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Integrated Development Environment TEE MCU/MPU Our IDE concept:  Contribute to improve the development efficiency through comfortable operation  Provide.

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2 Integrated Development Environment

3 TEE MCU/MPU Our IDE concept:  Contribute to improve the development efficiency through comfortable operation  Provide MCU differences conscious-less operationability Toshiba’s development concept Main result is... (1) Language Tools -> Build Manger combination as a comfortable GUI oriented application Build Manager C Compiler Assembler C-Like Compiler Linker As a main result… (2) Test Tools => Integrated GUI debugger lets the user working with a test environment without taking into account the debugging target User Simulator ROM Monitor Real-Time Emulation Debugger Real-Time OS

4 TEE MCU/MPU Toshiba’s next goals 2. Support the development in a team 1. Overall support during the development process of the program 3. Support the understanding of large-scale programs 4. Support the control of MCU functions 5. Support the complex user tests Our goal is to help the user to improve the efficiency in the development process

5 TEE MCU/MPU IDE’s Feature (1) Integrate Build Manager and Debugger and a new Editor Build Manager function Debugger function Editor function

6 TEE MCU/MPU Background With the software getting more complex but in shortest time to be on the market, the development is done more often in a team Feature We provide a version control function to support the development in a team. The version control function can track check-in and check-out of files. A function controlling external version control software is also added IDE’s Feature (2) Development environment supporting the development in a team IDE Main Window Easy development of large programs Check Out Check In Intersolv PVCS Microsoft VisualSourceSafe External Version Control Tools

7 TEE MCU/MPU Background Difficult and time consuming coding for the hardware control IDE’s Feature (3) Feature Code for serial communication or timer interrupt is automatically generated with the input of the user in the HW control wizard Target MCU Automatic code generation for hardware control Automatic Code Generation Memory Map Setting Easy to view the memory map Check the memory map and change it Hardware Setting Dialog Serial setting A/D converter setting Timer setting Interrupt setting

8 TEE MCU/MPU IDE’s Feature (4) Pushing this button it starts to compile, link and debug Program correction during debugging possible Using the internal editor, program code correction is also possible within the debugging window. It is also possible to register other external editors One-button-click to compile, link and debug. Automatically the files to be compiled are recognized and compiled, linked and the debugger started. The user don’t need to care about the updating of the files Comfortable development environment Short development period

9 TEE MCU/MPU One-button-push compile to debug Effect achieved when automatically running coding, building, debugging with one-button-push operation Operation order with IDE start n-times 1) Start external Editor 1)-1 Move to position to be corrected Conventional operation order 2) Program coding 3) Save program file 4) Start compiler 5) Compile & link 6) Start debugger 7) Load ABS-file 8) Run program 9) Bug found 1) Start IDE 2) Coding (Builder and Debugger runs) 3) Bug found4) Correction 9 development steps are reduced to 3 steps The user doesn’t need to care about starting other tools or the passing of parameters

10 TEE MCU/MPU Background When developing software in a team, you might want to understand modules developed by others or check the influence of other modules when changing a commonly used routine Feature With the Symbol Browser provided with the IDE, we support understanding the program structure. The position of function or variable definition can easily be seen and members of a structure or parameter of a function are shown IDE’s Feature (5) Support software understanding Less careless mistakes Displays structure members and function parameters while editing the program

11 TEE MCU/MPU Support the engineers of the PC generationContribute to shorten the development time Corresponding to the development done in groups What is the aim of IDE ? Supply MCU development environment same as Windows Software Help to shorten the testing time of the user Combine with revision control tools Support seamless coding to testing Support program development for MCU hardware functions Support Program understanding

12 TEE MCU/MPU Shift from current tools to Integrated development Environment 199819992000 [ yr. ] C Compiler Assembler RTOS Build Manager (GUI) RTOS GUI Configurator Middleware Debugger Simulator RTOS Debugger IDE C++ Compiler CASE Startup Code generator IDE APR1599GENLUP0/W WWW Connection IDE Emulator EVA board MCU 20012002

13 TEE MCU/MPU ビルドマネージャ 個別ツールから統合開発環境への移 行 GUI 機能の強化 1995199920002002 2001 2003 ユーザコメント 対応追加機能 C++ コンパイラ 統合開発環境 基幹部位 RT0S + コンフィグレータ ミドルウエア 各種IP C コンパイラ リンカ / アセンブラ ビルドマネージャ シミュレータ デバッガ シミュレータ アセンブラ リンカ Cコンパイラ C ++ コンパイラ 1997 デバッガ RTOS CASE ミドルウェア フェーズ1フェーズ2フェーズ3 追加機能

14 TEE MCU/MPU 東芝では、ご紹介いたしました多種多様な東芝製 マイクロコンピュータ用の開発ツールを統合する 統合開発環境 (Integrated Development Environment) の 開発を進めています。 東芝の統合開発環境では、従来製品をただ組み合わ せるのでは無く、ユーザのソフトウェア開発を高度に 支援していく事を目標に、製品開発を進めており、 順次商品化していく予定です。 Toshiba’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

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