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Snails on the loose! By Aine, Catriona, Alison and Kayleigh.

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1 Snails on the loose! By Aine, Catriona, Alison and Kayleigh

2 Introduction!  Welcome to our slideshow on snails.  Meet our two snails Fred and Speedy Snailalez. Unfortunately our two other snails Harry and Larry were unable to compete in our experiment due to personal reasons. We would like to thank our snails.  Hope you enjoy our PowerPoint presentation!!!!!!

3 Diagram of a snail!

4 5 weird facts!  Snails don’t have ears!  They are very sociable and one of their favourite games they play is climbing on each others shell  They are able to fold right in to their shells and their eyes pop out first when they remerge!  The spiral on their shell always spiral to the right!  The gooey slime trail they leave behind them is snail mucus!

5 Habitat, Food and Predators Snails like to live in moist places where there are protected from predators. Eg. A forest or places with lots of rocks. Snails like to eat lots of grass, leaves and lettuce. We also found out that liked the taste of our copies and artwork! Unfortunately some animals such as birds, hedgehogs, leeches, caterpillars and beetles like to make a meal out of snails. Sometimes careless humans step on snails. In France snails are a popular dish.

6 Snails age  Some snails are known to have lived for 30 years but this is not the case with your average snail.  The average snail lives for 5 – 7 years but in different climates they can live for up to 25 years.

7 Speedy Snailalez Try 1 Try 2 Try 3 Try 4 10cm/ pm 12cm/ pm 8.8cm/ pm 8.6cm/ pm We timed Speedy for one minute to see how fast he could travel. Average: 9.9cm/pm

8 Fred Try 1 Try 2 Try 3 Try 4 14cm/ pm 9cm/ pm 14.5cm /pm 18.8cm /pm We also timed Fred for one minute to see how far he would go! Average: 11.6cm/pm The average of average speed of our snails is: 10.8cm/pm

9 Q’s and A’s  Q Are there any poisonous snails?  A Yes there is a poisonous water snail called the Killer Cone Snail.  Q Are snails cold blooded or warm blooded?  A They are cold blooded  Q How do snails communicate?  A Snails communicate through their tentacles and their ability to touch


11 The End! Thanks for watching hope you liked it!

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