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The Indigo Project Assessment Pre-assessment Activities.

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1 The Indigo Project Assessment Pre-assessment Activities

2 Agenda Do Now Survey (5 Minutes) DLO/Posing Question (1 minute) Review Do Now with ball game (5 minutes) What is The Indigo Project? (5 minutes) How will the Indigo Project help YOU? They Pay me to do this? (5 minutes) Why is it important to love you job every day? Bass Guitarist Victor Wooten on Education and His Journey (7 Minutes) Explanation for after school TODAY! (2 minutes) Exit Ticket (4 minutes)

3 Target Question Understand how the Indigo Project Assessment relates to their postsecondary goals for career and college readiness. Why is the Indigo Project Assessment Important to me?

4 Review Do Now When I say “GO” Sit on your desk Have your Do Now ready to review if you are thrown the ball When the ball is thrown to you, answer: One of your three strengths you listed What your ideal work environment is One of your three skills you possess One thing that others value in you Throw the ball in a respectful way to another person to answer a part of their Do Now If you can not answer with in 3 seconds, you must sit down in your chair and you may no longer participate in the review

5 Why The Indigo Project Assessment? What is the Indigo Project? They pay me to do this? Bass Guitarist Victor Wooten on Education and His Journey

6 What is The Indigo Project Assessment? Why is it important for you to enjoy your job every day? If you enjoyed your job every day, how would your life look different?

7 Bass Guitarist Victor Wooten on Education & His Journey What kind of education would Victor Wooten need to become a guitarist? What does this quote mean to you? “Your ability may get you a job. Your skills may get you into a band, may get you a teaching job, but who you are as a person, that’s what’s going to allow you to keep that job or what will cause you to loose it. “

8 After school TODAY! After the explanation of taking the assessment, log into your email addresses Look for an email labeled: Indigo Project Assessment Open link inside your email and begin the assessment. Read each set of instructions carefully

9 Continued Learning Objectives Students will be able to discuss and describe different career paths of interest to them. Students will be able to discuss how different levels of education will affect options in their chosen career paths.

10 Its INDIGO TIME!! Log into your email account Look for email titled “Indigo Project Assessment” Click on link Choose which language you feel most comfortable answering these questions in Read ALL INSTRUCTIONS carefully and fully! The assessment will change what it is evaluating through out the assessment, so read each set of instructions fully! Enter in personal information Must put email address! Your school= orgnization Student = position or job title Click the box that you read and agree to the terms

11 Definitions of Words in Indigo Blunder: Noun: A stupid or careless mistake. Verb: Make a stupid or careless mistake; act or speak clumsily. Assembly Line: A series of workers and machines in a factory by which a succession of identical items is progressively assembled. Optimistic: Hopeful and confident about the future. Haggling: dispute or bargain persistently, especially over the cost of something.

12 Words in the Indigo, continued Humanitarian: concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare. Diplomatic: of or concerning the profession, activity, or skill of managing international relations. Methodical: done according to a systematic or established form of procedure. Lack of meaning in the world: A world that does not make sense or have meaning Entrepreneurship: a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

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