from Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Firearms should be unloaded when not in use. Don't rely on your gun's mechanical safety. Be sure of your target and what's beyond it. Use proper, undamaged ammunition. If your gun fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, STOP - POINT DOWN RANGE – CLEAR – (If in doubt, Get Help) Always wear eye and hearing protection. Be sure the barrel is clear of obstructions before shooting. Don't alter or modify your gun - have it serviced regularly. Learn the characteristics of the firearm you are using.

34 Fundamentals of Handling 1. Treat every firearm as if it is loaded. Unless it has a “round in chamber” indicator you can't know if a gun is loaded just by looking at it. You have to open the action and check the magazine. Always hand off and receive a gun with the action open and always assume it is loaded. 2. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Keep the muzzle pointed away from others with the barrel pointing UP so that if the gun did discharge it would not cause injury or damage. Putting it another way, never point your gun at something you don't intend to kill. 3. Keep you finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot. A safety is just a mechanical device which can fail, so don't take chances. Rest you finger on the body of the gun, not the trigger. Don’t Be A Range Monkey!


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