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Job Skills But who will pay me for anything? I don’t know how to do anything?

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1 Job Skills But who will pay me for anything? I don’t know how to do anything?

2 The Foundational Skills Basic Skills Reading – This does not mean a mere skimming through of the material at hand. It means, picking out of all the details that matter, researching clarifying, doubts, etc. Writing — When writing letters or reports, make sure they are a pleasure to read. Avoid irritating spelling and grammatical errors and punctuation lapses. Show you ideas in a crisp, clear manner. Mathematics — Perfecting this skill will go a long way to proving your sharpness Speaking – Remember your audience hears not only the important things when you speak, but the audience also sees the body language. Listening – Concentrate to tone, body language and attitude with all your ability when someone else is speaking

3 Thinking Skills Creative Thinking — Don’t e ever restrict imagination. Creative is one of the is one of the most profitable and sought after quality in the job market. Problem Solving Skills – Being very alert has never hurt anyone. Being the first to recognize a problem gives you a head start towards finding a solution. Decision-Making Skills – Be clear about what you are aiming for. Then start finding ways to get there and list them out. Visualization – This is imagination to the maximum. Given a design of a building– you should be able to paint a clear picture in your mind’s eye of what it will look like in reality. Negotiation – In case of a difference of opinion, list out the common goals, communicate your argument with the facts to support it. Leadership – You cannot be a leader by forcing people into abiding by your orders. Talk with respect and put your points across without point across without creating dissent. Teamwork – Co-operate with the rest of the team and only then can you expect any co-operation from them. Avoid arguments with peaceful discussions. Cultural Diversity – Do not be narrow-minded when it comes to working with people who come from different cultural background. The “Common Sense” Skills

4 Who are the only people who start at the top? ditch diggers or grave diggers

5 1. Communication Skills (Verbal and Written) 2. Honesty / Integrity 3. Interpersonal Skills (relate well to others) 4. Strong Work Ethic 5. Teamwork Skills (work well with others) 6. Analytical Skills 7. Motivation / Initiative 8. Flexibility / Adaptability 9. Computer Skills 10. Detail Oriented Thanks Career Employment Services !! Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers: Job Outlook 2005-Student Version Top Ten Skills Employers Want...

6 So, What Can I Do? First make a list of everything you can do. Be generous. You can trim down the list later. Think about what you know, specific information that you’ve learned through education, training, hobbies, and on-the-job experience. Even if there are things you don’t do well, list them anyway. Make four columns across a second piece of paper. Title the first FREQUENTLY (daily or several times a week), OFTEN, OCCASIONALLY (once a month or less) and NEVER. Select 15 things from the FREQUENTLY column, 15 from the OFTEN column and 10 from the OCCASSIONALLY list. Are the several that have to do with helping others? Is communication a category? Could a group be called “creative”? Are you good at acting, performing, thinking, exploring options, etc.? Once you have a list of YOUR preferred skills, you can scan job postings to see if there’s a match between what YOU want to do and what the job requires. Remember if there’s a skill you don’t want to use, don’t put it on your resume.

7 Job Skills Checklist– What Have You Done Before? Decision-making Analyzed information Assembled equipment Budgeted money Found information Imagined new solutions Adapted new procedures Defined solutions to problems Thought in a logical manner Proposed solutions People-Oriented Entertained people Motivated people Negotiated conflicts Listened to others Advised people Handled complaints Worked with other people Taught new approaches Encouraged others Delegated jobs Negotiated conflicts Equipment Inspected physical objects Fixed broken machines Analyzed a problem for a solution

8 Household skills Sewing Child care Making clothes Money management Budgeting Teaching Decorating Laundry skills Food preparation Counseling others Relating to other people Keeping records Public relations Formulating new ideas Ironing Supervisory experience (in a job, club, organization, etc.)

9 Carpentry Skills Sanding House painting Cabinet building Ornamental woodwork Building additions House framing Paneling Furniture making and refinishing Insulation installation Money handling Relating to people Directing customers Sales Budgeting Supervisory experience (Family Man?)

10 Kitchen Skills Food preparation Cooking food Dishwashing Washing pans Operating a dishwasher Meal planning Inventory Ordering supplies Supervisory experience (in a job, club, organization or as Family Man) Stocking shelves Hiring Budgeting Scheduling Directing procedures

11 Consultant Skills Group counseling (Family Man?) Individual counseling (Family Man?) Teaching (Family Man?) Writing programs Supervising others Scheduling Formulating new ideas Keeping records Public speaking (Family Man?) Money handling (only successful!) Formulating new ideas Writing reports (Family Man book!)

12 Gardening Skills Lawn care Flower gardening Landscaping Tree trimming Farming Skills Transporting trees Vegetable gardening Pruning trees Grafting Greenhouse work Sales (legal, only!) Surveying Farm laborer (list equipment used) Directing customers

13 Garage Skills Pumping gas Car tune-up Customer relations Changing tires Auto body repairs Minor auto repairs Selling Truck driving Inventory Stocking shelves Directing customers Sales (legal, only) Keeping records Car driving (when legal permit available)

14 Maintenance/ Janitorial Skills Dusting Sweeping floors Washing floors Waxing Washing windows Cleaning rugs and carpets Cleaning bathrooms Buffing Polishing furniture Plumbing repairs Electrical repairs Window repairs Carpentry repairs Money handling Working with people

15 Factory Skills Soldering Assembly line work Operating machinery (examples: grinder, lathe, drill press, milling machine, etc.) Electrical wiring Stockroom work Unloading or loading Inventory Quality control Packing Filling orders Welding Box making Parts clerk Keeping records Stocking shelves Directing procedures

16 Introductory Bookkeeping Introductory Bookkeeping Using calculators Using adding machines Typing Keeping records Organizational skills Writing reports Accounts payable/ receivable

17 Truck Driver Driving small trucks Driving diesel trucks Hooking and unhooking trailer from tractor Backing large trucks into small openings City driving Over-the-road driving (long distance) Mechanical repairs Diesel repairs Loading and unloading Changing truck tires Keeping records Money handling Keeping a schedule Customer relations Supervisory experience (in a job, club, organization, Family Man)

18 Maintenance/ Repair Skills General repair skills (list talents) Servicing office machines (example computer, copiers, etc.) Servicing equipment (examples telephones, lawn mowers, appliances) Mechanically inclines Relating to customers Inventory Money handling Sales Public relations Keeping records

19 Secretarial Skills Receptionist Typing Filing Answering telephone Typing from dictating machines Making appointments Running office machine (fax machine, computers, photocopy, printing) Proofreading Clerk duties Sorting, delivering mail Greeting clients Directing clients Public speaking Keeping records Public relations Researcher Supervisory skills (in a job, club, organization, Family Man)

20 Beautician Hair cutting Styling Shampooing hair Giving permanents and body waves Cosmetics consulting Facials Manicures/ pedicures Scalp treatment Hair coloring Hair lightening Appointment scheduling Money handling Public relations Attending classes and lectures Studying current beauty supplies and styles Ordering supplies Record keeping Sales

21 Construction Skills Concrete work Electrical wiring Maintenance repairs Plumbing Heavy equipment operation Truck driving Brick laying Trenching Roofing Sheet-metal work Heating installation Refrigeration work Carpentry work Heavy labor Tools and machines you can use Money handling Public relations Directing customers Inventory Scheduling

22 Restaurant Skills Cashier Waitress Waiter Bartender Busboy Directing customers Handling money Public relations Hostess/ maitre de Dishwashing Budgeting Short order cook Main cook Cook’s assistant Ordering supplies Inventory Hiring Public speaking Interviewing Correctly filing orders Customer/ employee relations

23 Sales Skills Public relations Money handling Keeping records Greeting customers Order processing Bookkeeping Directing customers Inventory Displaying samples Demonstrating products Writing reports Experience in the art of persuading Servicing goods Delivery goods Supervisory experience (in a job, club, organization, Family Man, etc.)

24 Sales Clerk Skills Greeting customers Keeping records Customer/ Employee service and relations Clerk Order processing Inventory Directing customers Sales Bookkeeping Money handling Ordering supplies Correctly filling orders Using office machines Billing Typing Directing procedures Decorating a store Inventory Stocking shelves

25 Transferable Skills for Job-Seekers-- Communication Transferable Skills for Job-Seekers-- Communication Speaking effectively Writing concisely Listening attentively Expressing ideas Helping group discussions Giving appropriate feedback Discussing Evaluating nonverbal messages Persuading Reporting information Describing feelings Interviewing Editing

26 Transferable Skills for Job-Seekers Research and Planning Research and Planning Forecasting, predicting Creating ideas Identifying problems and resources Imaging alternatives Gathering information Solving problems Setting goals Extracting important information Defining needs Analyzing Developing evaluation strategies

27 Forecasting, predicting Developing evaluation strategies Gathering information Creating ideas Identifying problems Imagining alternatives Identifying resources Solving problems Setting goals Extracting important information Defining needs Analyzing Transferable Skills for Job-Seekers Human Relations

28 Transferable Skills for Job-Seekers Organization, Management and Leadership Initiating new ideas Handling details Coordinating tasks Managing groups Delegating responsibilities Teaching and coaching Counseling Promoting change Selling ideas or products Decision making with others Managing conflict

29 Implementing decisions Cooperating Enforcing policies Being punctual Managing time Attending to detail Meeting goals Enlisting help Accepting responsibility Setting and meeting deadlines Organizing Making decisions Transferable Skills for Job-Seekers Work Survival

30 Able Accepting Active Adaptable Ambitious Angry Anxious Assertive Bitter Bold Bright Calm Careless Caring Certain Cheerful Clever Cold Confident Conforming Controlled Courageous Creative Critical Cynical Demanding Skills that Describe Me Dependable Dependent Determined Dignified Disciplined Domineering Dutiful Efficient Elusive Ethical Extroverted Fair Fearful Foolish Frank Friendly Frugal Gentle Giving Gruff Gullible Hard Helpful Helpless Honorable Idealistic Imaginative Inconsiderate Independent Innovative Insensitive Insincere Intelligent Introverted Intuitive Irresponsible Irritable Jealous Jovial Juvenile Kind Knowledgeable Lazy Liberal Lively Logical Loving Materialistic Manipulative Materialistic Mature Modest Mystical Naïve Negative Neurotic Noisy Observant Obsessive Organized Original Overconfident Overemotional Overprotective Passive Paternal Patient Perceptive Perfectionist Persuasive Petty Playful Pleasant Posed Pompous Powerful Precise Pretentious Principled Progressive Proud Quarrelsome Questioning Quiet Radical Rational Reactionary Realistic Reasonable Reassuring Reflective Relaxed Reliable Religious Remote Resentful Reserved Resolute Respectful Responsible Responsive Rigid Sarcastic Satisfied Scientific Searching Self-accepting Self-assertive Self-aware Self-conscious Self-indulgent Self-righteous Sensitive Unpredictable Unreasonable Unstructured Useful Vain Vulnerable Warm Wise Withdrawn Witty Worried youthful

31 Critical Skills Follow instructions Get along well with others Get things done Honest Punctual Responsible Self-Management Skills Integrity Intelligent Inventive Kind Learn quickly Mature Opne0minded Outgoing Patient Persistent Physically strong Pleasant Proud of completing tasks Self-motivated Sense of purpose Sensitive Sincere Sociable Tactful Tolerant Tough Trusting understanding Friendly Highly motivated Ingenious Results-oriented Willing to learn new things Goal setter Good at influencing others Decisive Delegates Directs others Logical Self-confident Self-motivated Sets an example Pace setter Adaptive Skills Assertive Assume responsibility Competitive Complete assignments Creative Decisive Dependable Detail-oriented Diplomatic Enthusiastic Flexible

32 Writing for a Job Writing for a Job

33 Writing a Resume? Sections of a resume Heading  Your Name  Address  Phone  Cell (if applicable)  e-mail address Objective  What do you want to do?  What job do you want? Experience—  What do you do well?  What specific skills apply to the job?  What abilities/ talents have you demonstrated before?  If you have worked before and left under “good circumstances”, list the name, dates, address and job title. Education—  Since students haven’t graduated yet, list “Anticipated graduation date from anticipated school” Awards and Honors—  Any sports, honors, medals or languages that show you are exceptional

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