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Understanding the World of Academically & Intellectually Gifted Watson School of Education AIG Mini-Conference Angela Housand, Ph.D.

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1 Understanding the World of Academically & Intellectually Gifted Watson School of Education AIG Mini-Conference Angela Housand, Ph.D.

2 Giftedness in Context

3 Why discuss giftedness in context? No Universal Definition of Giftedness NC State Board of Education – alignment of program delivery with student identification Student Success



6 What gifted program services does your school offer? Differentiation AIG coordinator collaboration w/ teacher Small group Collaboration big Nurturing in K-2 AIG person w/ teachers for referral Domain specific Nurturing to provide access Pull-out Content Extension Homogeneous grouping Flexible grouping Think lab (visual/spatial) Directing to approp. Teacher

7 3 Ring Conception of Giftedness


9 (Reis, 1995, 1998, 2005; Renzulli, 1978, 1986; Sternberg & Lubart 1993; Van- Tassel Baska 1989; Walberg et. al. 1981; Walberg & Paik, 2005) Image: Characteristic of Eminent Adults Ability to focus for long periods of time


11 Above Average Ability Characteristic of Eminent Adults (Cox, 1926; Reis, 1995; Walberg et. al., 1981; Walberg & Paik, 2005) Image:

12 Characteristic of Eminent Adults Motivated (Reis, 1995; Walberg et. al. 1981; Walberg & Paik, 2005)

13 Characteristics: Seeing  Unusual alertness  Joy in learning  Keen observation  Sees “Big Picture”  Makes connections  Intense focus  Curious

14 Characteristics: Speed  Early and rapid learning  Rapid language development  Metacognitively efficient



17 Characteristics: Differences  Superior language  Verbal fluency  Large vocabulary  Superior analytical and reasoning ability  High-capacity memory  Goes beyond what is sought  Abstract, complex, and insightful thinking



20 Gifted Behaviors NOT Gifted People!

21 Creative Giftedness School House Giftedness

22  Independent  High energy  Curious  Sense of humor  Open-minded  Need for privacy and alone time

23  Aware of their own creativeness  Originality in thought and action  Attracted to complexity and novelty  Artistic tendencies  Willing to take risks  Perceptive

24 Creative Imaginative Innovative A Sense of Destiny Characteristic of Eminent Adults

25  Impulsive  Egotistical  Argumentative  Rebellious  Uncooperative  Stubborn  Childish  Absentminded  Neurotic  Temperamental  Capricious  Careless  Disorganized  Demanding  Indifferent to Conventions

26 Characteristics: Negative  Uneven mental development  Interpersonal difficulties  Underachievement

27 Asynchronous Development Uneven intellectual, physical, and emotional development.

28 Asynchronous Development  Cognitively understand advanced concepts (like mortality) but lack emotional maturity to cope with knowledge  Perceived as older due to cognitive ability, but lack behavioral maturity

29 Underachievers: Personality Low self-esteem or Low self-efficacy Feelings of Pessimism Anxious, impulsive, or inattentive Aggressive, hostile Depressed Socially immature

30 Internal Mediators Fear of failure Fear of success Negative attitude toward school Antisocial, rebellious Self-critical or perfectionistic

31 Lack goal-directed behavior Poor coping skills Poor self-regulation Defense mechanisms Maladaptive Strategies

32 Not all bad… Demonstrate honesty and integrity when rejecting inappropriate school work Intense outside interests Creative

33 What about these characteristics? Inability to master certain academic skills Lack of motivation Disruptive classroom behavior Failure to complete assignments Lack of organizational skills Poor listening and concentration skills Unrealistic self-expectations

34 Twice-Exceptional Gifted with Learning Disability May also demonstrate Learned helplessness Perfectionism Supersensitivity Low self-esteem Behaviors may hamper identification

35 Look For: Advanced vocabulary use Exceptional analytic abilities High levels of creativity Advanced problem-solving skills Divergent thinking Specific aptitude Good memory Spatial abilities

36 What differentiates gifted learners from high achievers?

37 Bright Knows the Answers Gifted Asks the Questions

38 Bright Is Attentive Gifted Is Intellectually Engaged

39 Bright Has Good Ideas Gifted Has Original Ideas

40 Bright Absorbs Information Gifted Manipulates Information

41 Bright Top Student Gifted Beyond Her Age Peers

42 Bright Repeats 6-8 Times for Mastery Gifted Repeats 1-2 Times for Mastery

43 Bright Understands Ideas Gifted Constructs Abstractions

44 Bright Grasps the Meaning Gifted Draws Inferences

45 Bright Is a Technician Gifted Is an Inventor

46 Questions?

47 The Question of Equity Equity, the quality of being fair, is not about offering the exact same thing to every student, it is providing individuals with suitable challenges and experiences that will enable them to be successful and grow beyond where they are now or where they have been before.

48 Thank You.

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