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Alertness vs. Carelessness

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1 Alertness vs. Carelessness
Being aware of what is taking place around me so I can have the right response.

2 on the lookout, to watch, on a watchtower.
Alert: on the lookout, to watch, on a watchtower. If we can see trouble coming in advance, then we can prepare properly for the response. If we wait to long to look what’s coming, then we are responding to emergencies. And sometimes this is too late.

3 Being Alert keeps you from being alarmed.
The trouble with alarm clocks is that they always go off when your asleep. Trouble comes because we are careless and we can’t see it coming, or, it comes when we are asleep on the job and never saw it coming.

4 Positive alertness: Watching, and being on the lookout for ways to praise your family members for displaying good character. Sensing danger that could lead to harm to your family by one careless act.

5 Practical application
A girl that is careless in what she wears, could attract unwanted trouble. Be alert when you leave the house how you look and how others may perceive you. Your integrity may be at stake. It is well for a girl with a future to avoid a man with a past!

6 Make sure that you count all the costs before you build your future.
Carelessness is attempting to cross a bridge before you know there is one. Make sure that you count all the costs before you build your future. 1) I will be alert and not careless in the example that I am to my children as to affect their future positively. 2) I will be alert in watching my children so as to keep them from danger. Carelessness could lead to death. 3) I will be alert in what it takes to have a good marriage before I marry.

7 Always take plenty of time to make a snap decision.
Base your decisions on solid facts, and much investigation. Never make a decision on emotion, this is always a trap. A decision made in confidence can be quickly turned by conceit.

8 Being alert only builds confidence in the decisions that you make.
Being alert will also find the flaws in ones self. Be honest with yourself and the mistakes that you have made. Confess those flaws to others so they have knowledge of them. Submit to others that have more knowledge and experience. When trouble arises, always look at yourself first and make sure that you are not causing it. (be alert to you own faults) 5) A good leader is alert to the mistakes that others are making. A great leader is alert to his own mistakes.

9 Alertness is the ability to see the trouble, analyze it, send out the warnings, then carefully plan for its passing.

10 Example: Mom stood at the door while Danny ran for the busy street. They had just had his sixth year birthday party. Everyone else was inside laughing and having cake, but Danny wanted to try out his new skates. Mom yelled out at Danny, “Danny you stop running toward the street.” He kept on running. He was accustom to hearing his mother count to three before he got in trouble.

11 Without hearing the rest of the story, what do you think happened to Danny?
Now we see that carelessness is something that we have practiced for a long time. A person with the character quality of alertness could have seen this situation coming in disciplining the child after three counts. Knowing one day, there would not be time to count. Alertness must be practiced all the time.

12 Think of words that would go to this acrostic that define alertness.

13 Give an example where you could have practiced alertness and you didn’t.
What was the result?

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