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2011 Development of Absolute Monarchy in France Lesson Dates: Reminder: Absolute Monarchy Metaphorical Representation Due on Thursday, September 15, 2011.

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Presentation on theme: "2011 Development of Absolute Monarchy in France Lesson Dates: Reminder: Absolute Monarchy Metaphorical Representation Due on Thursday, September 15, 2011."— Presentation transcript:

1 2011 Development of Absolute Monarchy in France Lesson Dates: Reminder: Absolute Monarchy Metaphorical Representation Due on Thursday, September 15, 2011 Date your papers: Friday, September 9, 2011 Monday, September 12, 2011 Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Thursday, September 15, 2011 Friday, September 16, 2011 Monday, September 19, 2011 Tuesday, September 20,2011 Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Essential and Guiding Questions: What is Absolutism? Why do people submit to the power of a government? What is Divine Right? What are the characteristics of Absolute rule? What effect would the exercise of Absolute rule have on a nation? How did Absolutism differ in the various nations in which it existed? What was the structure of power beneath an absolute ruler? How did absolute rulers maintain their power? Why might the new ideas of the Renaissance challenge Absolutism? How did the lives of commoners differ from that of upper class citizens?

3 Friday, September 9, 2011 Introduction: Quiet Question---Type Two Prompt: Write a Diamante Poem contrasting the two types of monarchies we examined in the previous lesson. line 1 – Absolute Monarchs (subject #1) line 2 - two adjectives (describing subject #1) line 3 - three participles ( verbs ending in -ing, telling about the subject #1) line 4 - four nouns (first two related to the subject #1, second two related to subject #2) line 5 - three participles (verbs ending in -ing, telling about subject #2) line 6 - two adjectives (describing subject #2) line 7 – Enlightened Despots (subject #2) Adjectives are descriptive words expanding on nouns like devious, fair, selfish, etc…. Participles are verbs ending in “ing” that describe what the noun does like controlling, censoring, freeing, etc… Nouns are objects such as person, place, or thing like God, power, nobles, etc… Let’s brainstorm as a class to give everyone a starting point. This will be recorded on the Smartboard. Below is space to write down some of the words from the brainstorm.

4 Class Brainstorm Adjectives: – Absolute Monarchs: powerful, selfish, divine, protective, paranoid, stupid, careless, greedy, mean, cruel, childish, arrogant, ignorant, fearful, Godly, God-like, artistic, strong, absolute, conceited, controlling, unfair, inhumane, reactive, ungrateful, undeserving, strict, forceful, power-hungry, clever, power-crazed, egotistical, spoiled, reckless, corrupt, opulent, degrading, unjust, unkind, – Enlightened Despots: caring, respectful, thoughtful, lovable, helpful, considerate, powerful, protective, fair, mature, nice, understanding, giving, charitable, rich, humane, smart, unselfish, democratic, generous, proactive, kind, tolerant, endearing, respectable, altruistic, aware, responsible, just, wise, patriotic, worthy, reliable, fearless,

5 Class Brainstorm Participles: – Absolute Monarchs: fighting, limiting, controlling, losing, spending, taxing, hoarding, restricting, censoring, stabilizing, manipulating, deceiving, destroying, procrastinating, instigating, building, killing, torturing, conflicting, expanding, subjugating, oppressing, dehabilitating, neglecting, squandering, untrusting, ostracizing, stealing, murdering, isolating, dividing, abusing, stereotyping, orchestrating, militarizing, favoring – Enlightened Despots: liberating, abolishing, accepting, changing, reforming, educating, expanding, building, improving, giving, modernizing, helping, equalizing, rehabilitating, revamping, creating, serving, protecting, relieving, saving, trying, understanding, trusting, caring, revitalizing, fortifying, communicating, listening, developing, unifying, uplifting, renewing

6 Class Brainstorm Nouns: – Absolute Monarchs: court, war, warfare, kings, Gods, France, Pope, Catholic, taxes, vault, colonies, mercantilism, armies, military, dictatorship, Europe, corruption, queen, Divine Right, England, Louis XIV, King Henry IV, Bishop Bossuet, Cardinal Richelieu, Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, palaces, Versailles, tyrants, nobles, serfdom, debt, loans, bankruptcy, art, propaganda, architecture, culture, farmers, peasants, serfs, divinity, church, religion, order – Enlightened Despots: Catherine II or Great, Maria Therese, Joseph II, Frederick II or Great, Parliament, religions, serfs, servant, freedom, liberty, justice, palaces, philosophes, Voltaire, reforms, schools, education, press, jury, Russia, Austria, Prussia, Bill of Rights, tolerance, diversity, Enlightenment, wealth, peasants, progress, ideas, prosperity


8 Friday, September 9, 2011 Pair-Share: Turn to your partner, and share your Diamante Poems. Fill in any blanks and make any corrections. – Then with your partner, answer the following review question: “Based upon what we learned in the previous lesson, what do you think are the BEST three reasons for having an Absolute Monarchy and explain why?” Do this in the space below. 1) 2) 3)

9 Friday, September 9, 2011 Homework: – Absolute Monarchy Metaphorical Representation – Finish Sequence Chart Graphic Organizer

10 Friday, September 9, 2011 Class: Ms. Barben is going to read aloud the supplemental reading, “Laying the Foundations for Absolutism in France and Europe”, and you are to highlight the key events in the development of Absolute Monarchy in France to use to complete the Sequence Chart Graphic Organizer on. Monday, September 12, 2011: Pick Up Here Groups: Turn to your group members and work together to complete the Sequence Chart Graphic Organizer.

11 Tuesday, Sept 13,, 2011 Class: Ms. Barben is going to continue to present 37 Powerpoint slides as review of Henry IV and Louis XIII, and you are to add information to your Sequence Chart Graphic Organizer to make sure there are no gaps or areas of confusion. Individual: Type Two Prompt--- As review of how Absolute Monarchy was created in France under King Henry IV and King Louis XIII and his chief minister Richelieu, you are going to read the following magazine article and then use it and your notes to respond to one of the two quotes from Cardinal Richelieu.

12 Tuesday, Sept 13, 2011 Quotes: “Secrecy is the first essential in affairs of state. Deception is the knowledge of kings. We may employ artifice to deceive a rival, anything against our enemies.” “Harshness towards individuals who flout the laws and commands of state is for the public good; no greater crime against the public interest is possible than to show leniency to those who violate it.” Type Two Prompt: Select one of the two quotes above and provide THREE different examples from your notes and the above reading on how Cardinal Richelieu achieved this belief in the creation of an absolute monarchy in France. a) b) c)

13 Tuesday, Sept 13, 2011 Class: Have students share their examples and use this to serve as a review of the French absolute monarchy thus far. Have the students make predictions about what they think King Louis XIV will do next to establish an even stronger absolute monarchy and why they think this? Create on the Smartboard. Wednesday, Sept 14, 2011 Class: We are going to begin to watch the DVD “Louis XIV, the Sun King”, and as we watch the video, take notes in the Character Map Graphic Organizer to help you process the new historical information. Homework: Work on your Metaphorical Representation.

14 Thursday Sept 15, 2011 Staple the Grade Sheet to the Front of the Art Part of the Metaphorical Representation. Order: Grade Sheet on Top, Behind that Art Part, Behind that Typed Part Pass them up Class: We are going to finish watching the DVD and you will finish taking notes in the Character Map Graphic Organizer. Pair-Share: Turn to your partner and share your Louis XIV Character Map Notes. Add and revise.

15 Thursday, Sept 15, 2011 Quiet Question: Type Two Prompt Review--- Over the last few days, we watched a biography to introduce us to the epitome of absolute monarchs, Louis XIV or the “Sun King”. You are going to use the historical information you learned from the DVD to help you make decisions in the Choose Your Fate Story: “The Time of King Louis XIV-1690”, and complete the KWS Chart. Pair-Share: Turn to your partner. Share your fates in the story and what you both wrote in the KWS. Class: Ms. Barben is going to ask the class to share what they know thus far about King Louis XIV and create a list on the Smartboard. She will then have you share what you want to learn about King Louis XIV and record this on the Smartboard as well.

16 Thursday, Sept 15, 2011 Class: Ms. Barben is going to begin her Interactive Lecture on the Absolute Monarchy of King Louis XIV, and you are to do the Interactive Notebook Method in response to the provided teacher notes. – You must use a MINIMUM OF THREE DIFFERENT METHODS on the Left Side.

17 Left Side of the Notebook: *Paraphrase or clarify items *Enter a drawing, photo, sketch, or magazine picture that illustrates the concept, ideas, or facts *Pose questions about the information *Form and express an opinion *Predict outcomes or next steps *Create a metaphor that captures the essence of the information/issue *Formulate and record a contradictory perspective *Write a reflection on the information or experience *Find a quote that connects to the concept; record it and explain your rationale *Make connections between the information/text and your own life, another text, and/or the world *Create a mind map that captures the main topic and key concepts and supportive detail *Create an acronym that will help you to remember the information covered *Make connections to the content/processes of other courses *Sketch a political cartoon expressing a historical viewpoint or your views on the historical concepts. *Record important primary source quotes that capture the essence of the historical idea. *Do the activities Ms. Barben has built into her powerpoints. *Write out questions that the content has raised for you to ask Ms. Barben *Brainstorms *Venn Diagrams *Flowcharts *Metaphors or analogies *Top ten lists *SOAL---sum of all learned at the end Right Side of the Notebook Teacher directed: *notes on a mini-lesson * notes on a lecture *notes on a hands on learning lab *notes on an assigned reading *notes/story map on a video *notes/story map on a read aloud *notes from a small group or large group discussion *collaborative group process a copied excerpt of a text *notes and assignments from an Internet Web Quest *notes on an historical reenactment *notes from a fieldtrip *Worksheet/or textbook assignment copied or glued into the notebook ---You highlight key terms, dates, events. ---Add historical information to provided teacher notes. ----Use underlining and stars. ---Draw arrows from the terms to your Left Side thought processing. Ms. Barben’s Interactive Notebook Method Handout

18 Thursday, Sept 15, 2011 Homework: Finish up your Metaphorical Representation. It is due tomorrow. Read pages 465-466 and 470-471 in your textbook, and take notes on the provided Post-its. Then you are to read and Talk to the Text on the photocopied supplemental reading, Chapter 21: Louis XIV Comes to Power”. YOU MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF THREE RESPONSES PER PAGE. This means that you write in the margins. Be sure you expand and explain! Confusing Interesting Surprising Important Connections to current events, classroom learning, movies, tv shows, literature, etc… Mark anything that is unfamiliar and keep going. Make predictions Formulate opinions Make connections Ask questions Analyze the author's craft Write reflections/reactions/comments Look for patterns/repetitions Reflecting on content or the reading process THIS IS DUE ON Monday, Sept 19, 2011!

19 Friday, Sept 16, 2011 Class: Ms. Barben is going to continue her Interactive Lecture, and you are to continue with your Interactive Notes. Homework: Do your assigned reading and Talking to the Text. This is due on Monday, September 19, 2011.

20 Monday, Sept 19, 2011 Class: Ms. Barben is going to finish her Interactive Lecture, and you are to finish your Interactive Notes. SKIP GROUP LOUIS XIV REPORT CARD-RAN OUT OF TIME!!!! Groups: Using all the materials for this lesson, you are as a group going to create a Report Card evaluating the achievements and mistakes made by King Louis XIV as an absolute monarch in the following areas of political, economic, social, and cultural.

21 Historical Report Card Group Project Grade Sheet Group Members:Period: Historians and political analysts use the format of a Report Card to critically evaluate and summarize the main aspects of leaders. Using your knowledge of successful and unsuccessful leaders, you will create a Report Card that evaluates and judges the reign of King Louis XIV. ________1. The assignment followed the correct format. ________2. The students provided correct examples for each aspect. And each historical example explained the given grade. No information was repeated. Worth 25 points. ________3. Each subject is worth 25 points. Years He Reigned: SubjectsGradesDetailed Comments Supporting Grade Politicala) b) c) Economica) b) c) Sociala) b) c) Culturala) b) c)

22 Report Card Continued Overall Evaluation: Based upon all four categories, describe your group’s views on Louis XIV’s legacy on France and on Europe and why.

23 Tuesday, Sept 20, 2011 Ms. Barben is going to go over the Louis XIV Historical Postcard Homework. It is due on Wednesday, October 5, 2011: Chunking the Assignment: Tuesday and Wednesday: Pre-Write and gather notes and visuals Thursday and Weekend: Create Art Part of the Postcard Monday and Tuesday: Write Letter Part of the Postcard Wednesday and Thursday: Edit Rough Drafts of Art and Written Part Friday and Weekend: Make Revisions Monday: Come in for Conference. Make Final Revisions. Due Wednesday!

24 Homework: Create a historical postcard reflecting on life under King Louis XIV’s rule. Plan to Practice Seven Element Writing Assignment Subject: Louis XIV and Versailles Class: Modern World History Date: Due Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Assignment Summary and Rationale: This assignment is to act as a historical review of the absolute monarchy created by Louis XIV in France and its impact on the people of France. It is to practice synthesizing knowledge from primary and secondary historical sources into a well-integrated creative writing piece. It is also to explore historical perspectives through a social class lens. Writer’s Purposes: The student is to create a Historical Postcard from a historical viewpoint to examine and reflect on the reign of Louis XIV examining the changes he made politically, socially, culturally, and economically.

25 Writer’s Role: You have a choice between four different historical roles. They are: a)King Louis XIV, who supports the changes as he establishes an absolute monarchy and thinks only of his goals and power. b)One of the nobles living at Versailles who are dependent upon King Louis XIV due to the changes he has made. c)A Huguenot, a middle class French Protestant, who has not benefitted from many of King Louis XIV’s reforms due to his religious policies. d)A poor peasant who bears the financial weight of King Louis’s spending without reaping benefits. Audience: You are writing to a family member or friend living outside of France. Form: Type Three---This means a genuine self-edited rough draft with final draft.

26 Three FCAs: FCA: There is a clever slogan that captures life at Versailles and the nature of Louis’ reign and a picture(s) done in color and neatly that captures one or more aspects of life at Versailles. YOU MUST USE HISTORICAL IMAGES! It may be in support of Louis or use sarcasm to poke fun at him and his ways. This depends on your historical perspective.---25 points FCA: The letter is written in first person from a chosen historical perspective and this voice is captured in the personalized detailed accounts of life at Versailles.---15 points FCA: The letter addresses a minimum of THREE different aspects of Louis’ reign and life at Versailles that directly impact your life…politically, economically, socially, and culturally with specific historical details But your three aspects need to come from three of the four aspects.---30 points No Excuses: Historical images were appropriately used, in color, and neat and the letter was typed, spell-checked, and grammar- checked. And the rough draft of your letter with self-editing comments is attached.---15 points

27 Procedures: Use your Textbook Post-It Notes and Talking to the Text Notes on the Supplemental Louis XIV Reading Use your DVD Notes Use the notes from the PowerPoint Presentation on Louis XIV Use your Group Report Cards on Louis XIV Use resources from Ms. Barben’s teacher page or in her classroom See the student models hanging in Ms. Barben’s classroom Remember you must write a rough draft of your letter and self-edit it before your final draft.

28 Picture Side: On the blank side of the index card, you will have a clever slogan that captures life at Versailles and the nature of Louis XIV. On the blank side of the index card, there should be a picture(s) done in color and neatly that captures one or more aspects of life at Versailles. I recommend using historical images from the computer. It may be in support of Louis or use sarcasm to poke fun at him and his ways. It must be done in color, be neat, and historically appropriate. Letter Side: You are to write from either one of two different perspectives: On the lined side of the index card, you will write a letter in first person. You will provide detailed accounts of life at Versailles under King Louis XIV. You will show how the changes are affecting you and those around you. You must address THREE different aspects from three different areas of his reign-- -political, social, cultural, and economic that directly corresponds with the designated historical perspective. It must be written in first person and be embellished with stories, personal reactions, experiences based upon the historical sources provided. Do not put the address on the card. This should be typed in size 10 font. It should fill the complete back of the index card. This is due on:

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